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The best kept secret in music



Under the guidance of an entrepreneurial young manager, Meant2B is making their mark on the R&B scene throughout the midwest. Through a combination of hard work and natural ability, these young men have managed to come a long way in a relatively short time, and are garnering major label attention. If a group's ability to sing a capella holds any indication of talent, a recent performance has convinced this interviewer that Meant2B is for real.

(Ezo was not present at interview)

LOUD: What type of group is Meant2B?

SNOOPY: Meant2B is an R&B group. We do ballads. We do club songs. We write about life experiences.

LOUD: The name Meant2B suggests fate. How did fate play a role in the forming of the group?

TRE': We chose the name Meant2B because all of us come from different places and different backgrounds. I came from Omaha, Nebraska; Dele came from Norman, Oklahoma; Ahmad came from Kileen, Texas;Eric from Davenport, Iowa; we all happened to meet up at UCO (University of Central Oklahoma).

LOUD: How long have you guys been together as a group?

DELE: We've been together for two years.

LOUD: Do you remember your first performance?

TRE': Our first performance was at a wedding. We sang Jagged Edge "Let's Get Married," and she had about 50 bride's maids, so we sang the song over and over and over.

DELE: Our voices were getting hoarse, and our throats were drying out, and we didn't have anything to drink, just-- (singing) meet me at the alter--over and over again, it was funny.

SNOOPY: The first real stage performance we had was at Will Rogers, opening up for Melvin Riley. It was kinda cool. I remember we were in the back, we were praying right before we got ready to go on, trying to calm our nerves and get everything ready. It was a real wild experience.

DELE; Yeah, and we had matching outfits, which we'll never do again (group laughing). Never match again. We just, we match in color. We don't do everything all N'Sync; thats not cool to me; (laughs) it's not cool.

LOUD: Now you guys are doing some pretty big shows. Who have you opened for?

DELE: We opened for JaRule, Tank, Amanda Perez, we sang the national anthem for the Lakers game, Melvin Riley, Candyman, Color Me Badd, Joe. We also sang the National antem at Redhawks and Blazers games and we do our own shows...there probably more, we just can't remember.

LOUD: What would you say was the best show?

SNOOPY: For me, personally, I would say the best show was the Amanda Perez show, because we did some new things, incorporated some new choreography into the show; it was just a well balanced show; we were together vocally and we had the best crowd response ever.

LOUD: How have the audiences responded to you overall?

DELE: A lot of pulling and grabbing and trying to take us off the stage, mostly the females. I'm not saying the guys are grabbing, the guys are in the background nodding their heads.

SNOOPY: In Oklahoma City the crowds don't always take well at first; they have to sit there and listen to you for a little bit, then when they realize,hey,they're kinda good, you know, they start warming up to us, and it's real cool.

LOUD: How often do you guys rehearse?

SNOOPY: Usually we try to rehearse twice a week. But when a show is coming up, like two weeks before a show, we hit it hard.

LOUD: Competition is fierce for record deals. What's unique about Meant2B? Why should a record label sign you?

DELE: Everyone in the group has individual talents; we all have vocal ability, we all can dance, there's not one person over shining another. It's basically a blend of great talent.

TRE': We have the ambition and the drive to succeed; a record label would be signing someone who can make them some money.

SNOOPY: I think what sets us apart from other groups is that we could put out a group album and then any one of us could come out with a solo album. Also, we're learning other aspects of the business; we're not just sticking to singing. We all have the capability to write original material, and we can produce. We're multi-dimensional.

LOUD: What was the name of the single they have been playing on Wild 97.9?

DELE: It was called "Back-Up Plan."

LOUD: What was that like? Hearing yourselves on the radio.

DELE: It was crunk (laughs).

TRE: It was very exiciting. It's always been a dream of mine, and it came true. Hopefully, that' just the beginning.

SNOOPY: It was real cool for me. I was coming out of Wal-Mart and I was in my car, and , when I heard it, I just started screaming like in the movie "Five Heartbeats."

LOUD: What would be your dream show? If you could open for anyone who would it be?

SNOOPY: I would love to do a show with Usher. He puts on a great show. The best show would be B2K opening up, then us, then Usher, then Missy Elliot or Jay-Z or somebody.

TRE': My dream show would be Jennifer Lopez. Enough said.

DELE: I'd have to agree with that J-Lo, but, the coldest artist out there, he might be going through some problems right now, is Michael Jackson. I would open up for Michael Jackson.

LOUD: Do you have girlfriends?

Meant2B: no comment

LOUD: Closing comments?

SNOOPY: I'd tell everyone to keep looking out for us; I think that you'll like what you hear.

TRE': I appreciate all that everybody has done, and I hope they support us in the future. Much love.

DELE: I just want to thank everybody for giving us their time, and the arena for us to be able to do this , to develop our talents, and, basically, it comes down to giving us the chance to...what was the question again? (group laugh)
- LOUD magazine / written by: Rob Crissenger


1st maxi-single "It's Over"
2nd maxi-single "Back-Up Plan"

Tracks that have received radio airplay; "Back Up Plan, Can We Get Together, Sumthin ` In Da Water, and 405."
Meant2B's debut ablum is scheduled to be released this summer 2005


Feeling a bit camera shy


Meant2B is four-part harmony R&B group that consists of Snoopy, Tre, Dele-Del, and Ezo. Meant2B's musical skills range from songwriting, production, choreography, and live performance. Some of their musical influences are R. Kelly, Jodeci, Missy Elliot, and Michael Jackson, just to name a few. Meant2B is based out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Meant2B has fan base of over 25,000 people. Meant2B is the hottest R&B group in the region.

Meant2B has received radio airplay from KKWD Wild 97.9 FM, KJYO 102.7 FM, KVSP 1140/1340 AM, and KJMM 105.3 FM. Ronnie Ramirez, program director for KKWD 97.9 FM, featured Meant2B in the Wild Splash concert event sponsored by Wild 97.9 FM. Over 10,000 people were in attendance for this concert, which featured 50cent, Busta Rhymes, Clipse, Frankie J., Sarai, and Meant2B. From early March 2003 through mid April 2003 Meant2B's hit "Back-Up Plan," received 117 radio spins on Wild 97.9 FM. Meant2B's other track "Can We Get Together," was inserted into radio airplay rotation as well. Since November 30, 2003 the single has received over 300 spins on Wild 97.9 FM so far, and since June 2004 the track called "405" has received over 400 spins.

J-Rod , music director for KJYO 102.7 FM, inserted Meant2B's hit single "Back-Up Plan," into KJ 103's weekly music challenge. In this music challenge Meant2B competed against worldwide and nationally acclaimed artists such as Josh Kelly, Nickelback, Black Eyed Peas, and Justin Timberlake. For four consecutive days "Back-Up Plan," was voted the winner by KJ 103's listening audience. Meant2B was also a participant in the 2004 "Radio Star" contest sponsored by Sony Music and Clear Channel Radio. In this contest the Meant2B track titled; "Sumthin' In Da Water," was voted by KJ103's listening audience as week seven winners of the local round. Meant2B is clearly the next fresh, new trend setting R&B group.