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1. This Ones For You ( 2007)


1.Little Time (2006)
2.Left Side*

*Left Side was made with a collaboration with the band You Woke Up Warm and was voted on to radio stations by popular demand in the Columbus, Ohio region. You can hear this song at OR if you please to hear more collabortations or anyhting else by you woke up warm check there myspace at


Feeling a bit camera shy


Media Culpa is a collaboration of multi-instrumentalist musicians with three unique minds and each member having their own style. The band is composed of (guitar/vocals)Christian Rowe, (guitar/vocals)John McCarthy and (drums/vocals) Brett Murphy. “The music we make and strive for isn’t so much as a does this fit our "sound"? Or is this going to sound good to people? We tend to make music that just feels right or is fun to play. Some of my favorite songs at the moment are ones that I’ve written. I think the easiest story, song or painting to know, tell, or relate to, is one that is plain and simply your own.” says Christian Rowe. “When ever we're writing a song individually or as a group the best of our songs just write themselves. We’ll all sit in a room and just jam out until all of a sudden we’ll have a stellar melody that rings just right. Typically, lyric wise I just sit down at a piano or my guitar and I just play. I start singing and what ever comes out I write down. Sometimes that’s the best way to sort out everything that goes on inside of you, just let it flow. Everything else just seems fake and forced.

Media Culpa was started from San Diego born Christian Rowe who moved to Wisconsin and met Brett Murphy. They started a band and played together for a few years, until they realized they weren’t as “Punk Rawk” as they thought they were. They started turning down the distorted power chords and the 8th note crash symbol hits. Then going back to a lot of early influences they started making new music. After a few years of an ever rotating lineup of guitarists and bassists, Brett suggested they jam with John McCarthy, blues guitarist and singer for his band Red House. He was also an old time pal of Christians. They jammed a few times and played a couple shows, and then just started writing music together. The group has worked and colaborated with many other bands such as: You Woke Up Warm, Red House, Buffalo Elroy Igabybot and Greg, Leslie and Gavin, F:TB, Far East Coast Players, and Miles Cominsky.The trio is currently looking for a bass player, but it isn't too necessary at the moment, just looking for a dedicated person with mass talent. Until then, they have a friend and ex-guitarist Ben Sheridan and Miles Cominsky (union jack) helping them out with some bass licks or any extra instrument they need during show time.

We hope you all listen to and enjoy our music. Come to one of our shows some time (2 of which we have played at the midwests largest concert club: The Rave opening for G. Love and Special Sauce , Keller Williams)and we’ll promise to make you get up and dance. We're in the process of setting up a nation wide tour this summer, and we're doing some home recording and making a c.d. for you all. We dream of nothing but goodness andpeace in the world. And can't wait to see the awakening where the people of this earth turn this world that we have on lease from nature to turn back to its blue and greens that used to be and are hiding away from the unnoticed eyes. The earth does everythinng it can to keep you alive, lets keep the provider living as well. If you like what you hear then drop us a comment. Peace, much love, and save the earth. -Media Culpa

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