Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
BandRockAlternative, well-dressed, high-energy indie rock with boy/girl vocals drawing from converging Britpop, garage rock and glam rock influences...imagine a "young Debby Harry and David Bowie hooking up in this decade" (Meredith Goldstein-Boston Globe)


Back in 2007, as MEandJOANCOLLINS singer/guitarist Bo Barringer was playing a few new songs for his girlfriend, she gave him some advice, “you’re a great songwriter, but you seem to be holding back, stop posturing and write from real experience…don’t be afraid to show some vulnerability.” Although this advice was infusing the songwriting of what was to become M&JC’s debut album, ironically, their relationship (and the band’s initial lineup) was unfurling thanks to an affair Barringer was having with a (now former) bandmate. He spent next year and a half trying to repair damages to the relationship and the band’s debut album, “Love. Trust. Faith. Lust.” (lead track, “Crime of the Century,” in particular) tells the story.

In the process, Barringer and co-singer/guitarist Jen Grygiel’s relationship grew and solidified, and a real chemistry emerged (as evidenced by their harmonies and complementary two-guitar attack.) They realized that through all of the personal turmoil and band member musical chairs that they were the two constants keeping the band together. And that’s when they decided to “make it legal” (UN-lawfully, of course). Jen and Bo booked their wedding in June of 2008 at The Abbey Lounge and asked fellow bandmate/bassist Jim Collins to perform the “ceremony” (she wore the tux, he wore the dress). Drummer Jason Marchionna played the wedding march, followed by a note for note version of Motley Crue’s “Home Sweet Home.” “Sure, it was a publicity stunt, but the wedding kinda sealed our union as a band...,” Barringer says.

Realizing the album tells the story of the breakdown and subsequent rebuilding of a relationship, the band decided to name the album after a line in one of the songs, “Typical Asshole.” The album title, “Love. Trust. Faith. Lust.” sums up the story and subject matter rather aptly. Full of 60’s-pop-by-way-of-80’s-college-rock hooks (“That’s Not What I Want”), their album also betrays a love for prickly post-punk (“All The Cowards in Her Path,” “Auditorium”), seedy glam rock riffing (“All the Men That Failed You”), and even a little pseudo-shoegazing grandeur (the six-and-a-half-minute “Strangest Thing”). These tendencies are sweetened by Bo and Jen’s boy/girl harmonies (her Kim Deal to his Black Francis, if you will).

Already in pre-production for a second LP with touring plans to support the album, the band now features several songs written by Grygiel, "Drive Me," “Reckless Woman” and “5:30 am,” as well as a cover of Sparks’ new wave-era classic, “Angst in My Pants.”


12-Song LP: Love. Trust. Faith. Lust. (April '09)

3-Song EP: From Behind

Single: Maybe You Can Breath Underwater, Tracy

Set List

Set 1

1. Cowards In Her Path
2. All the Men
3. From Behind
4. Typical Asshole
5. Crime of the Century
6. A Little Too Much
7. Sally
8. Auditorium
9. Maybe You Can Breath Underwater, Tracy
10. Strangest Thing

Set 2

11. That's Not What I Want
12. Angst in My Pants(Sparks cover)
13. 5:30 AM
14. Drive Me
15. Reckless Woman
16. My Aim is Terrible
17. Smokescreen
18. Psychic Vampires
19. Don't Turn out the Light
20. And I took Notes
21. You Taste Like Water
22. Space Party