Matthew D and Random Tuesday

Matthew D and Random Tuesday

 Kansas City, Missouri, USA
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Breaking down the barriers of the blues while churning up a style and sound of their own, they create a solid mixture of rocking, original, pop- based blues. Along with innovative cover material, MD&RT is blazing the modern road from the delta.


You don't need an old record to recapture the spirit
of great music. You can hear the reverberations of
the past, and the sound of the future in one group...
Matthew D and Random Tuesday.

Blues is a state of mind. Despite a blues emphasis
wrapped in a pop package, their set of music makes
it transparently clear just how grounded these tunes
are in rock, country, jazz, hip-hop and gospel. This
musical eclecticism is the canvas that allows Matt's
musical soul come up for air. Matt's abilities as a
composer, guitarist, singer, producer and band
leader span a broad spectrum indeed, but the
foothold of Mathew D and Random Tuesday is still
fully ensconced with their unique stamp on the

Their all original debut album,
NOTES FROM THE EDGE, produced, recorded and
written by Matt is a passion filled, radio friendly,
no holds barred production. From the beginning
hook of the first track, Ain't Man Enough, to the
heart felt, country inspired Here Come Those Tears,
to the jazz flavored, Shadows Of Love, to the
final track, there is something here for every one.
This group is young, energetic, and on the verge of
a break though. With the release of this platter it
will likely be followed by more reviews comparing
the singer/songwriter to "John Mayer with the soul
of Stevie Ray Vaughan. Songs and stories of love,
loss and whatever strikes him at the moment.
Always compelling, confounding, creative.
Unparalleled, unforgettable, inappropriate,
impossible. brilliant. Its where the music hits the road.

On any given weekend you will find Mathew D and
Random Tuesday somewhere around the Midwest
entertaining their dedicated following. One niters
have been the university that Matt has learned to
perform. He is a master in working the room. His
antics on stage mimic his animated personality off
stage. This may be the drawing card but what holds
the crowd is his soul searching voice and searing
guitar. With a flamboyant style his flow of explosive,
blistering guitar, is unpredictable and fresh no
matter the venue or crowd. Every note an urgent
cry and every phrase a statement; it is genuine,
from the soul. Soul is something that can't be faked.
You either have it or you don't. Furthermore, the
audience can tell when someone is playing from
their heart. They can't help but feel it and give back
that same inspiration. That is the apex of music. It
cuts deeper. Its lines run so deep, they penetrate
the essence of the man. It is personal and individual
and at the same time universal. Anyone who listens
to MD's words understands his message. That
perhaps is the real meaning of soul, a connection.

Touring the Midwest has kept Matt busy. Playing club
dates at: Knuckleheads, The Grand Emporium,
BB's Lawnside, in Kansas City, The Val Air Ballroom
& the Blues on Grand, in Iowa. McKenna's in Omaha,
B.B. Jazz and Soups in St. Louis, The Roadhouse
in Wichita, the New Daisy Theater and the Gibson
Lounge in Memphis.

He has also played Kansas City's prestigious events,
the Blues and Jazz Festival, The Spirit Festival and
The Blues Breakfast Dance where he opened for
Bobby Bland.

He has also performed with: Anna Popovich,
Deborah Coleman, Chick Willis, Jimmy Lee Robinson,
Kenny Wayne Shepard, Little Milton, Russell Jackson
and Goverment Mule.

In 2006 they began touring the world with
Armed Forces Entertainment, bringing the best of
America to the much deserving troops in Thule
Greenland, Puerto Rico, Getmo, Cuba, Germany,
Belgium, and the Netherlands.

Matt takes his art and business very seriously.
He is his own fiercest critic when it comes to
songwriting and performance. Matt is constantly
trying to push the boundaries. He draws from life
to provide the freshest modern blues today. He has
immersed himself in creating his own brand of blues
as varied as the young man himself. I think that is
what this record comes down to, a young man
hungry for success willing to do what it takes and
impatient to get it on.

Steven Goforth
freelance writer


Man Enough

Written By: Matt Ward c2006

Man Enough
I work a twenty hour day in the blazing heat
Ain?t notin? but a thing for a man like me
Ain?t a stranger to the danger of a girl like you
But you bring me to my knees with the things that you do

Chorus: Walk tall or don?t walk at all
Famous last words before one hell of a fall
Watching the sun going down on our love
Have mercy baby I ain?t man enough
I ain?t man enough

Another day, another dime, another dollar, another day in my skin
Chasin you you?re steady chasin the wind
Spendin every minute, every day, every week, every dollar I earn
Trying to put the fire out of the bridges you burned


Guitar out
Words and Music By Matt Ward c 2006

Born Into The Blues

Written By: Matt Ward C 2006

Born into the Blues funk

Guitar intro

You don?t have to be an old man to sing the blues
You don?t have to be around a long time to pay your dues
You only have to live in this world for just one day
To understand these words that I say

Chorus You?re born into the blues
You?re born into the blues
There?s nothing you can do
You?re born into the blues
There?s nothing you can do I?ve already paid my dues
I was born into the blues

They say that when you?re born, you?re born into sin
You come out cryin,? you get knocked down again
It?s always on your back cackling in your face
And the memory of your pain you can?t erase


Guitar solo 24 bars

You live in a beat down house you try to call a home
It?s hard to be a family when you live all alone
You work to jobs to make ends meet
Still there's no money to put shoes on your feet


You grow up dreaming about that house on the hill
Hoping to achieve it but you know you never will
So God graces you with one more day to live
You want to give up know you gave all you had to give

