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Meat Curtains

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada | INDIE

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada | INDIE
Band Rock Punk


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"The biggest and most [good spirited] violent show of the festy. All out destruction and bad ass behaviour. Thank goodness I left Dog Day early and got to see Meat Curtains (how can you say no to a girl band called Meat Curtains?). Abrasive I-don't-give-a-fuck crude songs, I haven't been able to get the line I hate rock 'n roll / I'm so bored of these three chords out of my head. This is the band I always wanted to be in if I wasn't tone deaf. This would be the band I'd go to see every time they played if I lived in Halifax..." - Two Point Eight

by TJ Milburn
"Ever seen those old vinyl records at your grandmother’s? Man, those haven’t been played in decades. And you’ve got no interest in dusting ‘em off, right? Your grandmother ought to junk this antiquated stuff and get an Archos.

Sound reasonable? Then fuck off.
For those who’ve considered stealing that same old bitty’s unblemished White Album, pay attention: this comp is for you.

Meat Curtains – “Get Rebel”

Meat Curtains is a band that certain alternative weeklies might label grrl or femrawk or the Yeah Yeah Yeahs without a producer and trendy drugs. These descriptions are nice and all, but sorta wrong. The sans-phallus Halifax four-piece screeches and smashes, chugs and bangs, all raw and nasty-like.

Stomping past in a minute and a half, “Get Rebel” is quick, thin, and dirty, like a handjob from a desperate, sad girl with scabbing trackmarks." - Glossy Rush

From the blue-label rarity of James Goddard:
"There is the music – loud, thrashed out, punk descended, riff heavy tunes held together by cacophonous percussion and throat tearing vocals. Then there is the politics – re-appropriating pejorative terms for female anatomy and sex acts, a jaded DIY nihilism, and the revolutionary potential of punk itself. There is the A Side – Halifax’s critic-baiting, charcuterie-themed, absurdist fem-core four piece Meat Curtains. Then there is the B Side – Vancouver’s sex-positive, weird punk, all-stars. There is…you’re still reading this crap? You should probably listen to the fuckin’ traxxx. Now. It’s imperative." - Weird Canada

"A split between two bands taking their names from semi-gross sexual references, Halifax’s Meat Curtains and Vancouver’s Pompoir, this tape keeps the lyrics and sound dirty with sludgy punk rock. The Meat Curtains side features grungy guitars with a post-punk ethos. “Dream Pig” has all the brashness of Hole’s first album, and the scratchy vocals on “Get Rebel” somehow make it the catchiest track. And who wouldn’t support a movement like “Vaginas For Vietnam”? Pompoir’s gothic punk sounds create a layered, soundscape effect. Also winding together grunge and post-punk sounds, the band plays with a loud ’90s-tinged angst." - The Coast

"Interesting comp of four groups from outside the usual Canadian circuit...Meat Curtains make the Raincoats sound like Suzi Quatro." - The Wire, reviewed by Byron Coley

"From Halifax, Nova Scotia, the quartet Meat Curtains provide one side of their dizzy punk magic on this split. They are met with semi-avant Grunge-stasis of the Vancouver trio, Pompoir. And everyone waddles away more or less stoked." - The Wire

"MEAT CURTAINS- ANTI SCRUNTIFACTION and HUGGY BEAR kicking a bunch of pretty hair having band dudes right in the dicks. Good, raw, girl punk...that's a compliment."
Review for 'EDEN DISORDER' Scotch Tapes 2010
Maximium RockNRoll no.33o part 2. Nov 2010 - Maximum RockNRoll


"Free Will"// Meat Curtains and Pompoir Split Cassette
May 2010 Isolated Now Waves INW235

"Electric Voice Compilation"
2010 EV-009 Electric Voice Cassettes and Records

"Radiator Collective Compilation II"
June 2010 Radiator Family

"Fuck Winter/ A Scotch Summer Mix Tape"
Summer 2010 Scotch Tapes

"East Infection" Split 7"
July 2010 Foul and Fair Records

"Meat Curtains Tour 2010 B-sides and Rarities"CDR
October 2010 Self Released

"Meat Curtains Lyrics and Chords"
October 2010 Self Released

Meat Curtains// "Eden Disorder" Cassette
Oct 2010 Scotch Tapes



The Meat Curtains were born out of wedlock during the summer of 2009 when all four girls were discovered on a CTV Live @ 5 talent search. They bonded over their shared love of sequins, afterlife boyfriends and handjobs.
Since then the all-girl grunge punk group has birthed several tasty cassette and vinyl releases, highly acclaimed by critics. "Meat Curtains make The Raincoats sound like Suzi Quatro", says Byron Coley in 'The Wire'.
Loud, thrashed out, punk descended, riff heavy tunes held together by cacophonous percussion and throat tearing vocals matched by an equally intense live show make Meat Curtains the new syphilis.