Meanbottle is a high intensity all original Alt Country band.


Meanbottle was the brain-child of lead singer songwriter Derek Miller and was formed in late 2007. Everyone in the band has wanted to be part of something successful but the right chemistry is not easy to come by. Derek, Scott, Nate & Brandon come from different musical backgrounds; Derek is in to Punk, Acoustic Folk, Americana and old Country. Nate and Brandon have cut their teeth on punk and Scott draws from his background of Texas country and blues. Within the first year Meanbottle played with country outlaw David Allen Coe and since have played with a number of national Texas Country/Red Dirt bands including Pat Green, Jason Boland & the Stragglers, Paula Nelson, Aaron Watson, Kevin Fowler and Mickey & the Motorcars. I’d have to say its more than what they ever expected. Going into this band they expected to play some bars and have a little fun but never expected to be sharing the stage with such fine musicians. Meanbottle certainly offers a unique country sound; you can unquestionably hear each of the band members influences.


"Bad Intentions" is Meanbottle's first Album coming early June 2009

Set List

1. I’m so Lonesome
2. Hold You Tight
3. Bad Intentions
4. No salvation
5. Two Days
6. Never say goodbye
7. You win again
8. Without You
9. Come home darling
10. That's alright
11. Abba
12. Coffee and Cigs
13. Grindstone
14. Country music
15. Not the girl
16. Sauget wind
17. 5Th st
18. When summer comes
19. Whiskey Bottle
20. Come tomorrow
21. Moonshiner
22. Possum