MD (Maqil Dameer)

MD (Maqil Dameer)

 Houston, Texas, USA
BandHip HopWorld


MD aka Maqil Dameer always had a niche for music and lyrics but his forte was not always in hip hop. He started out writing poetry when he was younger and then began to write songs for a local rock band. And from rock it went to techno to DJing, starting a group called Dream Boy ent, and then hip hop which has all shaped who MD is today.
MD two new projects, "The Legend of Garcia" and "Liquored Ladies and Single Cigarettes" are his first real ventures into the music industry. Releasing his first singles "Glasses up", "Better than You", "Hustle Motion" and "Joe Frasier" has already caught the attention of warner bros A&R Greg Fedder.
Although his free style skills were little to be excited about in the beginning, Makeel Dameer has now began developing a unique style and voice to take him to the next level.


"Liquored Ladies and Single Cigarettes" 2010 (mixtape)
"The Legend of Garcia" 2011(mixtape)
"Glasses Up" (single from The Legend of Garcia)
"Hustle Motion" (single from "The Legend of Garcia")
"Joe Frasier" (single from "Liqoured Ladies and Single Cigarettes)