Mean Creek

Mean Creek

 Billerica, Massachusetts, USA

Mean Creek is a rock band based in Boston, Massachusetts. An organic substance comprised of four friends who were always meant to create music together. A group of artists who have evolved from a past of desperation to a whole new future.


Mean Creek is a band from Boston Massachusetts. They combine the energy and edge of rock music with the earnestness and sincerity of folk music to create a passionate and intense sound. Their songs leave a lasting impression that is sure to rattle even the most jaded of music fans. After a year of performing around New England and NYC supporting national acts and building up a following they attracted the attention of the Boston based label Clubhouse Records. Mean Creek's debut full length album entitled "Around The Bend" was released by Clubhouse in February 2007. Performer Magazine calls the album "An extraordinary debut", and Emerson Magazine calls it "A thoroughly profound full-length album". The band immediately set out on tour to the United Kingdom, supporting Straylight Run on their April 2007 UK tour dates. The band was very well received and sold out of all copies of their album they brought with them overseas.


MEAN CREEK - AROUND THE BEND (February 2007, Full Length Album out now on Clubhouse Records)