Meaghan Blanchard

Meaghan Blanchard

 Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, CAN

An artist who draws you in with her gorgeous vocals and captivating songs. Inspired by her grandparents she is singer/songwriter on a mission to write great songs and deliver memorable performances wherever and whenever she plays.


"She is definitely an artist with a vision of how to use her wonderful voice and pair it up with songs that truly move you as a listener." Maverick UK

Meaghan Blanchard is a singer/songwriter from Hunter River PEI.

She draws a lot of her inspiration for performing and songwriting from her grandparents and the memories of the Saturday night dances at community halls across the Island where she got to hear them play while sitting side stage.

In April 2014 the latest album “She’s Gonna Fly” brought Meaghan her second ECMA award in three years along with two Music PEI awards earlier in the year.

Her new single “Crash” along with it's video has just been released.  Another single “Haul The Heavy Load” along with it's video will be released in the Spring of 2015. Both songs were recorded in Athens GA with producer John Keane.

Her second album "Chasin' Lonely Again" was an ECMA award winner in 2011.  Her first album "Changing Things" picked up four Music PEI awards including Folk Album of the Year and received two ECMA nominations.