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New York City, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2008 | INDIE

New York City, New York, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2008
Band Alternative Pop


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"CD HotList - Rick’s Pick (August 1, 2012)"

“This album came from seemingly out of nowhere and swept me off my feet. Highly recommended for all pop collections” - Rick Anderson - CD HotList (August 1, 2012)

"Higher Plain Music (July 23, 2012)"

"..a firm two thumbs up!...[The album] holds a certain space of melancholic beauty that is powerful and emotive.” - Higher Plain Music (July 23, 2012)

"Campus Circle (July 2012)"

“Their blend of electronic and organic instruments as well as DiStasi’s ethereal voice is undeniably beautiful.” - Kathy Le - Campus Circle (July 2012)

"Indie Licks (July 2012)"

“Measure reminds us of the younger sibling of Broken Social Scene... The sound is robust with instrumentals that carry DiStasi's vocals perfectly to a place where everything settles in just right.” -- Indie Licks

- Indie Licks

"Time Out New York (July 2012)"

“Angelic-voiced singer-songwriter Laura DiStasi [fronts the band]; they perform melancholy ditties that effectively pull at your heartstrings.” - Time Out says - Time Out New York (July 2012)

"Performer Magazine (August 2012)"

"Measure brings their entire arsenal of sound, instrumental color, lyrical wit & wisdom to deliver a superior album.” (page 37) - Shawn M. Haney - Performer Magazine (August 2012 issue)

"babysue (June 2012)"

The Air Inside Our Lungs has a big sound with plenty of cool open space left between the instruments and vocals.... DiStasi's vocals are the obvious centerpiece here. She's got a cool breathy voice and she never sounds forced or fakey. Nice dreamy tracks include "Somewhere Outside," "Other Plans," and "Make You Love Me."
LMNOP - (June 2012) - LMNOP aka dONW7 -, and (June 2012)

"Indie Licks (July 2012)"

"Measure reminds us of the younger sibling of Broken Social Scene.... Their sound has a way of washing over you. This is an album that you can listen to over and over again all day long." - Melissa O'Neil - Indie Licks (July 18, 2012)

"Jezebel Music (2009)"

"....synths definitely filled out the room and people paid attention. The music was cinematic at times, and I could easily see Michael Mann using this in one of his crime epics. Captivating stuff."
Ben Kreiger - Jezebel Music - 2009 - Ben Kreiger - Jezebel Music - 2009

"Syracuse New Times (2009)"

"DiStasi seemed to be exploring the sublime, reverb-driven techniques of Portishead and the ambient dream work of Coldplay.....
Overall, the disc is a calming, truthful work which deserves attention from fans of ambient rock." - Matt Mumau - Syracuse New Times - 2009

"Rock-n-Roll Experience (May 19, 2012)"

“ of Feist will love this record!”
Bob Suehs - Rock-n-Roll Experience (May 19, 2012)
- Bob Suehs - Rock-n-Roll Experience (May 19, 2012)

"Get Your Melancholy On (November 19, 2010)"

(of the Measure album) “a stunning piece of work – heartfelt, touching, affecting... so utterly beautifully done…Go and buy Measure’s album RIGHT NOW – it’ll be the best $7 you’ll spend this year. "
Ivan Heneghan - Get Your Melancholy On (November 19, 2010) - Ivan Heneghan - Get Your Melancholy On (November 19, 2010)

"New Haven Register (September 03, 2010)"

"twinkly indie pop that nestles nicely between artists like The Postal Service and Feist."
Chris March - New Haven Register (September 03, 2010) - Chris March - New Haven Register (September 03, 2010)

" Spartanburg (June 1, 2012)"

"The group creates ambitious, electronic-tinged soundscapes that hold onto the emotion of DiStasi's writing while adding layers of keyboards and ambient textures."
Vincent Harris - Spartanburg (June 1, 2012) - Vincent Harris - Spartanburg (June 1, 2012)

" (May 4, 2012)"

"Tuck's opening percussion beats pulled me in right away from the first song. Then layered with guitar from Quinn and a tight bass line by Harron, I was ready for something pretty awesome, and DiStasi's vocals confirmed that. She's got a smooth, almost hushed voice that can sound haunting and enlightening, depending on what the song calls for. Sometimes she gets down to almost a whisper, but it never feels like the instruments overpower her voice. Her lyrics break through it all. The band plays incredibly well together, and what's better is they all look like they are having a really fun time doing it." Ross Berhardt - (May 4, 2012) - Ross Berhardt - (May 4, 2012)

"The Noise Beneath The Apple (June 6, 2012)"

"(The Air Inside Our Lungs) is a beautiful record that is sure to win fans, hearts and awards.

