New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA

Meadowland will grab a hold of crowd and take them along for a thrill ride filled with screaming, dancing and laughing. Their energy on stage is infectious and their performances genuinely put a smile on your face.
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You have to pay your dues! You’re too young! It doesn’t happen overnight! These are just a few of the sayings that the kids of Meadowland hate to hear. Why,because it goes against everything that they have experienced since they performed
their fist concert in the fall of 08. At an average age of 13, this band has reached a level of achievement in just twelve months that usually takes only the luckiest adult bands, triple the time to even come close to. So how do you explain this type of
success at such a young age? Simple, these kids all started working on their respective craft when they were about 5 years old and they all have an unquenchable desire to have people notice them.

Meadowland will grab hold of crowd and take them along for a thrill ride filled with screaming, dancing, jumping and laughing. Their energy on stage is infectious and their
performances genuinely put a smile on your face. From the mature vibrato of Jackies voice to Mikey’s blistering guitar riffs, Meadowland is in your face, literally, they are constantly jumping into the crowd to be part of the party. Their guitar driven pop rock songs are catchy with great hooks, that you will find yourself singing all day long. The music is masterfully carried along to exactly were it needs to be by Jeff and Shane’s unwavering bass and drum line. The whole package ignites when all 4 pistons of this high performance engine are firing, up on the stage.
Going to a Meadowland concert is like going to a party at your friend’s house while their parents are away. You can’t help but feel the excitement and enjoy the experience.

Meadowland started performing at schools, malls and skating rinks, becoming a cohesive unit while their sound was maturing and shaping into power pop meets rock. Their first taste of success was when they won a talent competition with approximately 1000 other young performers, called NJ’s Most Talented Kids, they took first place. Their gigs started to get larger and their following grew by the thousands. But the defining
moment for the band was when they entered “The Break” contest. This was a grueling battle of the bands, in which the winners earned the right to perform at Bamboozle at Giants Stadium in front of approximately 80 thousand fans. Although most of the 800 other bands were twice their age, Meadowland won the contest and became the youngest band ever to perform at the festival. It was just the launching pad that they needed to get noticed by long time Sony/Epic legend Harvey Leeds who now manages the band along with Kevin Morrow, President of Live Nation NY.

Most recently, the band performed at Popcon with Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez and many other top pop stars, in front of a sold out crowd of approximately 17,000 people at the Nassau Coliseum in NY on 2/20. They also perfored at the Jonas Brothers/Demi Lovato and Friends From Camp Rock Concerts at the PNC Bank Arts Center side stage in NJ on 8/16 & 8/17 and at the Nikon Jones Beach Theater side stage in LI on 8/21 & 8/22.

Meadowland is:
Jackie Cole (14) started to sing before she could talk. By the time she was 4 years old, she already had about 20 Broadway show tunes in her repertoire. But not until she heard her first Janis Joplin song, did she realize that rock was what she wanted to sing. Growing up with such influences as Pat Benitar, Joan Jett and Gwen Stefani, she would perform for anyone who would listen, and there were many who did listen in amazement.

Mikey Salerno (13), started playing guitar at 6 and was copying Eddie Van Halen licks by the time he was 7. He never took a lesson but had the ability to hear a song and then play it by ear. YouTube became his mentor, mimicking everyone from Jimmy Page to Steve Vai. By the time he was 9, he was playing in rock bands with musicians twice his age, in front of thousands of people.

Shane Tieger (12) bass, had to perform in a huge concert, just 2 weeks after joining the band, and he did not miss a note. His infectious high energy on stage, instantly improved Meadowland’s live performances and his hammering bass line drives the songs were they need to be. This was just another day at the office for Shane who grew up in a musical home and started performing when he was 7.

Jeff Mauer (15) drummer, joined after the band conducted an endless series of unsuccessful auditions. Finding a young drummer who keeps infallible time and resists the temptation of trying to play like their heroes do, was not an easy task. But that is exactly who Jeff is, he keeps time like a metronome and has the style and creativity of drummers twice his age. It comes from his years of training in all genres like rock, jazz and drum line.

From the first few minutes that these four kids from Jersey spent in the studio together, it was very apparent that the chemistry was right for an explosive combination. Their classic rock roots coupled with their affinity for current music, allowed them to
immediately start cre


Turning Back The Clocks - June 2010
Track 1 - Love Sick
Track 2 - Mr.Right
Track 3 - Dance Party
Track 4 - Over You
Track 5 - Round and Round

Set List

Round and Round
Swallow Your Pride
Over You
Mr Right
Lil Miss NJ
Dance Party
L.O.V.E. Sick
Meadowland Rock
Annie’s Voice

Beat It
Face Down
That’s what You Get
Burning Up
Mercedes Benz
Get Back
Brick By Boring Brick
Billionaire/Airplanes remix
Are You Gonna Be My Guy
Check Yes
My Hero
Love Bug
Yellow Submarine
The Climb
One Less Lonely Girl
Bobby McGee
That’s Just The Way We Roll
Black Horse Cherry Tree
Rock N Roll All Night
American Idiot
Basket Case
Fall For You
Man In A Box
I Love Rock n Roll