Mean Dinosaur

Mean Dinosaur

 Escondido, California, USA

We are a rare type of herbivore that love the greens! We are all about good vibes and great times. Smoke all you want, drink what you want, party all you want, live your life, but do it right! Be smart with your choices, and be heard with your voices, stand up for what you believe. One Love


Mean Dinosaur comes out of North County San Diego with the pure goal of making sure the crowd has just as much fun on the dance floor that the band does on stage. Making there name known locally by spreading smooth vibrations throughout SD, Hollywood, and even nationally throughout the southern states since 2006. Mean Dinosaur promises to enthuse every crowd that they approach with their exquisite blend of blues rock and reggae with a twist that makes you thirst for more. Along with ultra-groovy, danceable beats and melodies, comes tortured, heartfelt lyrics people can relate to.


"Mean Dinosaur" Self Titled full length