Matthew "Mdot" Finley

Matthew "Mdot" Finley


If you love the idea of John Legend singing on keys, but with a fresh R&B feel like Ne-Yo & Usher... If you love the idea of a singer that dances, but at the same time has a voice that romances... Then Mdot is the artist that can give it all to you, better than anything you have ever seen or heard..


Matthew “Mdot ” Finley
Born and raised in Dayton, Ohio, Matthew "Mdot" Finley is an only child born and groomed for success. As early as the age of 10 months Matthew had already appeared in his first commercial and print ad and still continues to appear on countless radio, TV and print ads nationally. Mdot carried his exposure to the camera, along with his musical abilities and created a piece of the formula that has fashioned and defined Mdot. Matthew is a true vocalist that plays 5 instruments (piano, sax, drums, bass and guitar). Mdot also writes all of his songs and has a large publishing/song catalog ranging in genre. Staring as one of the lead roles in the Disney original movie "Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam" out to debut Summer 2010, as well as appearing on MTV's "Becoming" TV Show, Mdot has toured and served as an electrifying opening act for artists ranging from Marcus Houston, Day 26, Fanny Pak, Lil' Mama, Ciara, Yung Joc, Dem Franchise Boys, Rick Ross, and Lil' Romeo to Temptations, Ruff Endz, Howard Hewitt, Talib Kwali and Mos Def . Mdot has performed the National Anthem for audiences of over 18,000 and has performed at various And-1 Mixtape (Stay in School, Stop the Violence Radio-One) celebrity basketball games throughout the Midwest whose goal was to help the inner city school system and to help stop the violence in their community. In 2006 Matthew won Best R&B Male @ The 4th Annual Urban Threshold Music Awards in New York City and has also won various awards at the NAACP-ACT SO competition. His influences range from Prince, to Tony Terry, to Marvin Gaye, to Earth, Wind and Fire, and the list goes on including a multitude of rock, hip hop, and jazz artists. Matthew is an alumnus of the Berklee College of Music in Boston where he attend on a Full-scholarship. Mdot has radio relations and a fan base that ranges in the areas of Ohio, Massachusetts, D.C., New York, and even small regions of Europe. In an industry where artists are a dime a dozen, Mdot realizes he must be a hard-working, multi-talented young artist who believes that nothing will be given to him, but that he must earn his stripes by working hard in the studio, on the stage, in acting roles, and whatever opportunities may come. With his excellent communication abilities including interviewing skills/experience and business relationships, Matthew is ready to be thrown into the fast pace lifestyle and routine using the supplies and knowledge he gained and was groomed for from the start. Mdot understands in order to be a multi-faceted artist, the goal is to not only succeed, but to separate yourself from the other thousands of artist who are not only in the industry, but those who are trying to get into the music industry.
He's got it… He's ready… Mdot


Got Away

Written By: Mdot

Its all good..But its all bad yall..

Verse 1:
My mind was racing wild
Cuz i wanted to let you know
Your so beautiful
And i dont wanna let you go
We should take it slow
Take it down to the floor
Anything baby
And you gave me that and more
So in love, it was you and I
Always down baby
You was always down to ride
But then i started trippin' slippin' up
Started kickin' it with the fella's and i cheated

She's the one that got away, from me
Gurl I hate that i was wrong
I messed up and now your gone
She's the one that got away, from me
How can i be so stupid to not see whats in front of me
And it feels like, Ha Ha Ha
Time be going be like, Ha Ha Ha
Its too late to wonder why
She's the one that got away, from me
I miss your lips, i miss your thighs, i miss your touch
and it feels like...

Verse 2:
Heard your doing it big down there
I heard you made homecoming court your freshman year
I hear your dancing with the band too
Ya'll be doing it real big down in FAMU
Thinkin bout pledging the pink and green
Im glad to see out there doing your thang
Heard your dating some other type of dude
I guess that means theres no chance of me getting back with you...


