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Sfax, Şafāqis, Tunisia | MAJOR

Sfax, Şafāqis, Tunisia | MAJOR
Band World Jazz


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« Belles influences métisses, mais aussi, force, détermination qui sont leurs maîtres mots ! C'est en toute liberté
que ces musiciens se sont mis à exprimer le plus profond de leur âme ! Ils appartiennent dorénavant à
la nouvelle génération de la musique du Maghreb ! On peut dire que leur style a fait évoluer les visions
pessimistes et un peut fatalistes des fusions appauvries par le manque de liberté ou le manque de technicité ou
un peu réducteur au Maroc et un Algérie ! J'ai commencé à vibrer en écoutant ce titre… » - LAST NIGHT IN ORIENT

« Nombre de titres sont de la bonne variété, qui fera la joie des plateaux télévisés et des radios dans la région.
Pourtant, lorsque Med Fusion délaisse la chanson traditionnelle pour proposer leurs propres compostions
instrumentales, comme dans “Tune’s fusion”, ils sont bien plus intéressants. Entre jouer de la musique pour
plaire au plus grand nombre et jouer de la musique de qualité, nos jeunes musiciens, qui ont la possibilité
d’opter pour le deuxième choix, devront choisir » - BABELMED

« Su questa falsariga si muove la vicenda musicale di uno straordinario ensemble musicale tunisino: la
Orchestre Med Fusion. Monicker quanto meno appropriato in quanto le parole Orchestre, Med e Fusion
rappresentano la “mission” del gruppo »
« Sono sicuramente uno dei gruppi faro del rinnovamento della musica tradizionale in quella parte del
continente africano. La Med Fusion Orchester ha un particolare talento. Riesce a mantenere la sua indole araba
pur suonando con tonalità globali ed internazionali. Un indubbio punto a loro favore » - MUSICAL NEWS

«The Orchestre Med Fusion from Tunisia, who contributed actively to the reawakening of the youth of their
country by composing The Jasmine Revolution» - GREEK NEWS

«The Orchestre Med Fusion is a very new version of political songs of Tunisia, with melodies that filter
creatively Arabic tradition with jazz, latin and funk. The musicians, all graduates of the famous Institute for
Advanced Musical Studies, Sfax, playing both traditional Arabic music instruments and modern guitars, drums
and bass. Their songs start talking about freedom, social equality and genuine democracy. At the time of the
great uprising of last January added to their repertoire and others and released the album "jasmine" that
includes their new songs, and songs from Morocco or Algeria, "corrupted" by their own, creative way» - ENET





MED FUSION ORCHESTER was created from the desire of Tunisian Artists who have high academic level. These musicians, all graduates of the Higher Institute of Music in the city of Sfax in Tunisia, acquits the theoretical stage in the field of traditional music , Jazz, Latin, Funk The majority is preparing a Grad specializing in instrumental interpretation. Mediterranean musical heritage is the directory played by the band, the new arrangements and improvisations are the characteristic features of the project.MED FUSION ORCHESTER is composed by a beautiful blend of traditional Arabic instruments (Quanou, Flutte ..) and modern instruments (Drums, Bass Guitar ..). The group gave several performances in Tunisia, Algeria, France, Canada … The song and the melody have an important place and instrumental improvisations especially rhythm…A musician said at the end of a concert: « There was a high quality and harmonic rhythm and a way to structure the songs quite Jazz, very fine. Great precision and beautiful moments… »A journalist said: « I’ve discovered you Saturday evening in Marseille, it was fantastic … »The group give a great importance to the choice of songs.The pieces of the repertory speak of patriotism, also address issues of social and political order. MED FUSION musicians were very affected by the political revolution that occurred in Tunisia in January 2011, convinced that the musician has a role to play in such events, they started to compose songs, everything came out naturally.It was both a tribute to the martyrs and encouragement for the people in his struggle against dictatorship.The new album “Parfum de Jasmin” (Jasmine Perfume) consists of songs composed by the group and others from the Tunisian and Mediterranean repertory, tunes of jazz, blues, traditional .. are gently used, Arabic flute improvisations, piano, violin … sometimes tonal, sometimes modal on rhythms very varied, sometimes Tunisians, sometimes Western.