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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia | INDIE

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia | INDIE
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"EP Review"

Reviewed: [ME]
Lizard King Records 2011

By Trent Clulow – Liveguide Contributor

Ferociously beautiful, to say the least.

In what seems a far too self-loathingly destructive title for an aussie band on the up, [ME] could not be a more apt description of the sound of this Melbourne based quartet. I take it as a sound like no other, one that dips into powerful facets of rock custodians whilst meandering through chaotic interludes developed from within, one that’s well on the way to something special. Their EP, Naked, is an oppressive portrait of this, delivering an explosion of clutter that taunts ears into sub-conscious delight, founded through dramatic instrumentation and epic vocal crescendos.

The title track kick-starts the indisputably teasing release, opening slightly solemn before soaring into the theatrical rock [ME] are becoming best known for. Here, the smooth variance exposed in front man Luke Ferris’ voice captures spine-tingling portions of Matt Bellamy (yes, of Muse) in it, fashionably backed by sharp string exuberance and expressive piano breaks. The remaining three tracks - although intelligently varied in sound and structure - provide the same hectic detonation of goodness introduced in ‘Naked.’

‘Like A Fox,’ has a bass driven neo-rock intro that gets your head bopping instantaneously and ‘Carousel,’ dare I say it, sees Ferris’ tones resemble the late Jeff Buckley’s at its high-flying best. The final inclusion to the EP is ‘Westward Backwards’, which, in a sea of classic alternate hammer-ons, nestles right in the middle of their soaring rock operas and lulled mesmerisers.

It is these sounds that have likened the Victorian four-piece to artists such as Queen and Muse, triggered their signing to Lizard King Records (The Killers, Santigold), and enticed UK producer Simon Barnicott (Arctic Monkeys, Kasabian) to jump on board.

Moreover, bands who produce this kind of atmospheric aura don’t seem to pop up within our shores very often, so it is up to all fans of epic theatrical fireworks twisted into fresh, flamboyant sounds, to give [ME] a chance.

Rating: 8.5/10

[ME] are currently on tour throughout Oz with Dead Letter Circus and Floating Me. - Liveguide.com.au

"Live Show Review - [Me] at Raval, Sydney March 2011"

Wednesday night, like any other night is mundane and boring. You’re not expecting much, no big revelations, no flashing lights, just a quiet evening spent alone sulking and staring at your blank computer screen until your eyes sink into the back of your head. So naturally I wasn’t expecting to experience the epic stature of Melbourne’s very own orchestral space-rock band [Me]. Boy was I in for a ride!

The night started slowly, with Sydney locals Made in Japan opening, playing some tightly-knit indie pop in the same vein as Phoenix. I had seen them once or twice before and they always deliver. Woven around clean guitar sounds, punchy drums and a healthy amount of reverb. Their performance was reserved and ‘nice’, a stark contrast to what [Me] was going to bring forth. The venue was still filling up and the crowd was still trying to warm up to the dancey tunes of the opening act. I saw members of [Me], dressed in matching dress shirts and dress pants, chatting with friends, and wondered how these soft-spoken Melbourners would translate their giant sound into a small second level bar.....I would soon find out. After Made in Japan had finished their set, people started to come in and the room was filling up. There was excitement in the air, the sense that something spectacular was about to happen. People were stirring. I spoke to a friend who had seen them before and said he couldn’t take his eyes off them. I was intrigued. I thought about the comparisons...Muse, Queen....and I thought about how much I liked those bands. And I thought about rock operas and musicals and about how much I hated those things. And I thought about how this ordinary Wednesday night would turn out. But before I could finish my thought-train [Me] entered the stage while the crowd cheered and applauded with wild anticipation. Something big was about to go down.

I felt it in the first note they played. It shook the room. The swelling guitar chords, the crashing cymbals, the thumping bass, it felt like we were going to war. The singer wailed into the microphone while the guitarist shredded through our ears. It was fantastic seeing all the members feeling their own music. The bass player leaped around stage, possessed by the rolling waves of sound that engulfed the room. Their sound was fit for a stadium sized venue instead of the second floor of a pub in Surry Hills. The four-piece piled through 3 songs before stopping and thanking everyone for coming out. And in that brief moment of silence I realized what this Wednesday night had become - epic. There wasn’t a more fitting word for what [Me] had delivered that night. It was a chaotic scene filled with flying hair and air-kicks. The comparisons to Muse and Queen were evident: the vocal harmonies, the wailing screams, the intricate song structures and the overall grandness of it all. Most of all, it is best to experience this type of music live, specifically, in a bigger venue with a better sound system. What [Me] were doing wasn’t meant for small pubs and venues, it was meant for something bigger. Something that could accommodate the power and energy that exploded from these four dudes. And then it ended and I was glad because my ears were thoroughly getting hammered, but I stood in awe at what [Me] and everyone in that room had experienced. That Wednesday night was loud, louder than anything I’d seen from a Wednesday night. And I went home with a ringing in my ears, echoes of what I had just witnessed - feeling lucky that I was able to catch an epic act before they took over stadiums around the world.