All the bull sh** we've been going though
We could of delt with it
I was ment for you, you was ment for me
Baby, how could you forget it
Dont forget those days
I regret it, slippin up, not giving you what you need
Baby girl are you still with it
Me wanting my way, you wanting yours, baby how stupid
Baby dont forget the day, and im sorry for the pain that i did you
And now shes gone away...


A Million

Written By: Mdot

A Million…


Verse 1

Don’t you say goodbye
I apologize for everything that I ever did wrong to you
One look in your eyes
Showed me love makes me just
Really miss your smile

I can feel you when I wake up
I still have so much to say so I call your phone
Just to hear your voicemail
I’m looking for you everywhere I go
They say that you’re gone
But I can’t forget you


A million words can’t bring you back
Cuz girl I’ve tried
A million tears can’t bring you…
Cuz girl I’ve cried
A million girls couldn’t compare
To the one love that was inside of you
A million words, a million tears baby,
I can’t bring you…

Verse 2

A million thoughts, a million prayers, a million wishes, a million dollars
And you’re still not there (there…)
Tell me how it’s fair
That everybody else gets to be with the one they love
But the one I love is gone
How far are you baby?
Because I would fly
Believe me I’ve tried
But I don’t have my angel wings

I’m looking everywhere
For my heart
Babe I miss you…



The rain…
Keeps on falling down (You used to tell me to sleep with the angels)
Now you’re…
Sleeping with your daddy
Girl I know you’re happy

It is a blessing to have loved you
I miss you girl
I need you girl

A million thoughts, a million prayers, a million girls
A million miles away…

Chorus x2



Written By: Mdot

I got swag I know it
I got swag I know it
And I ain’t afraid to show it
I got swag I know it

I noticed you
Up in the club
You walk around like you missing something
You forgot your swag didn’t you
Dropped it at the door

I spent G’s on it
Look at my jeans
They Japanese
Shorties be watcing
I got way to fly tonight (ha oo)
Get as close as you want to me
I got plenty but it ain’t contagious
So fly wish you could feel this breeze
You wanna be me (Ay)

Everything you want I got
I know it
Club is jumpin cuz of me
Call me the life of the party
I’ll leave with your shorty and her girls
Better step up your game
Get like me (uh huh)
I got swag I know
I got it
I got swag I know
I know it

I got swag I know it
I got swag I know it
And I ain’t afraid to show it
I got swag I know it

You noticed me
Up in the mall
Mad cuz I bag chicks that follow like
Tick tack toe three in a row
And I bag all the shoes on the wall

Put it on my tab
I’ll take all of that
I would give you some if I could believe me
I got plenty but it ain’t contagious
So fly wish you could feel this breeze
You wanna be me (oh oh)

HOOK x 2


Written By: Mdot

She got those eyes
She keep looking at me
Wonder what she likes
This girl I gotta get to know

(Ha)So I asked her for her number
(Ha)All she gave me was her name
This girl is really turning me on
Take me off the floor so we can go and play
She took me to the back so we can get away

Get it girl
Take me to the back 2x
Girl I like the way do it
Love it when you
Take me to the back 2x
Sexy I love the way
Its me and you
Its just us two
Exclusive when u
Take me to the back

Oh snaps 3x
Take me the back
Oh snaps
Take me the back...

We sliding up in the club
I'm ridin in a minute my truck
Outside and
Do you wanna roll
We can go anywhere in the world (ha
What you know about
First class flights
(So high)
You can get it if you
Keep on doin it right tonight

In a minute shorty I'm leavin
And I want you to follow
This girl is really turning me on
Take me off the floor so we can go and play
She took me to the back so we can get away


Shorty I'm thinking bout what we can do
Lady you got me phening
Shorty can I take you home

Take me to the back
Girl I like the way you move
Take me to the back x2
When you got me off the floor and
In the back of the club
In the back doing us
In the back
That's where I'll be when shorty
Takes me (oh)

Chorus x2


Mdot has plenty of songs in his repertoire...
Feb 2008 was the World Premiere of "Got Away," "Miss You," and "That Guy," on the international internet radio show ""

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