Medicine Hat

Medicine Hat

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

As tagged by Chicago's Mile Long Records, Medicine Hat evokes "The Black Crowes channeled through Wilco". Rootsy Americana-rock with a wealth of soul and heart...


Chicago's Medicine Hat combines roots-rock and Americana, with a gritty attitude emphasizing substance over style. Creating a sound sometimes reminiscent of classic era Black Crowes, Rolling Stones or Crazy Horse, while giving a nod and wink to more recent artists such as The Drive By Truckers and Son Volt, the members of Medicine Hat long ago carved out their own niche, oblivious to trends or fads that fade away as soon as they appear.

Despite delivering a decidedly ‘American’ sound (and often taking strong social and political stances), the band has none-the-less-sold albums in such far away locales as England, Germany, Spain, and Japan.

To be sure, The Hat are best experienced live, as they continue to earn a reputation for their raucous, energetic performances in Chicago and throughout the Midwest. With two albums under their belt between 2004 and 2006, their third album, "State Of The Union", was their most cohesive and ambitious work to date, garnering fine reviews in Chicago print and radio. A record built around various statements concerning America in the 21st century, SOTU felt like a concept album minus the pretension that often accompanies such compositions.

In July, 2008, the band released their fourth album, "Blood and Bone", which pushed the band's limits even further while solidifying their position in the Windy City music scene as a band hell-bent on doing things their own way.

After an extended hiatus, the band re-formed near the end of 2013, and are targeting early 2016 for the release of their latest album, "Full Moon Fables". Early returns indicate the record will be the band's most cohesive and finest work to date. The best of 'The Hat' is yet to come.


"Full Moon Fables" -- Full-length LP to be released in Spring of 2016.

"Blood and Bone" -- Full-length LP (released through the band's privately-owned indie label, DFC Records).

"State Of The Union" -- Full-length LP (released through the band's privately-owned indie label, DFC Records).

"Hymns and Curses From the Heartland"-- Full-length sophomore album (independent release in August, 2005). Available at

"Sundown Road"-- Full-length debut album (independent release in May of 2004). Available at

"The United State of Americana, Vol. 3"--compilation disc by Atlanta Georgia's Shut Eye Records features Medicine Hat's "Saint In Tattered Clothes".

"Chicago's Hunt 4 Sound"--compilation disc by Chicago's Hunt 4 Sound Records features The Hat's "Highway Run".

WXRT Radio (93.1 FM) in Chicago has played "The Hat" on their airwaves, and the band has also performed live on the air in the studios of WZRD Radio (88.3 FM) in Chicago.

Set List

Medicine Hat typically plays sets between 45 minutes to an hour, but the band is fully cabable of playing a much longer set.  The band has a catalog of well over 100 tunes.  Originals are drawn from the band's five indie albums (the last of which, "Full Moon Fables", is scheduled for release in 2016). In addition, "The Hat" will, on occasion, cover songs from artists listed below...

The Drive By Truckers, Steve Earle, Rolling Stones, Muddy Waters, Johnny Cash, Don Nix, The Beatles, CCR, Son Volt, Uncle Tupelo, Flying Burrito Brothers, The Who, Velvet Underground, Neil Young, Willie Dixon, Black Crowes, The Band, The Stooges, The Byrds, Gram Parsons, Jefferson Airplane, The Doors, Pink Floyd, Faces, and more.