Mec Allemand

Mec Allemand

 Berlin, Berlin, DEU

Strictly House! Played live. Digital beat performance meets analog synths, vocoder hooklines and live percussion. Danceable huge hybrid contemporary stuff. Something for the club and the main stage to dance to. The girls like it. From Berlin to Paris.


Berlin feels nostalgia and the rest of the country dances.
Mec Allemand has no idea where things were going in 2012 and he gives a shit about genres. When the first kick drum meets the Fender Rhodes and the tambourine brushes the high-frequency ranges ... everything is working fine.
Is this music House, Disco, Deep, Vocal, French, analog, 90s, old-fashioned, superfluous?

Established in 2009 as a one-man show, Stephan
Baumann gathers more and more supporters around himself. While a first Netlabelrelease at tonatom
sounded spooled and indietronic the project got a different twist in 2010. Stephan was playing live gigs with Andreas Peter a reliable multi-instrumentalist,
the patient, bass, guitar and percussion player. After a few gigs they decided to take a further step. More pressure in the deep bass range, less pre-recorded backing beats, full concentration on Moog,
Juno, Rhodes and Crumar. Out of desperation, Stephan started a Facebook call:
"Beat Operator sought." And is fu¨ndig.
Dietmar funny enough, performing since the 90s as DJ Sputtnik was already a good friend of Stephan since years. Anyway by early 2011 the 3 guys named Mec Allemand developed thanks to Dietmar's love for beat production and live APC action a new experience somewhere between a live act and band performance.

While the DJ-producers still discover the song format, melodies and harmonies, Mec Allemand is already prepared to hit the scene due to their extraordinary combination of 2 live musicians and a DJ.
Clubs, radio edits, concerts or unpretentious
DJ Acts ... anything goes.

Everything is working fine and the girls dance!

The trio has plenty of material and it's only a matter of time and decision by which label the first EP should be signed in 2012.

Set List

0 Melanie (Intro)
1 I could live
2 My Ego
3 Super Slow Motion
4 Rich and Handsome
5 Zoe
6 Stop
7 Gotta change
8 Mustang
9 Bottrop Girl
10 A Tribute to Serge
11 C'mon let's go
12 Pedro
13 Hip
14 A Matter of Time
15 Heartbeat