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Max Q (Michael Hutchence Solo) (Paula Hanson) Nominated for Best Australian Engineer 1989 ARIA awards - ARIA award

Elton John Lion King Soundtrack (Paula Hanson mixed and engineered) Won Oscar for Best Song - Academy Awards 1995 - Academy Awards

The ScientificLifestyle song “Flight 273” was ranked number four in the “10 Songs To Download List” and Stuff gave the song this glowing review: “Intoxicating vocals take the edge off this high-flying shocker.”

- Stuff Magazine / August, 2007 Rating: 4 Stars

“Eclecticism isn't necessarily a good thing. Oft-times it smacks of indecision, or worse, points at a band making a desperate stab at being all things to all markets. Few groups can repeatedly cross genre lines with impunity. However, ScientificLifestyle not only blithely skips across these boundary lines, but creates such amazingly organic hybrid sounds that it barely seems like they're pushing the envelope at all. That's quite a trick, and the trio pulls it off with panache on their debut album, Modern Sounds for the New Era. Building from the bottom end up, producers and instrumentalists Darius Holbert and Zach Grace ground the rhythms in funk, some boasting guest player Joe Dunne's big, fat basslines, others are subtler, more supple creations. Of course, funk lends itself to a variety of musical avenues, and the pair follows them all, back into the snazzy sounds of the '70s and the likes of the wonderful world of Parliament-Funkadelic, and even further back into the soul of the late '60s (with fabulous cheesy keyboards to conjure up that era). Fast forward a few decades and you can ride those same funky sounds straight into the techno clubs, via jungle-fied beats or across the more ambient, dub-flavored style popularized by Adrian Sherwood, Tricky, and others. Funk crossed into the rock world as well, and SciLi plot that course as well, with the guitar licks encompassing the entire spectrum from hard-rocking to atmospheric blues. Vocalist Nicole Porter, however, is funk free, but just as eclectic as her bandmates, agilely moving from bluesy soul to sweet pop, and all the way across to country. Electronica that rocks, funk with a red-necked heart, pop with soul, SciLi flips styles as easily as hotcakes. Others have attempted similar feats, but what makes the set special are their incredibly strong melodies, which linger long after the astonishing arrangements fade away. This is what sets the trio apart from the rest of the electro-wizards on the scene today. All in all, a breathtaking debut.”


In 2006 Darius Holbert won an award for best concert of the year. - Dallas Morning News (Quick Magazine)

In 2007 Darius Holbert won an award for best songwriter. - Entertainment Chronicle 2007


1987 INXS Kick (Paula Hanson)
1989 Midnight Oil Blue Sky Mining (Paula Hanson)
1989 INXS Various B Sides (Paula Hanson)
1989 Max Q (Michael Hutchence Solo) (Paula Hanson)
1989 Noiseworks Love Vs Money (Paula Hanson)
1990 Les Miserables Complete Cast Recording (Paula Hanson)
1992 Ned's Atomic Dustbin Not Sleeping Around (Paula Hanson)
1994 Elton John Lion King Soundtrack (Paula Hanson)
1995 1995 Grammy Nominees Various Artists (Paula Hanson)
1996 Prong Rude Awakening (Paula Hanson)
1996 Prong Remix (Paula Hanson)
1997 Rob Zombie/Howard Stern The Great American Nightmare (Paula Hanson)
1997 Rob Zombie/Alice Cooper Burn Baby Burn (Paula Hanson)
1997 Rob Zombie/Howard Stern Live Performance MTV Madison Sq Garden (Paula Hanson)
1997 Korn Adidas Remix (Paula Hanson)
1997 Korn Wicked Remix (Paula Hanson)
1997 311 All Mixed Up Remix (Paula Hanson)
1997 Gravity Kills Here Remix (Paula Hanson)
1997 Ryan Down Scratch Remix (Paula Hanson)
1997 Traci Lords CoWrites (Paula Hanson)
1997 Puff Daddy and The Family All About The Benjamins Remix (Paula Hanson)
1998 New Radicals Get What You Give (Paula Hanson)
1998 kd lang Consequences Of Falling (Paula Hanson)
1999 Stevie Nicks I Miss You (Paula Hanson)
1999 Melanie C Little Star (Paula Hanson)
2000 Dido No Angel (Paula Hanson)
2000 Ronan Keating Ronan (UK) (Paula Hanson)
2000 Marcella Detroit Dancing Madly Sideways (Paula Hanson)
2001 James Gold Mother (Paula Hanson)
2002 INXS Kick Bonus Tracks (Paula Hanson)
2003 Lion King Special Edition (Paula Hanson)
2004 Ronan Keating 10 Years Of Hits (Paula Hanson)
2005 ScientificLifestyle Modern Sounds For The New Era (Paula Hanson, Darius Holbert)
2006 ScientificLifestyle Remixes (Paula Hanson)
2007 ScientificLifestlye The Arrow EP (Paula Hanson, Darius Holbert)

