We are a folk/blues/rock band from Oklahoma City that started as a solo acoustic act of frontman/rhythm guitarist Bryan English in early 2009. All of us came from different musical backgrounds, with our current genre not one of them for any of us. Its an experimental approach that we enjoy!


In late 2008, frontman Bryan English decided to breakout from being a rhythm guitarist in the Christian Rock band, The Mark Ryan Band, to pursue his own, more laid back brand of music. Almost all of 2009 was spent writing and trying to find the right fit of other bandmates. In October of 2009, lead guitarist, Michael Shaw and Bryan became roommates and shared the same passion for music. They began jamming and playing the songs Bryan had been working on live as an acoustic duo. This caught the attention of drummer Kyle Klingman when they opened for his band, Rite On. Kyle and Bryan had also previously played together in the Mark Ryan Band years before. After recording some demo material, a copy found its way to the hands of bassist Carey Freeman, who inquired about the band need a bass. The first time playing together warranted nothing but ear-to-ear grins on all four of them. Chemistry is a beautiful thing.

The music drew upon influences from different genres of artists like:
Nick Drake
Bon Iver
John Mayer
Pink Floyd (pre-"the wall")
Iron & Wine
Bright Eyes

We really believe in the music we play, and play it with everything we have!


Someday EP - 2009
You and I EP - 2010

We have streaming music on our myspace.

Set List

We currently have an 8-10 song set of all originals that we play, but we have about 15 songs currently that rotate in and out, depending on we are feeling that night. Usually these sets can go for about 75-90 minutes.

A typical set might look like:
Mine Someday
You and I
She Gets Me High
I Don't Need You
The Dead Man's Ballad
You Were The One
Let Me Be (Sailing out of your sea)
Camel Lights, Sleepless Nights
High Time For Peace
Lonely Autumn