MDM (Modern Digital Militia)

MDM (Modern Digital Militia)

 St. Catharines, Ontario, CAN

Industrial Rock band with a political Punk Rock ethos. Captivating and uniformed stage presence with high energy and a thought-provoking, motivational message. During any night where yawning is prevalent throughout a crowd, MDM's performance is the refreshing moment to wake up and enjoy the show.


"Experiences are the building-blocks of our existence," states MDM's principal songwriter and frontman, Nux. "Just when you think you know it all, something takes place in the world or an emotion is stumbled upon that takes you to the next level. We are never finished learning and we learn through experience. This is what pushes us forward."

And a forward journey it has been...

From its chrysalis stage as a two-man project in the late nineties, MDM has developed into a full-scale five-piece live machine. The project has taken on its own life form shaping and sculpting its own sound through the influences of the various members. This sound ranges from hard aggressive techno to more ambient and delicate soundscapes to allow the listener to travel along with the band as each album progresses.

Constantly striving to create new grooves and beats, MDM still manages to stay true and pay homage to the original pioneers of the industrial genre yet taking the sound to an exciting new level with a repertoire of over 70 songs contained within six album releases, only made possible with the precise mixture of old and new from each member of the collective. They have also supplied music for films such as The Matrix Reloaded and Jimmy and Judy, winner of Best Film Award at the San Francisco Film Festival, as well as several other musical pieces for commercials, etc.

Upon their signing with COP International sub-label Spiralchords in 2008 they have taken things to the next level with their music now available in music stores in the U.S.A. and Europe. They have shared the stage with industrial heavyweights, KMFDM, Front Line Assembly, Icon of Coil, Aesthetic Perfection, as well as many others. With their performance at Wave Gotik Treffen in 2009, European fans finally had the chance to see them live. The performance garnered excellent reviews!

Topics of war, greed, corruption, environmental destruction helm one end of the spectrum while introspective themes of emotional distress, sadness, anger, love, and heartbreak form the other end. A broad mix that is sure to take the listener in and out of various places in their minds eye, and with militaristic uniforms, flags, intense lighting and a charismatic presence, the live element compliments the themes explored in each piece of music creating an even stronger visual appearance.

Time-tested, hard-working and a true passion for their craft has propelled MDM into the future as one of the leading up-and-comer industrial acts in Canada. They have garnered a worldwide fan base through grassroots promotions and marketing and have always made time to listen to their fans after all they are the true militia that keeps this machine running!!!

"What is good? All that heightens the feeling of power, the will to power, power itself in man."
Friedrich Nietzsche

Like a killer robot with the anarchist symbol on its chest...
Reviewer Zach on gives 5 Stars

Hard-hitting, musically AND politically!
Reviewer SDW on gives 4 Stars

I had to check my pulse after listening to this. I have to get in shape because dancing to tracks like this is going to give me heart failure...There is definitely a great band here... Powerful in your face guitars with tight, neck snapping dance beats... Electronically charged with sleek whispering vocals, we get set to embrace yet another great Canadian industrial band.
Rating- Five Razor Blades!!!!! - Razor Blade Dance Floor


Silence & Pressure

Written By: Torin Lever (MDM - Modern Digital Militia)

I met you sitting in the corner at night.
You whispered softly in my ear.
And at that moment I knew I was alright.
Your presence dried all my tears

I wonder what it is that keeps me alive.
Silence & pressure from within drains me like the pouring rain.
I swallow you like a slug from a .45
Sleeping as the poison rushes softly through my veins again.

I love the way your eyes infected me.
To taste your lips is all I need.
This addiction slowly killing me.
Your the only one for whom I bleed

Breathe life in me.
I didn't want it this way, I just need it.
Breathe life in me.
You made me do it this way, cuz I need you.


Afloat on the River Styx - 1998 - Full-length CD
Dawn of a New Order - 2000 - Full-length CD
Unified State of Aggression - 2004 - Full-length CD
Modern Digital Militia - 2008 - Full-length CD

Set List

Opening Act Set would consist of 8 to 10 songs totalling between 30 and 45 minutes.

Headlining Act Set would consist of 12 to 15 songs plus 2 additional songs for encore.

Typical Songs Played:

Dark Star
Means To An End
Silence & Pressure
Lock & Load
Thru My Eyes
Das Ist Krieg
Out Of Control
Kemikal Halo
Demander & Thief
Bitter End
Chemical Whore