By Lavurn Lee - Groove Magazine

"Single Review - Naked"

[ME] - Naked (from the Naked EP)

Hmmm. At first [ME]'s politically charged lyrics, chunky riffs and soaring falsettos had me scrabbling for a comparison, but after Museing on it for several moments I began to see some obvious links to their musical influences. Look, all snark aside, ten or fifteen years ago this kind of homage from an Aussie band would have been retardedly shite, so I must give two thumbs up for [ME]'s professionalism: 'Naked' sounds amazing, and their website and products have been put together with care and forethought. Based on this, [ME] really deserve to do well. On the other hand, I always found Muse's po-faced activism to be nicely offset by the tongue-in-cheek moments (hellooo, 'Knights of Cydonia'); no-one likes too much medicine without a bit of sugar and [ME] really should remember that they'll be the first people to have their hatches batoned by the riot police, so why not have some fun along the way as well?

Naked EP review coming soon - Rhuum.org.uk - Rabbit Hole Urban Music

"Live Show Review - Dead Letter Circus Support @ Tivoli, Brisbane"

Dead Letter Circus / FloatingMe / [Me] / Army Of Champions
The Tivoli - Fri Mar 25

Still Brisbane’s best indoor music venue, The Tiv doesn’t disappoint at the end of the week, wheeling out a marathon four bands. On first, locals Army Of Champions stick out like a sore thumb with their straight-up punk rock; no matter how well-played, it just doesn’t quite fit the bill.

Playing their biggest Brisbane show to date, Melbournians [Me] again show that modern prog isn’t all about drop-D riffs or Middle Eastern-inspired passages. Rich on classical-inspired piano progressions, jaw-dropping vocal harmonies and fiery, pitch-shifted guitar solos, the four-piece’s bombastic numbers go down well with a solid portion of the crowd while leaving some punters bemused. Latest single Naked – the closest the band have to a perfect pop-rock song – is the highlight of a brief set.

The venue is full by the time FloatingMe – a new Aus-prog supergroup comprising Cog drummer Lucius Borich, Karnivool bassist Jon Stockman and three former Scarymother members – arrive. All individually talented musicians, the Sydneysiders unfortunately suffer from that all-too-common genre bug: lack of charisma/originality. Sitting between Jeff Martin and Nick Cave, Andrew Gillespie’s booming, gruff voice engulfs the room, but guitarist Antony Brown’s workmanlike riffs are practically indistinguishable among the dense rhythmic stew. In the end, it’s Lucius’s indomitable sticksmanship that ultimately makes the show, not the songs.

Since the release of a hit debut album and two entries in the Hottest 100, the tireless Dead Letter Circus have officially become Brisbane’s biggest alt-rock band since The Butterfly Effect. Tonight, they bask in the similar momentum Karnivool had during 2009’s New Day tour, frontman Kim Benzie hyping the adoring crowd with bug-eyed fervour. Augmented by a guitarist/keyboardist, the combo kick off the singalong-fest with The Mile, both new and seasoned fans uniting their vocal chords on One Step, The Cage, Space On The Wall and the towering Next In Line. Following a series of thundering “D-L-C!” chants, the hometown heroes encore with Here We Divide and This Is The Warning. Prog-on.


"EP Review - Naked"

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, [ME] are described as 'a chaotic musical explosion for your ears', and likened to bands such as Muse and Queen. After listening to their 4-track EP, 'Naked', the reason for that comparison seems obvious.

The title track, and first song on the EP, begins with a strange array of sounds that could well be a group of pagan god worshippers, singing a folk song while on the way to their next sacrifice. However, once the music swells, a cavalcade of electric, melodic noise kicks in, you know you're in the right place.

Vocalist Luke Ferris' falsetto could easily be likened to Muse's Matt Bellamy, or Queen legend, Freddie Mercury - with his voice soaring above the music's vast soundscape.

