Mea fills the room with haunting cello and biting vocal lines while the band plays melodic guitars and groovy beats. An electronic urban pop sound meets singer-songwriter intelligence.


"Tori Amos armed with a cello." Tracks from my debut album "Cocoon to Butterfly" explore themes of escape and searching. I began my musical quest as a classical cellist and quickly adapted the instrument to fit a modern taste and need for an instrument to tell my stories. My first demo received some great reviews. I was featured on CIUT radio and appeared on "Viva Domenica" a Canadian-Italian network television program as a guest for International Women's Day celebrations. I was also nominated for a Toronto Independent Music Award. I'm currently performing shows with Canadian songstress, Emm Gryner
My band is a group of passionate and ubertalented musicians and the audience can feel the chemistry on stage no matter what kind of music they are into.


We are currently working on my debut full-length album "Cocoon to Butterfly" which is to be released in summer 2007 and we are booking a tour across Canada I have released two ep's in the past and has sold out of both. The last EP, "blurry cars" was created specifically for Deep River Summerfest 2006 which attracted over 10,000+ people . More info can be found a

Set List

We have very versatile set which can range from 30 mins to 1hr. The songs mainly performed are: Trouble (jazzy electro pop), Micheal (trip hop ballad) , Heavy darkness (industrial fantasia), Silent,(electronic march) Hey boy (Danceable) Dream (quirky sound experiment) and other acoustic/electro folky songs.