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M.D.-E was first heard on the 1999 release of The Skavenjas album "The Real Cut" one of Stamford Connecticut's finest Hip-Hop groups. M.D.-E has since performed in several shows and has made album appearances in the NY, CT, NJ Tri-State Areas, Los Angeles and San Diego. In 2001-2002 M.D.-E worked on an artist production deal with a Grammy Award Winning production team known as the Matrix. The Matrix consists of Scott Spock, Graham Edwards and Lauren Christy. The Matrix were behind Mega Platinum recording artist such Avril Lavigne, Korn, Shakira and a wide variety of other artists. On the Matrix website it is quoted that they have worked with "some hip-hop" that "some hip-hop" was and is M.D.-E. Unfortunately M.D.-E went without landing a distribution or major label deal through the Matrix whose passion and roots run deeply within the pop and rock scenes. M.D.-E is currently putting the finishing touches on his solo album "Bootleg Me!!!" with production being done by Rob Relish of Verse Recordings. Other featured up and coming producers include Bill Crates, B-Hawk and more. The album "Bootleg Me!!!" has a wide variety of music that you can vibe to. It includes songs covering issues of police brutality such as "Police Brutality", to the love of Hip-Hop music, hence "Ms. Hip-Hop". M.D.-E even covers the popular Dance Hall / Reggae scene with a jump off featuring Zybez, a talented Stamford, CT Reggae Artist of the group 'Cut Throat' on the song "Bad Mon". This is just a taste of M.D.-E's versatality. M.D.-E has recently been interviewed by the 7 Line Radio Show, LaGuardia College's own radio station based in Queens NewYork. He was Quoted by saying "Anyone can freestyle these days, anyone can write a song about absolutely nothing, but making music with substance is what my goal is on this album. Giving my audience something that they can picture and hold on to is my ultimate goal". So take heed and be on the look out for anything involving these 3 letters M.D.-E.


"It Aint A Game" 1999-2000
Skavenjas "The Real Cut" Glossy Eye Records

"If Thugs Didnt" 1999-2000
Skavenjas "The Real Cut" Glossy Eye Records

"Inside Out" Munroe feat M.D.-E 2001

"Enjoy The Moment" Mason Feat M.D.-E 2001
Cazual Music

"Madi Juana" 2002
"Sex Wid You" 2002
"The Beast" 2002
"Aint Fuckin Wid Me 2002"
Lets Hear It Records LLC

"Steady Hustlin " feat B. 2002
"V.I.P." 2002
Urban Score Music

"Bloody Bloody Streets" DMP & The Skavenjas 2004
Verse Recordings

"Who Say" The Skavenjas 2004
"C-O-Double-N-Dot" The Skavenjas 2004
"123-45-67" The Skavenjas 2004
"Whut The" The Skavenjas 2004
"Xtra Lead Heavy" The Skavenjas 2004
"Snitch" The Skavenjas 2004
Planet Studio Music/PTK Productions

"Ms. Hip-Hop" 2006
"Police Brutality" 2006
"16 Bars" 2006
Verse Recordings

"Bad Mon" Feat Zybes 2006
Bill Crates Productions

Set List

3-4 songs depending on time given, I choose songs that fit the crowd,3-4 mins max each song