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Meagan Tubb & Shady People

Austin, Texas, United States | SELF

Austin, Texas, United States | SELF
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"Pure Southern Rock Magazine review of "Beautiful Noise""

Texas has been the home to many excellent artists over the years and Meagan Tubb is another one of the dusty roads artist. Traveling down the path of the legends before her Meagan and her band Shady People light a fire under rock n´ roll and then throw it at you, setting the world on fire. Texas is home to some of the finest blues guitarist such as T. Bone Walker to name one and its sounds like Meagan has listened to a lot of old slide guitarist and learned a few lessons on the way.

Rock n´ roll is blues, country, rock mixed into a stew of soulfulness that permeates the music of Meagan Tubb and Shady People. Isaac Stern said “there are no wasted notes in music and you must feel each note”. Few music releases have this kind of quality to them. Where you can hear song after song that sounds like individual moments of the perfect amalgamation of musical styles, rock n´ roll roll, blues, country, soul blend together into a fabric of power and unity of styles that leaves no stone unturned in the pursuit feeling each note.

But Meagan and the Shady People are not just leaning on their talent, they are wrapping it up and throwing it at you and proving song after song that they have what it takes to create some of the hottest music sounds in the industry today. Their down home rockin´ style floats into the musical avenues of the dusty roads and the big city with equal ease. Scorching guitar leads, smoking slide work, hard working rhythm section and you got one of the few bands putting it down with an original sound that never breaks new ground but never treads ground you are familiar with, mashing it up into a Beautiful Noise.

After rocking through the first five songs they hit you with a very country rock song, Isabella, turning a new page in their story with its light airy sound. Argument with the Moon to me is their tour de force with its very down and dirty blues sound in the mold of an the Allman Brothers Band in the way it builds and then eases back down with guitar work that never hints at similarity. Let Me Be With You treads the same ground as Argument with the Moon with the music building itself into dynamic highs and dropping to lows weaving an aural sound collage out of the experience she and her band have gained from relentless touring that builds good bands into excellent bands.

Review by Vernon Tart



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- Pure Southern Rock Magazine-Vernon Tart, August 2011

"CD review Vintage Guitar Magazine Oct 2011 Issue"

"This Austinite mixes a few wordy, folky tunes with plenty of Southern Rock, which she belts clear and strong-never caterwauling. Tubb also plays mean electric slide and engages in some nice harmony lines with Jason Nunnenkamp's guitar and lap steel. It's a testament to their playing, the producer's restraint, or both that he (excellent guitarist Stephen Doster) didn't join in"- Dan Forte, Vintage Guitar Magazine, Oct 2011 issue.

- Vintage Guitar Magazine- Dan Forte

"Texas Platters-Austin Chronicle Album Review of "Cast Your Shadow" by Meagan Tubb & Shady People"

Texas Platters
girlie action
By Margaret Moser, Fri., Feb. 11, 2011

Meagan Tubb & Shady People
Cast Your Shadow
Meagan Tubb didn't choose the title Cast Your Shadow casually. She went about creating a well-mapped plan to cut her notch in Austin's blues belt. For that, she gets full props; this is unabashed Southern rock with bluesy Texas underpinnings protruding proudly ("Damn Good Man," "Sweet Dream," "First Day of School"). Tubb flaunts her stance with tough vocals, mean guitar, and funky backup from her backing trio of Shady People plus veteran producer/singer-songwriter Stephen Doster.