"Like A Fox" is a standout track on the album, which once again begins with an air of folk rock whimsicalness. What is overly striking about the track, is its familiarity - and I don't mean that in a 'oh, we've heard it all before, give us something new' kind of way. There is a certain something in the melody that strikes a part of you, and somehow makes you heard this track years ago, without realising or appreciating what it was. Maybe it just has that effect on the listener, regardless.

"Westward Backwards" sees a change in tempo and style for the last track of the EP, with the band edging towards a jazz-style undertone with the melody. The rippling of the old six string will once again conjure up a Queen-esque vibe, while there is also an element of a modern day, Panic! At The Disco vibe amongst the tracks delightful melodrama.

Overall, this is a quaint little EP from [ME], and with news that the band will be heading to the UK to record their debut album in the coming months, we're interested to see what they can produce next time around.

[4/5] - Pushtofire.com

"Live Show Review - Dead Letter Circus Support @ Tivoli, Brisbane"

Reviewed: Dead Letter Circus
The Tivoli, Brisbane - 25 March 2011

Raising the bar on Oz prog-rock
By Liveguide Contributor – Trent Clulow

After a couple of successful EP releases and the debut bombshell This Is The Warning released mid-2010, Dead Letter Circus finally gave their eager punters a taste of their refined headline show after stringing together deserved supports of MUSE and Linkin Park.

Local garage rockers Army of Champions kicked off proceedings, belting out their Frenzal-esque sound to the early bloomers in their short 20 min slot before allowing Melbournian theatrical outfit [Me] to take the stage. Apart from the early technical difficulties, the quartet flaunted tracks from their debut EP Naked fresh off the back of its recent release, with ‘Like A Fox’ creating a timely buzz inside the rustic acoustics of the Tivoli. Front man Luke Ferris’ high-flyers enveloped the growing crowd as their gritty riffs sparked an imminent mosh of black draped prog-lovers.

Next up was Floating Me, a relatively new half-super-group containing Lucius Borich (COG), Jon Stockman (Karnivool), Tobias Messiter (Scary Mother), Antony Brown and Andrew Gillespie. Sheez, it won’t be long before these guys are probing airwaves nation-wide as their display was utter class. The five-piece teased prog-atmospheric rock from their upcoming debut album, including the only released single ‘Sugar.’ Mullet donned Gillespie’s vocals were enthralling as his Eddie Vedder-tinged undertones echoed before a sea of ambient instrumentation, handing the boys a warranted flurry of applause upon ending their set.

Subsequently, the repetitious bellows of Dead Letter Circus started to soar, the shirtless Luke Williams (drums) entered and the Tivoli’s capacity-filled dual-layers erupted. Front man Kim Benzie then snuck on stage and belted out the emphatic opener ‘The Mile.’ This older track certainly ignited the wave of mosh-pit jumpers as the live drums and string thrashing of Rob Maric dished up a heavier, more intense atmosphere compared to the recorded version. To the home crowd’s delight the boys shaped the set around their earlier hard-rockers first, including ‘Reaction’ and ‘Disconnect and Apply,’ where Benzie’s voice surged to the forefront with penetrating melodies and soulful falsettos. Notably, hand claps and unison plank-spanking became prevalent crowd features throughout, sparked ingeniously by bass guitarist Stewart Hill’s head bumping during ‘One Step’ and ‘Next In Line,’ which seemingly grew in grandeur as the room slowly transformed into a sweat-infested fog-pit.

Just after 11pm, DLC waved off their fans in what was a slightly extended pre-encore rest, barely halting the endless cheers of front row fans rumbling continuously for what seemed a lifetime. Eventually, the local rockers stormed back on stage to the dramatic This Is The Warning opener, ‘Here We Divide,’ which created a drastic mess of human exhaustion I thought was only possible at a Metallica gig. ‘This Is The Warning’ then wrapped up the exciting set to the gasping despair of their vocal fans, but the smiles stamped on their faces shone a clear indication of the event’s success, me included, after a fantastic display that was truly exciting to witness in the flesh.
- Liveguide.com.au

"EP Review"

[ME] - Naked
21-Mar-2011 Label: Lizard King/MGM
Playing time: 19.44
Rating: 88%
Reviewed by Brian Fischer-Giffin

Taking a love of the Fab Four and film scores and mixing them with influences from new prog, Melbourne band [ME] show that they have the talent to stand alongside the world’s best modern rock acts with their debut EP "Naked".

