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Garage and soul. It's good for what ails ya.


After the release of their debut EP, ‘Trials,’ in 2012, Meanwood garnered attention in Toronto and beyond with raucous live shows that teetered on a razor­-thin line of control and chaos, leaving audiences soaked and worn. Through line up changes and natural progression, the band’s once country-twinged brand of rock ’n’ roll has transformed into a no­-nonsense barrage of soul­ inspired garage rock. Their upcoming 7” release of ‘Queen Mab’ marks a turning point for a band that still brings a room to a frenzy. In the words of one concert reviewer, “It felt like something that can't quite be explained was being exchanged between the band members and the crowd, a sensation that happens at some of the best concert experiences.”


Sister Sin

Written By: Viktoria Bitto

Down that dirt road, where those ghosts roam,
I shot my baby so he wouldn’t forget me.
Oh, the eyes that drove me wild are quiet now, quiet now.
Oh, the miles that turned to hours, I’m

Flesh on flesh I do like best, with sinking teeth, a dirty dress.
There's a place down by the road where Casey said we could go.
He said goodbye and I couldn’t try, so time stood with time.
I shot him down as he fell to the ground, I laughed...hahahaha!

Kentucky skyline, looks like a great divide of devils and pastimes.
Lord I played with the fire.
Sweat dripping from sweat, he makes me forget he makes me forget.
Flesh, flesh on my flesh, he makes me forget.

La la la la la la la la la la la

I would take your heart from your chest to prove to you that I loved you best.

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Sister Sin
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Queen Mab
What A Way To Die
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