One of the most beautiful things about the album is the voice of singer/songwriter Laura DiStasi. It’s haunting and mesmerizing, a sensation of crystal clear shards of glass piercing complicated emotions and equally complicated arrangements, all the while making it seem effortless. Her narrative abilities are well illustrated throughout, atop atmospheric guitar strums and soaring synth laced melodies. Measure, as a band, are equal parts artists and musicians. As musicians they deliver an upfront vocal presentation, awash in full sounding, almost orchestral machinations, without ever sacrificing balance or quality in the process. As artists, you can feel their very essence woven throughout their work; their vulnerabilities, hopes, aspirations, fears and dreams are intricately sculpted into every note and every lyric..." Written by: Heather Jacks, Music Journalist - Heather Jacks - The Noise Beneath The Apple (June 6, 2012)

"Live show review..."

"... dazzled in the lead off showcase of the evening. Imagine Postal Service with Sarah McLachlan at the helm. The set was rich with lush ... The songs were strong and delivered eloquently. A beautiful way to start the evening." -

"About the writing..."

"The music does what every songwriter wishes their music could do: it hollows you out, then fills you back in. it breaks your heart and builds you a new one. It moves you." - Michael Flynn of the band Slow Runner

"See BIO page for links to Measure's TV and commercial spots"

xx - 2009


Measure: "Begin Again" EP released 4/2008
Measure: "The Air Inside Our Lungs" LP 8/7/2012

Title track off the Measure EP, "Begin Again", received rewards as a 2009 John Lennon Songwriting Contest Finalist(U.S.A.) and the 100% Music Electronic Category Winner(France).

Laura DiStasi's additional releases:
Laura DiStasi: "Laura DiStasi" EP released 8/30/2011
Laura DiStasi: "Winters Never Quit" LP released 8/2005



Measure is an indie/electro/pop band based in Brooklyn, NY. This project is based around the writing of Laura Distasi (vocals, keys) with Woody Quinn on guitar, Tommy Harron on bass, and Casey Tuck on drums and percussion.

Songs from Measure 2008 EP Begin Again, produced by David Little and Laura DiStasi, can be heard on as Pretty Little Liars, Melrose Place, Mercy, Rizzoli & Isles, PSAs and MTV reality shows. The EP garnered an excellent following, won a couple of songwriting awards and truly began to define the sweeping, atmospheric yet beat driven sound that is Measure.

Measure now prepares to release their first LP, The Air Inside Our Lungs. Named for a lyric in the first track, "Somewhere Outside," the title speaks to the necessity of music in each of the band member's lives for survival, purpose, and inspiration. The album will release independently August 7, 2012 marking Measures second release and DiStasi's fourth.

Written over the course of two years, the songs on this record were heavily influenced by New York, the energy of the city, relationships, seasons, and the diverse music that surrounds and inspires us. One feeling constant throughout the record is a yearning and wanting - for love, for success, for truth, for connection, for reassurance - for life on a path that feels right.

The vision for this is credited to DiStasi, who took on the role of executive producer. Making and managing this album was an around the clock obsession," she says. "I poured every ounce of my energy and creativity into making music I hoped we would love." Sonically, The Air Inside Our Lungs is a mix of electronic and organic instrumentation, and a real collaborative effort - recorded in multiple studios, bedrooms, living rooms, and hallways all over Manhattan, Brooklyn, Boston and Toronto. Although DiStasis signature minimal yet weighty vocals once again float effortlessly over the bands tasteful arrangements, this album has a more dynamic and energetic vibe than its predecessor, crossing the line into indie-pop territory.

Measure is fortunate to have a wealth of musical friends to work with, including David Little (programmer, original member of Measure) co-produced Fireworks 2.0 and Make You Love Me with myself and Ryan Kelly (Beyonc, Nico Muhly, Ryann); as well as I Want to Know You and Run. Boston, MA based Andreas Bjorck (Caroline, Kid Beyond) contributed to Other Plans. Brooklyn based Mike Beck (Zach Williams) contributed to Somewhere Outside, and Toronto based Jason Greenberg (Caroline, Rachel Loy, Rebecca Naz) co-produced Point of You and Down Easy. These individuals helped create and refine this record, bringing perspective and additional instrumentation to the tracks they worked on. Mix engineer Ryan West (Eminem, Rihanna, Kid Cudi) did an excellent job of bringing it all together, before it was mastered by Matt Azevedo (London Symphony Orchestra, Juliana Hatfield) in Cambridge, MA.

Measure is now on tour throughout the US. DiStasi and Quinn will take a stripped down, intimate duo version of Measures sound to Europe at the end of the year.