2006 DariusTX Tothethingsthemselves (Darius Holbert)
2007 DariusTX Open Letter (Darius Holbert)
2007 DariusTX Revelator & The Twilight (Darius Holbert)

2003 Dakah Los Angeles, Ca 7/5/03 (Leggo)
2004 Dakah San Francisco Debut: 7/31/04 (Leggo)
2004 Walking Tall Soundtrack (Leggo)
2005 Dakah Unfinished Symphony/Remixes (Leggo)
2007 Anne Montone Rated M (Leggo)
2008 Designated Hitters with Little Brother Time of Your Life (Leggo)



Mean Red Music Library

Mean Red Music, Inc. is a Los Angeles based music production company that produces instrumental music library cd’s with some of the most talented composers in the United States. The company has licensed music to major media outlets (Showtime, September Films, CBS, WB, and DMX) and owns a recording studio. Mean Red Music is currently seeking a company to market their music library.

Here’s a brief description of each cd in the Mean Red Music Library:

Paula Hanson Music Library

Paula is a producer, engineer, remixer, programmer, and composer and has been a prominent figure in the entertainment industry worldwide for over 20 years. She recently married: For most of her career she went by the name of Paula Jones. She got her start at Sydney's prestigious Rhinoceros Recording Studios where she worked with some of the world's great producers and artists, quickly rising to the rank of chief engineer.

She moved to London where she worked with Chris Thomas and Elton John, amongst others. Paula worked in the UK for 5 years until the success of the “Lion King” soundtrack (she engineered and mixed the album) which prompted her to move to LA in 1995. Whilst living in LA she partnered with Tony Brock to remix Korn and 311. She also worked with Rick Rubin for a Puff Daddy remix and produced and co wrote with Marcella Detroit (Shakespear's Sister, Eric Clapton). She has worked extensively for song writers Rick Nowels and Billy Steinberg (“I'll Stand By You”, “Like A Virgin”).

Paula’s instrumental compositions incorporate electronic sounds with rich textural arrangements. They encompass a wide range of styles and feels, from tense, action suspense scenes to slow, downbeat mood music.

Contemporary Nostalgia Music Library

“Contemporary Nostalgia” was composed by Darius Holbert, who has an impressive musical resume. He has scored a number of international features and countless shorts. He's had his work in hit TV shows like “Lost” and “Grey's Anatomy” and in myriad commercials and industrials. He has done various promo spots for ABC and a theme for a Movie of the Week on ABC. He was commissioned to compose a remix of the “Desperate Housewives” theme song. Darius has performed as a keyboardist on several national TV shows such as “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno”, “Fox Good Day”, and “The Ellen Show”.

Darius has produced for, toured with, and written for artists as varied as the Wu-Tang Clan, Sophie B. Hawkins, Bobby Brown (oh, the stories), and Vinx. He has musical directed a number of live touring outfits, most notably the Mean Red Music soul/rocktronica band ScientificLifestyle. He also has a successful solo side-project billed as dariustx. In 2001, Darius was commissioned by the Dallas opera company to compose an opera.

“Contemporary Nostalgia” is traditional American piano music with string accompaniment. Some of the tracks are remixed with drums and bass to add a contemporary feel.

Urban Grooves Music Library

“Urban Grooves” was composed by David “Leggo” Rojas, who has produced artists, created tracks and licensed songs for numerous labels, ad agencies, films, and tv shows. He has worked with: ABC, Comcast, Fox, FX Networks, Lakeshore Films & Records, Mad Media Films, MGM, Mitsubishi, MTV, Musikvergnugen, Paramount Pictures, RBK, Scion, Showtime, and Sony Entertainment.

He has worked with Dr. Dre and Steve Lindsey (founder of Windswept Music and Blotter Music). He is also one half of the Los Angeles production duo, Designated Hitters (the other half being Tyler "Tycoon" Coomes), who have individually produced, recorded, toured and programmed for everyone from Enrique Iglesias to GZA to Mickey Avalon and everything in between. He has also collaborated with the critically acclaimed hip hop opera, Dakah. Leggo’s music is always unique and represents the best of its genre.

ScientificLifestyle Music Library

ScientificLifestyle was recently included in Stuff Magazine’s “Top Ten Songs to Download List”. AllMusic.Com gave the band four stars and wrote, “Electronica that rocks, funk with a red-necked heart, pop with soul, SciLi flips styles as easily as hotcakes. Others have attempted similar feats, but what makes the set special are their incredibly strong melodies, which linger long after the astonishing arrangements fade away. This is what sets the trio apart from the rest of the electro-wizards on the scene today.”

The band’s music is a mix of funk, soul, jazz, rock, and electronic music. Mean Red Music has instrumental versions and custom made remixes of all of the band’s music.