- Austin Chronicle-by Margaret Moser

"Austin Music + Entertainment Album Review of "Cast Your Shadow""
Meagan Tubb plays slide guitar for the first time on her new record Cast Your Shadow. So I’m pretty sure that’s her wailing all over the place on album opener “Rock & Roll Seance,” a hot bruiser of blues rock that immediately lets the listener know what Tubb and her Shady People are packing. Meagan’s voice is even more powerful than her group’s athletic, vaguely Allman Brothers-esque twin guitar attack. Tubb’s command of her sultry, emphatic pipes are the spice that earns the “seance” claim.
Granted, what this band is playing is not too much different from the brand of 70's FM influenced, traditionalist rock being practiced by a group like Grace Potter & the Nocturnals. But only a cynic can really scoff at the genuine chops Tubb displays on less swaggering, more introspective tracks like “Giving Tree (Grow My Hope)” and “Fly.” The needly, kiss-off appeal of “Heartbreak #8? is immense, as well.
Jason Nunnencamp, Wilson Carr and John Duran (the Shady People) are essential to the record’s effect. Tubb writes the song and sits in the driver’s seat, but her band empathizes and growls and roars beside her. You can tell this isn’t just a bunch of studio hacks who aced an audition behind the frontwoman, this is a musical entity in which the members have gotten in really tight. Even the longer songs (“Damn Good Man,” the redemptive album closer “Sweet Dream”) don’t wear you out because it’s a pleasure to hear a band this simpatico play together.
At AME, we try to do our best to change the perception that Austin has nothing more to offer than straight-up, hard blues-rock with maybe a country affectation or two (speaking of which, the banjo on “The Hoax” is a really nice idea). That being said, Meagan Tubb’s newest album is a great indication why that music is so prevalent. Cast Your Shadow doesn’t need to break any barriers to have a high re-listen value. It’s damn fun.
Final Grade: **** (out of five)
- Austin Music + Entertainment by Jack Frink

"Poodie's Talent Show Winner"

Congratulations to Talent Contest Winner's- Meagan Tubb Band - Austin Chronicle

"She Rocks 2007 Calendar Show Momo's"

Austin newcomer Meagan Tubb [and no, she has no real idea whether she is kin to Ernest Tubb] brought out her sparkling Gibson Les Paul (and BIG Marshall amp) and showed the prowess on electric lead guitar - and vocals - that brought down the house at Poodie's week in and week out. Meagan's band included Berklee graduate (and another Austin newcomer) Johnny Duran on drums, Jason Nunnencamp on guitar, and Rick the new bass player (playing a

Wendy Colonna (red guitar); Meagan Tubb (silver Les Paul).

red Fender). Meagan and the gang rocked the house with songs like "Flower of the Night" and "Color Outside the Lines" -- and BTW, she's 5-10 and a mountain biker and a college graduate too. Catch her band at Waterloo Ice House next Friday (November 3).

- Duggan Flannigan

"Austin Music"

Meagan Tubb and her band rocked Momo's on the 7th. Powerful, straight-ahead rock and a great voice. Well-written songs, too.

- Ed Verosky

"Meagan Tubb takes the cake, gets date with Willie in Poodie's search"

..."Meagan Tubb Band took the stage and let everyone know that they were there to play. Blow the roof off and start the party y'all! This lady can play guitar and sing. I'm not as familiar with her music, but one song I recognized from the semi-final nigh was "La Da Da Di Da". You'd have to hear it to appreciate it. After much a-do, they announced the winner, The Meagan Tubb Band. They have a spot opening for Willie Nelson at the July 4th picnic and recording contract! - Lake Travis View- Chella Judd

"Meagan Tubb on KUT"

Photo courtesy

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St. Louis native Meagan Tubb now calls Austin home, but she keeps close at heart all the music she grew up listening to in her hometown: A generous mixture blues, soul and vintage southern rock. She rocks the house tonight with her band at the Saxon Pub on South Lamar.

- Laurie Gallardo- KUT

"exerpt of performance at Willie Nelson's Freedom Festival by High Times"

Marijuana Law Reform was Cooking at the Austin FreedomFest Friday Night

2007-08-16 >> news category >> entertainment news

Austin, TX- In traditional Texas summer heat, Willie Nelson and some of Austin's legends of Country-Western music took the stage in a call for marijuana legalization. The Auston Freedom Fest benefit was held to put money into the pockets of groups working to end prohibition.

