Media Circus Extravaganza!

Media Circus Extravaganza!




Our sound caught the attention of the famed producer Kramer (Rolling Stone Producer of the Year), who came to Pittsburgh to record our debut e.p., End of an Error,
released in the Fall of 2009 on Mon Records.



Written By: Ziller

There's a brand new word in the lexicon brought to you by the neo-cons called waterboarding
You get captured by the CIA
a secret plane takes you away
and you're waterboarding
They'll hold you down till you start talking, that tank of water might be your coffin
when you're waterboarding
If you're a Canadian engineer it really might not be too clear why you're waterboarding
Nobody knows where you are
Habeas corpus has left the building
where you're waterboarding
Congress says it ain't a warcrime
Federal court says you're denied
When you're waterboarding

Hung Out to Dry

Written By: Ziller, Cherep

I want to make you swallow my tragedy
I want to make you define calamity
A thousand experts
No one knows why
They went and left us hung out to dry

They told us get out of town
With no wheels we're left to drown
When the rains came we got no quarter
all the buses were underwater

People saying Help us please
Why's the National Guard overseas?
Everyone says it's no surprise
Did the slum get in your eyes?

Heck of a job
I can't uderstand
Why we can't build dykes
like the Netherlands ...


End of an Error, 6 song cd,
as one half of a double cd release with Bingo Quixote's Blue Highway.