This of five, armed with re-assembled pop anthems, stark words, and a reputation. MeatDraw�s scene stealing shows, off-the-wall junkyard instruments, and flare for make up are stomping their way into the souls of audiences. Think Violent Femmes' Hollowed Ground. but Darker.


Meatdraw is the best carnival exorcism dance band in the world. The fierce, raging joy with which they transport and delight their audiences is rock music, amplified by horns, saw, accordion, and intricate musicianship. Stomp-gospel dirges, post-apocalyptic crooner ballads, mythic power anthems, and ghostly car-chase jazz suites are channeled through these talented deviants( who include members of Rantmusic, AA Sound System, Frog Eyes, Hank&Lily, and Hearse). The Show begins with seven (or more) wild musicians marching, wailing, and shaking their way through the crowd, up to the stage, and straight into �...stomp-and-holler oompah hoedowns to light a fire in your colon when you�d least expect it.�
Tolan McNeil of Lucky Mouse Studio captured this ferocious live energy and wrangled it into their first release, the self-titled Meatdraw. �Occasionally the album brings to mind something you might hear at a gypsy camp in the Balkans, but more often I�m reminded of a rootsier Flaming Lips, or portions of The Violent Femmes� Hallowed Ground, albeit - if you can imagine - a little weirder. And that�s a very good thing."- Nerve Magazine
Meatdraw will be touring Canada extensively in 2009.


Born Together

Written By: Marco Bozenich

Your 4 hands on the keyboard and your 2 throats sing the sweet notes.
They tell us a story. Our tragedies become so boring.
Your dad’s hands lift you up high. His love just makes your mum cry.
You’re precious, so magic your dressed in lovely fabrics.
We were born together at the same time. and our tiny hands commit the same crimes. We are bound together for a lifetime I can’t leave you because your blood is mine. You blood is mine. Your blood is mine.

I met you in some dark days; the line up to see your shy face, your bare skin, your secrets, while you smoked cigarettes.
Come with me and be queens dears. In dark night make the wrongs right. Make way to the wagons the Ferris wheel and pump organ.

We Have the Nighttime

Written By: Marco Bozenich

We are running from a law that can’t be debated. We smile till we ache ‘til our faces are cramped. I’d like to look at the stars but I can’t stand their nagging/ saying “this cannot last boy. This cannot last!”
You will be much better off much better off better off without his love.

The big fat dogs that follow us ‘round will heave up their guts and fall dead on the ground. Then we’ll giggle like creeps ‘til we look in their eyes and they say those words again right before they die.
We can make like a mouse and just squeak on by ‘cause I am your beast you’re my butterfly. Interlock our hands and lips and rings. Hope a sister can be this type of thing.
Take the wallpaper down and take off your clothes, while I caress your collarbones. The sun went away take off your shoes suck the warmth through your feet.
We’ve got the nighttime to…..
Now their tearing us apart yeah they finally got us. ‘cause this love ain’t right. Don’t they understand fate? As they take you away I can hear them whisper the words into your ear; the words I hate!
I am dreaming again of the Quaker church. Over appreciate all the preacher’s words. All the lovely hymns, and the thoughtful prayer. Our aching butts in the squeaky chairs. Because I for one am sick of being left out. Just for one day pretend to be devout to something other than the fading lights, close shaves, gutter balls, and the broken kites. When you were a girl you would chase the squirrels. Get lost in the woods, get lost for good. Shivering in the cold until your lips turned blue, maybe friction will help.
We’ve got the nighttime to…We’ve got the nighttime to think again.

Are We Gonna Die?

Written By: Marco Bozenich

I used to work nightshifts at the big box store but I was on vacation in North Dakota when the big bombs came and shocked our eyes
I guess I was lucky I wasn't vaporized
why some people lived and some people died I'll never understand
I guess you could say that it's pretty sad but before the end my life was pretty bad
no love no light no will to fight no girl by my side, just long lonely nights
now everything I do has become so much more meaningful
are we gonna die?
What I want to know is…
I guess you could call me an opportunistic man because I got myself a bad-ass plan
I grabbed your arm and I grabbed your ghost and made my way out to the coast everyone follow me I got the cure for this misery
You’ve got to be hard you got to be mean to survive somehow in spite of everything you live and let go and then you die
in every heart of every child there is something that we have lost something that we have let go
and now the children want to know
are we gonna die?
you were making your way to the coast, but the coast is not friendly to ghosts.
but the sun was in our eyes the sun was in our eyes the goddamn sun is always in our eyes
are we gonna die?

Old World

Written By: Marco Bozenich

I built a rocket ship out of mud and sticks you said it looked like a nest, but I swear it was a rocket ship
Each night I get inside and I close my eyes and pray for the world to change by the time that I get out again

old world old body old world old body
old ugly world you're lookin' pretty good now

I miss my TV screen, I miss my magazines, I miss my shitty job it never taught me anything
I was an engineer, but I feel so useless here. I wish I'd spent my time learning how to live outside
Oh new world you're ugly Oh new world you're cruel Old world come and save us from this awful dreaded lifeline

old world old body old world old body
old ugly world you're lookin' pretty good now

lying in bed now for days. But your eyes cannot hold my gaze
dreaming at night time is fine, but not all the time

If You Go Crazy

Written By: Marco Bozenich

In a chest in the ground there is a heart for this ghost town
and it doesn't beat it doesn't make a sound
it's too deep in the ground
and if you go crazy take me with you open your arms and pull me through
we'll find where start and ending meet
and then I'll take you with me
a flash of light came one day
it took our flesh and our bones away
left silhouettes etched in the ground and left our souls just hanging around
and if you go crazy...
I'm filling the holes in my heart
I'm waiting for someone to start the world over again
the whole world was one big grave we walked upon it's dead skin for days


Meatdraw - Self Titled
Calvalcade of the Scars - Victoria Compilation
MeatDraw - Fin Du Monophone

Set List

Typically we do 45min-1hour, as we usually play with another band.
Are We Going To Die
Black License Plates
In The Afterlife
Old World
I Am A Very Villain
Wounded Animal
Were Not All Gonna Die
The Devil in our Bones
Are We Gonna Die
Born Together
If You Go Crazy
We Have the Nighttime
Meat Draw
We are Ghosts
I Don't Want to be Your Ghost
The Centaur of New York City
Hostage's Lullaby