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The best kept secret in music


"Meat Rocket / Anarchy America"

Meat Rocket has a great thick and crunchy sound. Picture 80's Judas Priest meets " Cowboys From Hell" era Pantera but with no crazy soloing and a Rob Zombie Electronica vibe added to some tracks. That's it! That's Meat Rocket. I love a crunching sound and you want to turn this fucker up loud without a doubt. Songs are catchy too, expecially the title track "Anarchy America" . Definately worth checking out... - Metal Rules! Magazine, Voorhees, NJ by Jeff Rappaport 

"Meat Rocket - Anarchy America"

In the album Anarchy America the band Meat Rocket presents a thrash/hardcore style with some influences of typically North Americans groups as Machine Head, Pantera and Biohazard. The music are really heavy (with very strong riffs, in low tuning) and fast, with a very aggressive vocal line. The songs have short duration time allowing to include several tracks in the CD (a hardcore characteristic). Highlight for the tracks: Anarchy America, Remains, Johnny Green, Pain and Veto-U. Extremely indicated for fans of this style. - Roadie Crew Magazine ão Paulo - SP - Brasil By: Frederico BatalhaBy

"Faze 3 Magazine Review"

Meat Rocket hails from North Carolina and has been ripping it up around the region for a while now. I finally got to check them out live when they hit Wilson, NC a few months back. This is a most impressive band in their highly produced self titled CD is totally killer. The groups sound is very similar to that of Pro-Pain, incorporating the smart vocal styling and hard core riffing, but adding in a touch of industrial edged sampling in a stellar rhythm section. This 9 song CD consists of well crafted, memorable tunes, that keeps it interesting from start to finish. - Tony "Dio" Leonard

"Firing Squad: Metal Maniacs Magazine"

Bearing the unlikely name of Meat Rocket, this North Carolina based quartet churns out some heavy and punchy metal that benefits greatly from an excellent guitar sound (and overall production), specializing in mid tempo stompers that dredge the bottom of the riverbed with tuned down chords. If you like your metal beefy and served up in big slabs, give this a try, and it is doubtful you will be disappointed. - Metal Maniacs Magazine by Ula Gehret New York, NY

"Music Reviews: Pit Magazine"

 It is a very rare occasion when I encounter a high quality, self-produced album geared towards a more mainstream audience, and actually like it. Meat Rocket really surprised me. This album is loaded with well constructed, well executed, thick, catchy riffs that will be an instant winner to fans supporting Pro-Pain, Fear Factory, and Korn. The highly popular song writing formula Meat Rocket employs is accentuated by a superb, clear production that instantly tips your ear to head banging mode. Expect to feel nothing but full power from beginning to end. Vocally, Burton Brown has a similarly distorted delivery which is highly complimentary to this thinking man's metal. This independent release stands toe-to-toe with any major label metal related release out today. A definite must for the weekend stagediver. - Pit Magazine by Kurt Hubert

"Storming the metal frontier with Meat Rocket"

What's in a name? with a moniker like Meat Rocket, you probably don't want to know! But once you hear their music, you'll soon learn that Meat Rocket is a band that packs more attitude in a song than a ringful of wrestlers on Monday Nitro. Outfitted with the standard Rock n' Roll configuration: guitar, bass, drums, and vocals, this four man Piedmont band possesses a simplistic yet assaulting song writing style that commands a listener's attention. This kinetic powerhouse combines straight forward melodic guitar riffs, thundering drums, and roaring vocals with all the energy of an old school crossover punk band. Imagine this firestorm of melodic mayhem for a moment and you'll just begin to get an idea of the kind of damage this band could cause. Each Meat Rocket member claims a rich and varied past. (This band is composed of all seasoned veterans and is a most complete working formula). Fueled by a positive, can-do attitude and a collection of relentless songs, Meat Rocket is set to blast off. - ESP Magazine by Dave Rogers


Meat Rocket - Self Titled
Meat Rocket - Anarchy America
New Record Fall, 2006.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Meat Rocket was formed in 1998, and has been a strong force in the underground metal scene. Our message has been spread worldwide with over 27000 records sold and 800 live shows. We have been compared to Korn, Slipknot, Pantera, Hatebreed, to name a few from the media & fans. Plain and simple we are a high energy groove metal machine that delivers marketable songs. The meat has opened for Disturbed, COC, Nothingface, Propain, DRI, Kittie, Stuck Mojo, Clutch, Systematic, Coal Chamber, Sevendust, Nonpoint, Vader, Sworn Enemy, Raven, Soilent Green, Crowbar, Overkill, Drain STH, Sepultura to name a few. MR was finalist in the 2000 , 2001 New Jersey and Milwaukee Metalfests. Chosen artist for the 1999, 2000, 2001, Atlantis music conferences. Featured artist on the Flying Metal video from shrapnel films with national Trust Company. Most Recent MR is featured on Mindsnap productions & Stillborn records sonic onslaught vol 1. w/ Hatebreed, Soil, 25 ta life, Ankla, Coretez. And on the Ozzfest Ozzbreast DVD, at Meat Rocket is a voice for the people, our music explores the political nightmare, our society, the price of freedom and inspires positive attitudes towards everyday life. Our goal is to cut a path into the future direction of the music industry and help restore the value of being original artists.Meat Rocket is a powerful band that is destined and determined to be recognized as one of America's premier turn of the century bands