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The Medea 'Demo'
1. E.U.I.D
2. Illusional Fixation
3. Precedence
4. Logistics
5. The Desire's Effect

First 2 are found on our MySpace, the rest are featured on a CD available and are played 'live' on our DVD

The Medea DVD
1. Performance from Ashford Rocks on the 8/12/06
2. Interview and clips of the band performing at Tenterden Town hall on the 6/1/07
3. Bonus Footage of the band
4. Extra tracks including 'Revolutions live' and an instrumental version of 'The Universe Will Speak'



Taking influences from everyone and everything, lead guitarist Jason Neal's musical passion and creativity is driven by the desire to succeed; this had passed through to the drumming skills of Alec Warren, whose enthusiasm had sparked the initial early stages of the band. In came Dan Milton, a bassist who's previous guitar experience and musical influence fused the band together as a whole. The aim: to create music that can cause the band to stand out from the rest; and perform to a standard where appearance means everything, and the music fulfils the performance.

As a band, music is their life. Jason Neal, born in Canterbury, has been playing piano for many years and guitar for over 3. Musical influence from bands such as Radiohead, Muse, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and many other alternative rock bands, plus, the many thoughts and general life influence resulted the ideas which would spark up the bands first material. Singing was something that had not been desired at first by the front man, but after gaining influence from rock legends such as Matt Bellamy and Thom Yorke, plus an added confidence and desire to prove ability...vocals became a chosen option.

This path was then intercepted; by a lost drummer in April 2006

Alec Warren was part of a previous band called ‘Brainchild’. The band was nothing as he had anticipated, and the music seemed to had washed his future expectations away until an advert appeared on a local website looking for a drummer. Jason and Alec met up and instantly started writing some of Medea’s early material; and after several bassists, eventually summoned Dan Milton to the task in July 2006.

Dan Milton, a good mate of Jason’s, decided to join the band after his old band ‘Number Down’ split up. He transformed his instrument (not literally) from a guitar to bass and committed himself to form the Medea trio at present.

Medea soon got their first gig in the summer of 2006, playing at a private party…”an experience I’ll never forget”, Jason admitted after the gig; “the first gig I ever played, and after playing a one and a half hour set, I was proud and delighted that we had pulled it off, after only a week of being asked before to play!” By this time, Dan had only been practicing with the band for about 2 weeks, and managed to rehearse the entire band's current material, plus several covers.

After this, their second gig was probably the most memorable. Performing again at a private party, a certain degree of satisfaction resulted out of this gig after many of the band’s friends recognised the performance as “amazing”. Before this gig, their ambition to create a live performance that people would remember was the main objective; especially as the band were down as headliners. They had a sign made up (which has now been prominent in all of their gigs), and endeavoured to effect lighting and stage props to ensure an atmosphere was created. A music atmospheric intro was played, a guitar kicked in and everyone shouted ‘Medea!’ The foundations of the desire to stand out were in progress. And bearing in mind this was only a party gig it didn’t have to matter, but it did to them, and since then Medea have endeavoured to make every live performance different and more importantly better, not only musically, but visually.

A few gigs followed, including a slot at Ashford Rocks and Tenterden Town Hall, which have been both featured in Medea’s latest and proudest material to date, ‘The Medea DVD’. Showing one full gig, an interview, bonus footage and extra tracks.

“We are currently in the progress of creating our debut website and E.P (which will contain 5 tracks and an interlude), to be released in the spring. We are a very committed band and strive to succeed in creating music and performances that people will enjoy, and more importantly, become memorable. We know, that this is going to take time and patience, but playing and composing music is something that comes first nature. We thrive on any opportunity to perform, and hopefully one day, to progress and give that same feeling back to potential fans would be “amazing”; until and after that day, we will continue ever more.”