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Mark de Clive-Lowe

Los Angeles, California, United States | INDIE

Los Angeles, California, United States | INDIE
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"MdCL FreeSoul Sessions Live - Cargo, London"

Imagine Mark de Clive Lowe making a full-on broken stormer in 5 mins, from scratch, complete with Rhodes and Korg playing as only he is able to do; imagine Kaidi Tatham playing a 5 minute full-on drum solo, whilst playing mini Rhodes with his left hand, with a huge grim on his face; imagine Vanessa Freeman stepping up to the mic and freestyling deep soulful vocal rhythms, aided by Rasiyah, alongside Motet's crisp vocal mic-techniques; and imagine Dego MacFarland, Daz IQ, Orin 'Afronaught' Walters and a few Lady Bugz rocking on the sidelines; then double it. Are you there yet?

With the boundaries of drum programming being pushed to what would have been impossible until only a few years ago, Mark de Clive Lowe made it look simple as he built track after track from scratch, sonically this was something which had to be experienced, as the only 'jams' that I have seen before involved a few old jazz heads with a penchant for Coltrane drops and Buddy Rich 25 minute drum solos. This was different. As the broken beat scene gains momentum and gains interest from the 'major' quarters, Mark, Kaidi, Vanessa and friends took it to the next level.

Trippin through tracks at speed, and feeding off the crowd's heat and involvement, the 2 hour set rose and dropped tempo, took you to where you really didn't think it could go and was highlighted with a 15 minute version of Leaving this Planet, with the trio moving through verses and the lead being alternated between drums and keys, with the vocal power and beauty always being controlled by Vanessa Freeman. But this really was a jam session. Motet's mic techniques could be likened to those of Roots Manuver's, as he speaks from the heart, and with clarity; but most of all he rode every rhythm, interspersing Mark de Clive Lowe's masterful Rhodes stabs and delivered a insight into MCing, Bugz style!

The overriding accolades have to be handed to Mark de Clive Lowe. This guy has serious talent, as his soon to be released album will verify. The energy and foresight, the synergy between him and Kaidi, the sheer bollocks to take broken beat to a live environment, and without any real prior agenda other than to open people's minds to what is the most exciting sound the UK has to offer today. -

"Mark Makes His Mark"

Mark de Clive-Lowe blew through San Francisco like a tropical New Zealand trade wind, and blew minds with his live-programmed MPC-Rhodes-n-effects set that was absolutely off the meter. Imagine live electronic Batucada, soulful Jay-Dilla business and the best of West London broken beat mixing it up - that's what de Clive-Lowe delivered.

The icing on this musical cupcake included expertly played covers of Ramp's 'Daylight'? (the musical cousin to Roy Ayers 'Everybody Loves The Sunshine', as one audience member mistakenly shouted out), and also Chocolate Milk's 'Action Speaks Louder', during which a side-stage call to rapper Capital A was made.

The Capital Rapital joined, dCL's vocal accompanist Tawiah (rocking an awesome b-girl outfit) for a few tunes. Basically you should know that live, Mark de Clive-Lowe is as good as it gets, both in terms of his musicianship, soloing, improvisation as well as building a watchable? and intriguing stage event (see songs programmed and created before your eyes). -

"Mark de Clive-Lowe - Tide's Arising"

By: A.J. Wolosenko
POSTED: 10:38 EST, May 25, 2005

Mark de Clive-Lowe is that kid at the party whoa! just too damn cool for the room - he's got twice as much style as you and only has to try half as hard. You don't know him, and you don't like him. Then, at a certain point, you look over and realize he's drinking the same beer you are. Suddenly he must not be that bad.

Mark de Clive-Lowe is that kid at the party who's just too damn cool for the room - he's got twice as much style as you and only has to try half as hard. You don't know him, and you don't like him. Then, at a certain point, you look over and realize he's drinking the same beer you are. Suddenly he must not be that bad.

On Tide's Arising, Clive-Lowe's latest full-length, the musician/producer flexes that impressive sense of style, and the result is 45 minutes worth of futuristic, digital bump 'n' funk that plays like the soundtrack to the best make-out session you've never had. A swirling mix of hip hop, house, and jazz, the record is a welcome update to the smoky sophistication of Rat Pack-era movie music, filtered through the throaty organs of seventies funk, all wrapped up in the electronics of the now. It's intergalactic soul that's supposedly nu-jazz, but in the end refuses to be categorized so easily. "Quintessential" sounds like a late-night D'Angelo singing over a slowed-down Zapp. "Slide" is a fresh, whispered disco jam; in the background a computer beeps and blips, shivering and shaking in digital delight.

That the whole affair feels breezily professional is a testament to Clive-Lowe. The half-Japanese/half-New Zealander wrote and arranged all of the songs on the LP, enlisting a host of accomplished musicians and vocalists to bring them to life. He also plays on every track. It's a tight but unrestrained effort and when the songs finally let loose, as at the end of "State of the Mental," you're ready and willing to let them go off.

