"Original Graveyard Blues." Merging delta blues with heavy syncopated rhythms and punkish attitude. Two guys that sound like a full band. No duo covers the sonic registers like Meantone.


It all started a long time ago when Kingtone handed down the Golden Magic Slide to Meantone, a bastard son of Son House and Black Sabbath. Kingtone disclaimed, "The only way this Golden Slide will serve you is on guitars without training wheels." Since Meantone already had his training wheels (frets) removed, he knew what Kingtone was saying. Kingtone further disclaimed, "If you dishonor this virtue, your slide and you will burn to dust and will be forced to listen to the crappy pop music forced fed onto the masses for eternity. Meantone knew this was serious. He couldn’t imagine no greater hell than what Kingtone was prophesizing. So, Meantone kidnapped Young Brett from a rodeo show and forced him to play drums to complete the "Original Graveyard Blues" duo.

Meantone's songs are heavy guitar with ripping slide and grooving drums. Meantone's unique tuning that covers the bass and guitar registers along with Young Brett’s maximal playing of his minimalist drum kit, make you think there’s at least three to four people in the band. Another unique aspect of Meantone's fretless guitar and songs is that they are in a tuning that was popular in Europe from the 15th to 18th centuries called quarter comma meantone. You see he's not mean at all, just his sound. Meantone chooses to use 31 notes to the octave from this tuning as opposed to 12 notes on normal guitars. All of this puts a twist on the Blues and makes Meantone unique and fresh.


"III Songs"- 3 Song EP.
"Original Graveyard Blues" Full length CD.
"Roller Derby Girls"- 5 song cd w/ video.

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Set List

Meantone has over 40 originals and can perform one or two 45-60 minute set(s). They also have around 5-10 covers they sometime throw in, ranging from Black Sabbath's "Sweet Leaf" to Son House's "Preachin' Blues."

Some original song titles: 2 Hookers & A Case Of Beer, Body Farm, Kick Your Ass, No Love, Sugar Woman, Sweet-n-Low, Boobs-n-Beer, Flat Broke Blues, Devil's Child, Knock Knock, Botchagaloop, Always Wrong, Kitty, Screw You and many more.