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Truly "a step above the rest!" Meca emphasizes on loyalty, self-motivation, capitalism, and inner-city agorism. Being a born leader in every sense of the word, Meca had developed a style of his own since the beginning. A very catchy style at that!


Since the early 1990’s, the music scene in Cleveland, OH hasn’t been the same. The city has long searched for it’s distinct sound. Well it wasn’t until late 2003 that an eastside rapper/producer by the name of Meca [meh-kuh], acronym for (My Entourage Conquers All), released his first EP titled “L.O.L”- no not Laugh Out Loud… but Live Off Lics, which was derived from his lifestyle of robberies and breaking & enterings. Unfortunately, around this time the city of Cleveland was so big on Houston’s “chopped & screwed” music that Meca really didn’t receive much love in the streets. So in return, he did what any natural street hustler would do… went right back to the block!

Even when Meca wasn’t rapping he was always making beats. He was so musically inclined that he couldn’t give up completely. It wasn’t until early 2005 that a group named the “Gutta League” was formed, consisting of 3 of his brothers and 2 other guys from his hood. The group had an amazing buzz around the notorious Kinsman Ave. area, which led to opening acts for rappers 8ball & MJG, Scarface and more.

Well as they say, “good things don’t last long”, the Gutta League movement was cut short due to inexperienced leadership and lack of persistence. The artists then pretty much went their way but Meca, being the dedicated go-getter he was, couldn’t give up.

In 2006 he started his own recording label called “BeatLab Entertainment” and put together several mixtapes which featured some of the area’s hottest and well-known MC’s, in hopes to spread the Cleveland love and broaden his recognition. Well that plan worked. He has been able to generate thousands of fans w/ only 2 live shows under his belt... "truly undeard of". Meca, now 27 yrs old, knows that breaking into the music industry is a costly struggle. So while he keeps hitting the streets over the head with some of the most uniquely commercial “gangster music” around, he still remains one of the most well known and respected hustlers throughout the streets of Cleveland.

Ladies and Gentlemen… he’s here!


I'm Live

Written By: MECA


I’m a gangsta, the definition of me might be
I don’t play no games, I just focus on my cream
I’ll drop that *** if he run up on me
I’ll pop that *** if he run up on me
But still I keep it P.I, handlin’ my B.I
Fresh line-up and lay my waves down wit knee highs
And I used to chief on that boy that be wit’ T.I
Now if it aint fruit… It will not be getting me high
I be in the club lens dark, when that Hen start kickin in
Lookin for a booty fat as Biz Mark-E
Who me? I’m the sh*t and you a skid mark
Stick ‘em then I pitch ‘em cuz they just don’t get the friend part
Her choose you over me, that’s unlikely
Every type of broad love a thug n***a like me
I’m a go-getta’, neck all tatted
See the ladies give me hugs, thugs dap automatically


You see I’m dark like Remy, hustle got plenty
Others might move, but they don’t move many
Yea they from the hood, but they don’t use semi’s
Say they do a lot but they can’t prove any
Talk goes thru me, he touch me I’ma do ‘em
Females watch me like a Tyler Perry movie
Blueberry in my doobie, and coogi cover my booty
I let them come to me, you lames thirsty for groupies
Your B.M jock me, I beat it like Rocky
And when it’s time to leave she hold me tighter than epoxy
My drop be oxy clean white on white
And I hop out the slab wit the Mike & Ike Nike’s
Goodnight, tell them boys they sleepin on the truth
Don’t handcuff her, if you trust her let her loose
When I hit the bar I can drink until I’m blue
My drinks on the house like the parties on the roof


Don’t care if she black, brown, yellow, or anglo saxon
Her name I’ll be askin’, if she talks with an accent
Catch me in the hood counting Franklins and Jacksons
I got it if they’re askin’, just let them know I’m taxin’
Heat that, drop that, cool it, chop that
Flip that, cock that, try and rob that
Went the legal route and I was asking ‘where the jobs at?’
Then they took my car and I woke up like ‘where my dodge at?’
Back to the block got me working with my digital
Quality for sure, get insured by the general
Wop so original, my b**ches look like centerfolds
Never play me for a h**, never oh, never no
Incognito, haters don’t know where I stay
Stash for the tooly and my scale look like a CD case
I used to lie to chicks just so I could bone
Now I get dome like the lions when they’re playing at home


2003 L.O.L. (live off lics) -EP
2004 Gutta League: Kings Of Cleveland -local mixtape
2006 The Lil Big Man -local mixtape
2007 Steet N***as On Deck -regional mixtape
2008 The Enlistment -prealbum
2008 I'm Live -1st single

Set List

Let It Bang -4:18
I'm Live -3:40
Dat Swag -3:56
Whatcha Say -4:43
Chumps Get Lumps -3:24