Emceed by NORML Advisory Board member and former Dallas Cowboy Mark Stepnoski, the top-notch musical acts were interspersed with some of the most recognizable personalities in the marijuana law reform movement. Keith Stroup from NORML, Rob Kampia from MPP and Valerie Corral from WAMM all spoke to a receptive crowd at the Backyard in Austin.

Turnout neared the capacity for the 5200 seat venue, with Security estimating over 4000 in attendance.

....Then some Austin locals took the stage: Megan Tubb played polished, upbeat blues rock with a nice kick to it. - High Times

"Oridium, Meagan Tubb, Silverlined Tragedy, Ledaswan, Velvet Brick"

To celebrate the impending Valentine's Day, here's an evening of female-led bands, Keep an ear out for Tubb. the young singer from Austin by way of St. Louis has bee compared to a bunch of other artists but, for those with good memories, she sounds something like Patrice Pike back in the Sister 7 days. Tubb's "Color Outside the Lines" CD is an excellent mix of musical and lyrical chops.

- Jim Beal-San Antonio Express News

"Austin- American Statesman's Best Bet May '08"

AA-S Best Bet - Megan Tubb:
This singer/songwriter shows her soulfulness through her lyrics. If you mix blues with some old-fashioned rock, you get a sound similar to her, but Tubb really has a sound of her own.
— Blair Shiff

- Austin American Statesman

"Songwriter's Series Blog April '08"

Next up was Meagan Tubb - the band. We don’t have bands. But here we are. We have a band. Meagan was adamant about it so we acquiesced (that means we caved in) and had the band stripped down as much as possible and it was well worth it. She is a bluesy rocker that rocked the backyard and the large crowd that showed up. We, as the Songwriters Series, sometimes have an excess of mellow, cryin’-in-your beer, I’m-the-biggest-depresserino-in-the-world, self-pitying artists who sacrifice their lives to be a songwriter so it is always a treat to have a jammin’, rockin’ songwriter like Meagan Tubb and her great band. And they were great. Thank you Meagan for pushing your band on us but for all of you other songwriters don’t think about it. You’re not as charming or persuasive so forget about it.

-Richard May

- Richard May

"Meagan Tubb & Shady People Rule Ruta Maya"

Meagan Tubb And Shady People Rule Ruta Maya
They were back last night to finish off what they started…burn everything in their path with the fire of passion. I had more time to study Meagan and her band last night and the first thing I realized is that she’s kind of an amalgam of Sheryl Crow and Bonnie Raitt but better than both I think. That’s a tough call in regard to Bonnie but I’m gonna stand by it. Meagan’s guitar riffs all night were sophisticated, bluesy, rock and rolly and wham bam thank you mam sexy as shit. Meagan’s gotta be 6 feet tall and the only descriptor I can think of is “goddess”. I loved every single song of the approximately 15 or so they performed. “Fly” was about 2 angels looking down on humans wondering if they can be seen. “Beautiful Noise” featured a back to back lead guitar duel between Meagan and her lead guitar player (don’t have his name sorry…). Meagan switched early from her Taylor acoustic to a blue sparkling Les Paul standard that is a living thing in her hands.

…she just commands but her band follows quite willingly. They adore her. I remember when I was trying to describe how to detect angels in the world where I said that angels are in HD while humans are in regular TV…well Meagan is Plasma…I don’t think it would be wise to touch her while she’s performing although her lead guitar player did a couple of back to back guitar duels with her that I think have already made their way out of the Milky Way. I could watch her all night.

- Black Shepherd's Weblog


Color Outside the Lines EP - 2005
Beautiful Noise- Winter 2008
Cast Your Shadow- Winter 2011



