Meat the Vegans

Meat the Vegans


Meat the Vegans is a polyphonic hybrid of musical genres. From blues to rock, reggae to funk, MtV has something for audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Whether you enjoy dancing all night long at their epic live shows, or relaxing to their distinctively attractive album, MtV is sure to impress


Coming from a long history of musical influence and split-second chances, Meat The Vegans is definitely a band most unexpected. Starting from both the roots of Madison Wisconsin and Los Alamos New Mexico, the musical influences range from Bob Dylan and the Grateful Dead to Pennywise and Pink Floyd. It certainly has been a long time coming. The original roots of MTV (not Music Television) was the lyrical and musical prodigies of the Seth and Jacob duo (check out their site for more info). From there, the music came to the ears of two blossoming college students named Mike and Dave. Their experience together in music has been one of lifetime friendship. This unforgettable Drum and Bass combo has helped bring out such bands as Injection DNA, Our First Defense, Merchants of Mexico, 8 Fluid Ounces, and of course the Sycamore St. Band also known as The Los. When Mike and Dave first heard Seth and Jacob, they were intrigued to hear a group in Albuquerque that wasn't punk rock or reggae or death metal. It was the kind of music they had grew up listening to; jam, blues, and folk. Now comes the point of no return. One day when Dave was in a music shop picking up drumsticks, this tattooed young man came up to him and asked him to play a gig in Santa Fe. Dave was reluctant at first, but when the man introduced himself as Jacob of SETH & JACOB, Dave immediately volunteered his services. What arose after those first two shows was the involuntary addition of Mike to the bass guitar, and rest is history. Four young aspiring young men jamming at places like Ralli's, The Cowgirl, Jemez Springs, and even the 3 Sided Whole and the Sycamore House itself. The music from the days of Meat The Vegans has evolved not only from the genius of the writing styles of Seth & Jacob, but from the addition of a mature rhythm section as well.


Meat the Vegans dual-disc self titiled album

Set List

Set list is very flexible, MtV can play ranging from 1 to 6 hours. Typically for a solo headlining gig MtV will do 4 sets, with short breaks. Covers mostly classic rock but can cover almost any song upon advanced request.