Seattle, Washington, USA

6 musical styles from across the spectrum came together to form a unique hybrid unmatched by any other. The organic vibe Mealfrog eminates appeals to all walks of life and its light will continue to touch all in its path.


Mealfrog is a six-member roots rock band out of Seattle that prides itself on its dynamic and often improvisational live performances. The band has steadily honed its multi-textural sound since forming in the spring of 2008, steadily adding regular gigs and loyal fans. Each member adds an distinct to flavor to an ecclectic range of styles including rock, reggae, folk, blues, and grunge to create a truly unique signature sound. With the Mealfrog Faithful fanbase rapidly expanding and the group's resume continuing to build, the buzz for this band is tangible in the Northwest is primed to grow into something special.


Luna Vivarium (debut LP)

Set List

We comfortably play a 3 hour set, with all original music. Every so often a cover will be done upon request but this is not typical. A song list includes:

Dancing in the Rain
Gorge Song
For I
Angel in Dreams
Deep Dark
Come Away
Something Funky
Little Bit
Room For Me
Sweet Beautiful
My Friends
Set Weed Free
Not Yet
On My Mind
People Don't Lie
Treat Me Like You Do
Johnny's at War
Birds and Bees
15 Hours
Something New
On My Mind
Ryan's Musket
Sleep Wake UP