On the cover of Tide's Arising is a picture of an impossibly stretched-out keyboard looking out onto the stars. The point is clear: all Clive-Lowe wants to do is preside over an interstellar chill-out. And, while at times the album nearly slips into the realm of over-simplistic positivist philosophy that can derail an artist (You want to say, "Dude, 'State of the Mental?' No duh it's all about thinking"), it ultimately stays thoughtful and sexy like that kid who knows how cool he is, but you want him at your party anyway. Somewhere in space, Toejam and Earl are cruising, smiling. - Vibe Magazine

"At the forefront of the global beats!"

26 Nov 2006
Reviewer: DJ Jazzy Just (UK)
5/5 stars

A brilliant full-length statement from Mark De Clive-Lowe. An artist who's been making some big waves in the global underground for the past few years, including a range of singles and remixes, for Masters At Work, Verve, Impulse Records, and collaborating with a diverse range of artists as Lauryn Hill, Jody Watley, Omar, Sammy Figueroa, Pino Palladino, Lady Alma, Ed Motta and DJ Mitsu The Beats, to name a few...

The album is a swirling, cosmic set that effortlessly blends together beats, keys, and a bit of vocals, yet which manages to come off with a complexity that goes far beyond the sum of its parts. Mark recorded the album in London and Auckland, but there's a deeper soul here that almost feels like part of the best side of the Detroit 21st Century scene, especially on the album's excellent vocal numbers! Guest appearances include Bembe Segue, Abdul Shyllon, Capitol A, and Lain Gray and titles include "Traveling", "Quintessential", "Masina's World", "Slide", "State Of The Mental", "Sila's Theme", "Heaven", and "4 YV". A good purchase if you like Brokenbeat, Nu Jazz, Latin Rhythms, House!




Renegades (album) - Tru Thoughts 2011
Leaving this Planet (EP) - Bandcamp 2011
Uplifted vol.1 (EP) - Reel People Music 2011
MdCL presents Sy Smith 'Truth' - Strictly Rhythm 2010
Journey 2 the Light (LP) - Freedom School 2007
Your Mess (MdCL remix) - Omar - Ether 2006
Freesoul Sessions EP1 - Antipodean Records 2005
Tide's Arising (album) - Mark de Clive-Lowe - ABB Soul 2005
Legends of the Underground (soundtrack) - Kindred Spirits 2005
Melodius Beats vol.1 (compilation) - Mark de Clive-Lowe - Antipodean Records 2003
Relax... Unwind (12") - Mark de Clive-Lowe - Masters At Work Records 2003
Six Degrees (album) - Mark de Clive-Lowe - Universal Jazz/emarcy 2000
Day by Day - Mark de Clive-Lowe - Cafe Del Mar/Mercury 2000

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Mark de Clive-Lowe (MdCL) is one of the most innovative producers and live performers you will find anywhere.

Whether you call him artist, producer, composer, pianist, performer, DJ, or selecta, titles are impartial to the marvel of Mark de Clive-Lowe (MdCL). Many try to classify this impressively fertile music journey, yet to identify with only one label belies the heavy scope of the ride. The piano set the course, the keyboard is the vehicle, and with the drum machine as the fuel, the relentless skill of MdCL is underscored by a rare sonic sensibility. He’s an accomplished musician, originally sowing his oats in straight-ahead jazz, before taking the music far beyond.

Anchored by the duality of his Japanese and New Zealander parentage and ignited by a love of playing piano at the age of four, it is no wonder this multi-national phenom has seen his explosive natural gifts blaze across the globe from NZ to the US, UK, Europe, Asia and Cuba.

A devastating live performer, the MdCL experience is marked by impromptu studio production created on stage from scratch, using drum machines, keyboards and effects. The end result: live remixes birthed on stage for each and every gig. With bold chops like this, to call him “prolific” is an understatement, having contributed to over 250 releases and being a first-call collaborator for a wide range of artists, including Jill Scott, Jody Watley, Leon Ware (Marvin Gaye/Michael Jackson/Maxwell), Dame Shirley Bassey, Sandra St. Victor (The Family Stand/Chaka Khan), amongst a slew of others.

Currently based in LA after a decade entrenched in London, MdCL is ready to unveil his audacious new album, Renegades, with guest appearances that include Sheila E (Prince), Omar, Pino Palladino (D’Angelo/The Who), and Nia Andrews. It's the latest step in the evolution of MdCL, who has cemented his reputation as the go-to man for anyone wanting his unique take on club music, progressive soul and urban alternative. The new LP features club classics flavored from soul and funk, to tech-Afrobeat and Latin twists, all orchestrated by MdCL: a revolutionary Quincy Jones for a new generation, armed with the ability to meld the science of beat-making with the fluidity of composed music.

MdCL’s potential is beyond convention. He’s one who can take it all on the road like no one else, with a solid fan base that bridges cities as far reaching as LA, NYC, Atlanta, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Tokyo and Sydney.

“…the man behind a million great tunes” – Gilles Peterson/Radio 1 Worldwide (UK)

“A Herbie Hancock for the new millennium” - Montreal Jazz Festival (Canada)

“Call it what you want, I’m sticking with the words awesome and genius” – Wax Magazine (UK)

“…the illest dude I have seen live” – Karizma (US)

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