Tag 3times
End Bass and Guitar

Words and Music by Matt Ward c2006

Flipping You Goodbye

Written By: Matthew D Ward and Angel Marie Hall

Flipping you Goodbye

Ant Nothing Like a dirty Mississippi funk tune To make me feel alright
I finally got my head on straight and its time for me to ride

doin’ about 90 on highway 55

Cause I got one hand on the wheel
the other’s flipping you goodbye

The alarm rang late on another day of rain
It was the same old start to the same dam thing
I had to get away from your web of lies
time moved on and so am I

You done broke me down inside

Cause I got one hand on the wheel
the other’s flipping you goodbye

hear the news baby you ain’t gonna do me wrong
your done steppin’ all over on me
cause you don’t know nothing about this song


Done sold my soul one too many times for much less than what you see
paid the price buyin’ all your lines had to set myself free
tried to Scandalize me
cut me down to size
got my altitude of freedom to help me realize

Cause I got one hand on the wheel
The others flipping you goodbye
Cause I got one hand on the wheel
the other’s flipping you goodbye

Copyright 2/4/2005 Matthew Douglas Ward Kelly Marie Hall

Mississippi Grace

Written By: Words By Matthew Douglas Ward/ Sue Ward

You blew into my life like a north Chicago wind
You gave me sweet lovin'’ that I thought would never end
Now you say you want to leave me you say you want some space
I say I love you woman but the way you’re treating me is a disgrace
I love you woman but I’m getting fed up with your ways
I don’t understand where’s your Mississippi grace

You rolled into my life like a southbound freight train
When I had you in my arms you drove me insane
Now you’re rollin'’ out of my life and I guess that I’m to blame
Why don’t you listen to me when I call out your name?
I love you baby and I miss your pretty face
I don’t understand where’s your Mississippi grace

Time are changing and you’re rollin' down the road
Cutting your losses and lighting your load
You’re a Mississippi queen I should have known from the start
A Mississippi woman was going to break my heart

You cheated on me woman and I love you any ways
I came home every night and I gave you all my pay
Now our house is empty and it just ain’t a home
Dam it woman why did you leave me home alone
I love you woman but where is my place
I don’t understand where’s your Mississippi grace

Your heading down the road and your back is all I see
It’s just your sweet memories that keep torturing me
I’m standing here heart broken a real basket case
You’ll be missing your loving daddy some day
I love you baby and I pleaded my case
I don’t understand where’s your Mississippi grace

Music By Matthew Douglas Ward.

Monday Mornin' Rain

Written By: Matt Ward And Bruce Judd

Monday Morning Rain 128 bpm Key Of D

Vocal / Acoustic Guitar /Drums

Well I woke up Monday Morning blue skies had all turned gray
and I prayed dear Lord help me make through just one more gloomy
and I know I can’t survive this awful pain inside my heart
ever since that woman left me my whole worlds been torn apart

Chorus: Monday morning rain coming down again
Monday morning rain can’t stand the pain
Monday morning rain driving me insane
Monday morning rain Monday morning rain

In love I am unlucky can’t seem to keep one long
every time I try to do what’s right every thing turns out all wrong
but I guess I keep on trying like the fool I've always been
all I've wanted in life is a loving wife in this there is no sin

Guitar Solo

As I look around this big old world I see many just like me
Maybe some day we’ll all find that perfect love that will set us free
Full Band Chorus

Chorus: 1 st time through then Extend the chorus to the A chord

Words / Music By: Austin Bruce Judd

Misery Loves Company

Written By: Copyright Words and Music Matthew Douglas Ward

I can smell the winds of change blowing
What it is I just can’t tell
Standing here in purgatory
Walking a fine line between heaven and hell

I can see it on the horizon
storm clouds are rolling in
I don’t know what to do about my suffering
all I can do is pray for my sin

Times are changing the walls are closing in on me
I can’t find any peace of mind Misery loves company
Misery loves company I know I got to find out
what waits beyond the door
afraid to turn the handle
to find what I am searching for

Deep inside I can’t deny it
then I felt it start to rain
my heart is so heavy
I think I’m going insane

Interlude 4 Bars

Solo 12bars over chorus changes

I’m on my knees
I've been there before
pleading for mercy
Screaming on the floor

Now I’m standing at the door
the moment of truth is here
I know I’ve got to do it
I’ve got to face my fears

Standing In The Shadows of Love

Written By: Matt Ward

I’ve loved you so long in the shadows
You’ve crossed my mind so many times
Just as I had the chance to tell you
You moved on and left me behind
Did’nt have the courage to tell you standing in the shadows of love

I see you lying in the stillness like the air after the rain
The words I write can’t express this but your beauty never fades
Won’t you please, please believe me Put your arms around me
standing in the shadows of love

The way you smile your long, long hair
Make me dream you are mine
The thoughts I whisper in the darkness
Would send chills down your spine
Standing in the Shadows of love

Have to tell you
That I love you
Give my heart and soul to you
And I wish I could hold you
and spend my life with you

Here Come Those Tears

Written By: Matt Ward And Bruce Judd

Here Come Those Tears

here come those tears again
here come those tears again
here come those tears again
here come those tears again

Late last night I was missing you as I lay in bed awake
thinking how we used to be and its more than I can take
remembering your warm and loving arms help me hold so tight
now your gone and left me alone to cry all through the night

Here come those tears again
They been falling since I don’t know when
And it feels like I'm dieing inside again
here come those tears again

Everyday when I wake up I see you in my mind
hoping today will be different and the world wont be so unkind
wondering how things got so crazy and were our love went so wrong
missing you with all my heart cause you’ve been gone so long

Top of the song


My Machine (EP) Cotton Candy and so Many Men 1999
Born Into The Blues (Single) Matt Ward Demo 2001
Notes From The Edge (Album) Matthew D and Random Tuesday 2007

Set List

On top of the originals Matthew D & Random Tuesday, power pack their 2 hour plus sets with innovative covers.