From the moment the Beatles-like melodies clash with the richly layered Muse-style guitar riffs in the title track it’s clear that this is going to be something special. At the moment, [ME]’s music is still heavily stamped by its influences, but rather than just cloning them this four-piece blends them into songs that are identifiably their own. The organ adds a flavour that one might associate with either 70s prog or Wolfmother, depending on who’s listening and similarly Luke Ferris’ wavering high vocals variously call to mind either Geddy Lee or Thom Yorke. Musically, [ME] is all over the chart, with pop melodies and hooks sitting harmoniously alongside prog rock bombast and tricky arrangements. It may not be to everyone's taste and it may take a couple of listens to sink in, but it's very clever, and it's very cool.

"Naked" is a world-class release from a world-class act, one which we should justifiably hear a lot more about. - Loud Magazine

"'Working Life' Single Review"

"I love the hugeness of this track. We all know Muse love Queen. Well this track is the bastard son of that union." - Richard Kingsmill, Triple J - Richard Kingsmill, Triple J

"Live Show Review - Troubadour, Brisbane"

"Freddy Mercury circa Bohemian Rhapsody? For real? Sure, why not – stuff The Darkness! The mighty Queen could not perhaps ever thought of better heirs than Melbourne’s [ME], and the immediate general consensus among the packed venue is that the fresh-faced quarted are fucking excellent musicians who could give The Fleet Foxes a run for their money with their harmonic vocal interplay (no joke). Whether it’s the histrionic soaring crescendos, juicy Brian May-style hammer-ons and fretboard fireworks or the grandiose, Muse-reminiscent piano breaks, the kids are simply more than alright – they are on fire. Working the heavily perspiring crowd into fervour with their own, exquisite brand of theatrical rock, [ME] apply a killer final touch by executing a tribal triple drum assault. Get back to Brissy soon boys – you fucking rock!" - Fasterlouder.com, Brisbane
- Fasterlouder.com

"Live Show Review"

"In lieu of pre-gig research, [ME] turn out to be my unexpected discovery of 2009. Ridiculously talented, the precocious Melbourne fourpiece do a much better job at pulling off the Queen sound than The Darkness ever did and generally make the latter collective sound like a bunch of amateurs; Freddy Mercury’s spirit would undoubtedly be smiling at the band’s vocal acrobatics while Brian May would approve of the guitarist’s supersonic tapping and sustain-laden riffs. Two words: epic win." - Denis Semchenko, Rave Magazine, Brisbane - Rave Magazine

"'Working Life' Single Review"

"Very freaking glorious." - Simone Ubaldi, Beat Magazine - Beat Magazine

"'Working Life' Single Review"

"It takes a lot of balls to write a track that sounds like something out of the 'We Will Rock You' musical. It's a 3 minute rock opera with elements of vaudeville, and like The King said, it's a Muse and Queen sandwich. The end is totally Matt Bellamy, but totally rocking!!" - Dom Alessio, triple j - Dom Alessio, Triple J

"Live Show Review - Toff in Town"

"Turning the heads of many industry folk in recent months, [Me] are a band on the verge of exploding. They have the talent, they have the songs, they have the live show, and they're even easy on the eyes. There are few local bands around at the moment who could equal the pristine professionalism of [Me]'s live show. Their sound is nothing short of immense and ambitious. Melbourne gig goers, please be advised that the next big thing is right on your doorstep and you don't even know it. The sooner you get along to see these guys, the better. And then you can say you were there when the fuse was lit and not after the shower of shrapnel rains down." - Lou Lou Nutt, Inpress Magazine.
- Inpress Magazine

"Live Show Review - Toff in Town"

"[Me] have long been touted as one of the best local acts many have yet to discover, and tonight, they more then live up to the hype. Piano/front man Luke Ferris impresses with his vocal range and ability, despite the valiant efforts from the audience to drown him out in the good-natured singalongs. The intensity coupled with humourous banter between songs makes for a set that flies by, leaving you wanting more. [Me] are definitely contenders for one of the best local bands you may have heard of, but never seen – do yourself a favour and get on board." - Paige X Cho, Fasterlouder.com.au - Fasterlouder.com.au

"Live Show Review - Newtown Worker's Club"

"[Me] were a theatrical marvel, with a massive haunting sound that wouldn't be out of a place on a Tim Burton soundtrack. [Me] were hugely entertaining, with clever arrangements that included some heavy keyboard work and a violinist. These boys owned the stage and seemed to really enjoy themselves as they danced around, swapping instruments, giving the performance their all. James O’Brien from The Boat People did a guest vocal spot on their last track for the evening, which turned into a mad onstage party that was very enjoyable to watch. Keep an eye out for upcoming shows in the future. " - Kat Mahina, The AU Review - The AU Review

