Cowboy Mouth bass player Regina Zernay's underground solo project. Power-pop with an edge. Stirring up trouble since 2003.


“...engaging and intelligent...”

“...early Blondie”

“The Ramones if they had a female singer”

“I can see teens just dancing on the bed pillow fighting”

“Very fun, upbeat, and flirty”

“Go-Gos, New Wave, Bangles”

“3 Chord Chick Rock!!!”

“Hole meets Garbage”

“Oh, fun girl vox!”

“Chrissie Hynde would be proud”

Mechant is power pop with an edge, mixing high energy hooks with flirtatious vocals. It's girl-fronted rock 'n' roll as it was meant to be - sweet but tough, sultry, aggressive, clever, feminine, sunny on the outside, dark underneath.

Most of Mechant's songs, written by lead singer & bassist Regina Zernay, have some basis in Hollywood reality (the band's home city) - struggling actors ("Superhero in Training"), sexual predators ("Sick of You" and "Ruined"), raw lust ("December 11th"), overindulgence ("Suicide Machine") and old-fashioned, left-at-the-altar break-ups (“Everything Changed").

Mechant was formed by a girl who'd spent years behind a bass guitar. As a bassist, Regina played with dozens of Southern California bands, including Big Violin, The Syrups, Ten Pound Troy, and Red Delicious.

In 2001, she joined Dreamworks/Megatronic rock band Halfcocked. "Playing in Halfcocked was a dream come true. But the ups and downs, and the final letdown of being dropped because of politics - it was heartbreaking."

Her response was to form a new band, writing her own songs and fronting the band herself. "I didn't want my music dictated to me. I wanted something of my own."

In 2002, Mechant was born. The french word for "wicked," Regina discovered the band name in Fredric Dannen's best-selling book, "Hit Men." Regina began working with producer & guitarist Jon Hayes. The band, which also included drummer Mike Earnhart and guitarist Jim Jet, started playing live in 2003 and released their first EP by year's end.

In the meantime, Regina continued playing bass. She stayed with Halfcocked until 2003. In 2004, she joined hip-hop/rock band Jam Balaya, landing two guest appearances on the TV show "Half & Half."

She also worked for a year and a half as a background actress. "It was surreal. You'd be walking around and suddenly, George Clooney is talking to you about the weather, Ben Stiller is apologizing for bumping into your chair, or Omar Sharif is offering you a chair between takes. I was awestruck. I loved every minute of it." The glitz and glamour was inspiring, fueling most of Mechant's next record, “Fate and The Arsenal.”

"The title says it all - it's about going where you're meant to go, and the scars and weapons you collect along the way."

Mechant also underwent serious personnel changes. The entire band was replaced, and now consisted of Mark Burgess on guitar, Robert Hirsh on drums, and Daniel Frohnen on bass. Their select live shows included opening for Annabella Lwin (Bow Wow Wow), and a surprise guest appearance from Cherie Currie of the Runaways. “That was a huge highlight for us.”

On the heels of finishing "Fate and The Arsenal," Regina joined the popular New Orleans-based rock band Cowboy Mouth. She's currently on the road with Cowboy Mouth, known for their high-energy live shows and non-stop touring schedule.

"Talk about a life-changing experience. I'm playing bass for one of the greatest rock bands in the world."

“Fate and The Arsenal” is available on-line at iTunes and For audio samples, videos and up-to-the minute news about Mechant, visit or


"MECHANT - 2 Song EP"
"Fate and The Arsenal"

Set List

MECHANT is very selective about its live shows. Sets last from a half-hour to 45 min, and originals are mixed with good covers. We especially love having great local artists join us on stage.