Meade Ave

Meade Ave


Meade Ave. sounds like Snoopy playing the Red Baron in an episode of Peanuts while Robert Smith from the Cure and David Bowie masturbate.


Consisting of three friends that met while working together in restaurants in the Las Vegas hospitality industry, Meade Ave. has existed in its current lineup for just barely over three months. After deciding to part ways with their current frontman/guitarist, long-time friends Seth Peavler and Aaron Paoletta were in search of a new singer/guitarist for Meade Ave. with their same level of drive and dedication when Aaron’s coworker, Joe Arduini, made an offshoot remark about wanting to get back into creating and performing music. It wasn’t long before the trio found themselves in Meade Ave.’s rehearsal space with an instant spark that lead to the writing of three new songs in just three days.

With an EP already released with their former frontman, Meade Ave. made it a priority to record a three-song EP that was reminiscent of the new style that had taken shape with Joe in his place. While “The Meade Ave. EP” marked a special achievement for the budding band, it was somewhat rushed and Meade Ave. felt the need to get back to the studio quickly to produce a collection of songs that reflected more of their passion while also furthering the sound that was taking shape due to the trio’s wide assortment of influences.


At the Beginning
The Meade Ave EP