"'Westward Backwards' Single Review"

“The song in question for my tangled demeanour is Westward Backwards, a chaotic, yet exquisitely balanced brilliance of theatrical explosion; a private musical for my eardrums. Composed of hammering piano drives, tension-building eclectic orchestrations and an almost ludicrous vocal ability that deserves comparison to the late-great Freddy Mercury. This in itself has got to be the master of all master compliments, but I will go on because I'm just so damn appreciative of this band right now.” - Kelly Swift, thedwarf.com.au - Thedwarf.com.au

"'Westward Backwards' Single Review"

"Another marvelous big track from ME, with strings, electric guitars and quavering grandiose vocals... their amibition is largely successful." - Simone Ubaldi, Beat Magazine. - Beat Magazine

"General Review"

"Jesus fuck they're cool as shit." - Jaymz Clements, Beat Magazine. - Beat Magazine

"Live Show Review - Bigsound"

"Cosmic dandies [Me] hit with surprising force. The harmonies come from Queen but the lasering keyboard's from Mars and the violin from Bach – I feel underdressed without my fob-watch and raygun. With a singer auditioning to join the angels at the last trump and a three-way drum jam, [Me] make a fittingly maximalist end to Big Sound." - Jody MacGregor - Time Off Magazine

"Live Show Review - Festival of the Sun"

"Exciting and experimental, with a rhapsodic effect." - Simon Topper, Rave Magazine. - Rave Magazine


Naked EP - released in Australia March 18 2011. Mixed in the UK by Barny (Kasabian, Arctic Monkeys, Temper Trap). 4 track EP. Single 'Naked' released playing on Triple and Australian community radio such as 3RRR. Music video for 'Naked' Indie Clip of the Week on Rage, and playing on [V], MTV & Video Hits.

Westward Backwards - single released June 2009, with music video and national tour. Featured on Rage and community radio.

Working Life - single recorded at Hothouse Studios with producer Finn Keane. Released November 2008. Receives airplay on JJJ, 3RRR, SYN FM, 3PBS, 4ZZZ. Spot-added to JJJ.



[ME] are described as a chaotic and rare talent which combines the sublime aesthetics of timeless career artists with youthful enthusiasm, making a quality neo-rock genre and art form of [ME]'s own design.

Referred to as, “the bastard son of Muse and Queen” by Richard Kingsmill, Music Director at Triple J, [ME] are becoming known best for their 3 minute rock operas on a grand scale.

Following the excitement around the release of their debut single Working Life in 2009, [ME] hit the festival circuit, performing to audiences at Festival of the Sun, One Movement and Playground Weekender amongst others.

In November 2010 the band were signed to seminal UK label Lizard King Records (The Killers & Santigold).

In early 2011 the band signed with The Agency Group for UK/Europe live performance bookings, and New World Artists for Australia/NZ. [ME] have just completed an Australian tour supporting alt-rock heroes Dead Letter Circus.

Recording and mixing with legendary UK producer Barny (Kasabian, Arctic Monkeys, Temper Trap) soon followed, and [ME] released their debut EP, 'Naked', featuring strings, brass, synth instruments, a drum troupe, and an army of guitars. The band will be recording a debut album in July 2011 in England with Barny.

These Melbourne-based troubadours will also take with them the full caliber of their live show.

Discover [ME] before it is seduced by fame and fortune and before the intimate atmospheric confines of local venues become impractical as the band dives headlong with abandon into the international touring whirlpool.

The Queen is dead. Long live [ME].

"A live show like no other" - Inpress Magazine
"Jesus fuck they're cool as shit" - Beat Magazine
"...totally rocking!" "I love the hugeness of this track" - Triple J
"They left most punters with their jaws on the floor" - Timeoff Magazine
"The fresh-faced quartet are more than alright - they are on fire!" - Rave Magazine
"Very freaking glorious" – Beat Magazine

For more details:

UK/EU Bookings:
The Agency Group
E: GeoffMeall@theagencygroup.com
T: +44 207 278 3331

UK/EU Publicity:
Chris Cannon
E: Chris@lizardkingrecords.co.uk

AUS/NZ Management:
Thomas Heymann
E: thomasheymann@themusicconnection.com.au
T: +61 414 691 700

AUS/NZ Bookings:
New World Artists
E: Info@newworldartists.net
T: +61 2 9037 4180

AUS/NZ Publicity:
Reckoning Entertainment
E: Info@reckoningentertainment.com
T: +61 2 8084 2007