(Austin, TX) As her original song describes, “Roses may be red and violets may be blue, but you can see those flowers any time you like; I’m only here once in a blue moon.” Meagan Tubb is a female artist with an enticing style that is all her own. In an industry where homogenized pop stars, hype and vacant lyrics tend to be the norm, this self-made and multifaceted musician tirelessly strives to convey messages of hope, belief, everyday observations of divinity and herself. Her fascination with nature allows her to experience life and love from unexpected vantage points, and it is reflected in her lyrics (her song “An Argument with the Moon” is written from the moon’s perspective). Infusing the blues with vintage and southern rock gives Meagan a full arsenal of musical artistry that she somehow molds into her own. As Meagan’s sound unfolds, you will hear traces of influential vocalists like Sheryl Crow and Fiona Apple. It is when these styles couple with the legendary sounds of guitarists like Shuggie Otis, Jimi Hendrix and the Allman Brothers that Meagan’s mastery of both her voice and her instrument is realized. When it comes to the process of composition, Meagan often finds herself bewildered as to exactly how her songs take shape. As she quotes Neil Young in saying, “You just have to provide a home for them and let them come”, we see that she is more interested in expressing herself through her music than in all the hype that can follow.

Meagan hails from the “Show-Me-state” (St. Louis, Missouri to be exact) and she attributes much of her musical journey to a creative upbringing there. By age 5 she was already taking piano lessons, and then she quickly moved on to guitar from there. With her knowledge of music and her guitar in hand, she remembers spending most of the time composing songs and writing lyrics. By age 17, Meagan was wholeheartedly drumming up acoustic performances at school and around town. In 2000 she formed her first band, a clever play on words called “Out of the Tubb”. It was there in Columbia, Missouri, where she got her first taste of playing local live shows at venues like The Music Café and Mojo’s. From then on, the seed was planted for Meagan to harness an artistic vision that was bound to take her places. After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Missouri-Columbia in 2003, Meagan was bound for the West coast where she spent the next two years in San Diego, California. While soaking up the sun in sunny Cally, she teamed with producer Rick Perez to record the signature “Color Outside the Lines” EP. While spending this time turning vision into reality in the studio, she also formed her second band “Sweet Dream”. The band played gigs at San Diego’s own Santee Outdoor Amphitheatre, L5, Brick by Brick, Twiggs and Lestat’s, among several others.

Then whoosh… she was off to the awe-inspiring, unique musical mix known as Austin, Texas. After a short visit to the Live Music Capital of the World, she was hooked and soon relocated to Austin where she is to this day. After carving her niche in the working world of Austin, she then formed the company she keeps today. Simply performing under her own name- Meagan Tubb, her Band consists of members from all types and backgrounds. Jason Nunnencamp, John Duran and Wilson Carr all play an integral part in the musical style that is unique to the Meagan Tubb Band. In the midst of furious weekly rehearsals and full-time jobs, Meagan and her bandmates played regular gigs at venues in Austin, San Antonio and the surrounding Hill Country. Meagan Tubb and her band mates have played on “Loris Lowe’s Local Licks Live Show” twice and “The Dudley and Bob Show” both on KLBJ-FM (93.7) where she was able to play several new songs for a captive radio audience. Also, the meaningful “You Can’t Have it Both Ways” (from her “Color Outside the Lines EP) can be heard in the soundtrack for “2 AM”, a film that premiered at the 2006 SXSW film festival. In addition, Meagan has also picked up sponsorships from both Dean and Luna guitars. In 2006, Meagan and the band won a battle of the bands competition at Poodie’s Hilltop Bar and Grill where her band won $1,000, 20 hrs of recording studio time, and got to open for Willie Nelson at the 2nd annual Freedom Festival in Austin. She also appeared in the 2007 issue of “Austin’s She Rocks Calendar” as “Miss May”. In early 2007, Meagan and the band decided to change the name from just “Meagan Tubb” to “Meagan Tubb & Shady People” and went on to headline the first ever live taped METV emerging artists series at Antone’s. They played the 2nd Annual Funk Fest at La Zona Rosa, Texas Rock Fest, Poodie Fest, and the Austin Freedom Festival at The Backyard. They have also opened for such artists as Ray Wylie Hubbard, Billy Joe Shaver, Ray Benson and Asleep at the Wheel, Monte Montgomery, Carolyn Wonderland, Bob Schneider, and Willie Nelson…(twice). In 2008 they managed to self-produc