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The best kept secret in music


"No Record Contract... YET (Live Review)"

"No record contract... "YET. This year I have seen 130 local band performances and THIS ONE is the best yet. I think if any local band is going to make it big in the near future it's going to be MEDICYNE." "They have a unique sound that is all theirs. This is no Church picnic cover band by any means. They play their own material with an impressive style... There was no bull shit flash or flair. Their sound and music spoke for itself!" "I really feel the need to mention the "Quality" of their sound, it was nothing short of perfection! Instruments & Vocals were in complete harmony with sound quality found only in recording studios." "Bottom line: Keep an eye out and an ear open! These guys WILL go far. Check out their MySpace for up coming shows and Don't miss them! Oh yeah... you booking guys... BOOK THEM"

Joe – I Brewed It My Way 5/26/06
- Joe G. - Club Owner

"A Heavy Dose Of Medicyne (Demo Review / Interview)"

Article Written by Alan K. Stout Editor

Pop in the debut self-titled EP from Medicyne and you’ll hear some pretty interesting alt-rock music. To me, it sounds almost like an artsy form of metal, ala System of a Down, or even Queensryche. Others, according to guitarist Lou Lamoreaux, get an even different vibe.

“A lot or people say they hear a lot of different stuff,” he says. “We get Iron Maiden. We get The Misfits. Some say they hear a punk influence. People tell us they hear Blue Oyster Cult, or The Chili Peppers. That’s kind of what we grew up listening to, so it kind of just pours out of us.”

Medicyne, based out of NEPA and formed earlier this year, also features Matt Peppe on vocals, Anthony Turco on guitars, Jamie Oliver on bass and “The Shawn” on drums. Other favorites include Tool, Radiohead, The Doors and Pink Floyd.

“The quality of musicianship and the quality of sound is almost three dimensional when you listen to those bands,” says Lamoreaux. “You kind of close your eyes, and it takes you to a different place. Those artists take it to another level and encompass almost everything – the vision, the sound – everything that I think music is. That’s where I gain a lot of influence, and I think a lot of the other guys do, too.”

Medicyne has recorded a quality four-track EP at Sound Investments studio in Scranton. Tracks include “All I Need,” “Transient,” “Houses of The Haunted,” and “Rain Falls.” When it came to production, the band decided to go old-school analog rather than digital recording.

“It gives it a different sound texture and a little bit of a warmer vibe,” says Lamoreaux. “It’s almost like a more lively feel, and less digitized and less processed.”

Writing the music is a collaborative effort between the band’s members. Peppe pens most of the lyrics.

“He kind of bases them off of where we’re going with the song,” says Lamoreaux. “A lot of the riffs will be my idea, or (one of the other guys in the band), and then we’ll all just add our own little pieces to it. When we all get together is usually when they take on a life on their own. We tend to focus a lot on melodies and then put the words into the melodies. It’s basically an overall conscientious of what the band thinks and what we’re trying to convey.”

Though the NEPA music scene is loaded with all types of bands ranging from roots-rock to punk and even reggae, it is the area’s modern-rock and hard-rock groups that have garnered the most notice in recent years. Medicyne would seem to be a good fit. In addition to original material, the band offers a few covers of acts such as Alice In Chains and The Cult and band favorites such as Pink Floyd, Tool and Radiohead.

“A lot of people are getting out of the pop scene,” says Lamoreaux. “A lot of that stuff - at least in my eyes - is filler. We look at a lot of the older styles from the ‘60s and ‘70s, when music actually had a message and was actually a form of communication and expression for people. That’s kind of how we write, and the reason we write.

“We’re just trying to open people’s eyes to things that they might not see, or might not even realize are going on.”
- The Weekender - NEPA Publication


MEDICYNE - EP (Released January 2007)

1. All I Need
2. Transient
3. Houses of the Haunted
4. Rain Falls


Feeling a bit camera shy


orig•i•nal•i•ty - the power of independent thought or constructive thinking

The term originality, or independent thought, seems to be something that is truly overlooked in society today. Many of our everyday decisions are already made for us. Where we are going, what we are doing, and how we actually live. If we just took the time to realize the things that are controlling our lives, and changed them, would we be in a better situation? Who can say, but are they worth bringing to people’s attention…?

Medicyne strives to convey this by being something original that the world has never seen nor heard before. By delivering a heavily dynamic and three dimensional sound, coupled with lyrics that deliver a purpose, they’re goal is not to preach, but to generate an escape and a chance for a feeling of connection in their own way.

“We all have bad days in this life or bad situations that we may be in, but is that something that should control us? No not by any means. We are the only ones that can truly live our lives and we should be living them to the fullest.” – Lou Lamoreaux

Years of experience, diverse influences ranging from Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Tool, and the Doors to Interpol, the Misfits, and Iron Maiden, along with a burning desire to write and play the music they have always wanted to hear, has led them to creating this sound. Already in their short existence as a band they have almost two albums worth of material and are looking forward to sharing this music with everyone that has the opportunity to listen. Songs ranging from stories of change, self worth, and personal expression, they convey a tone that can be found in all of us, pure emotion. From sadness to elation, anger to passion, or love and hate, their songs can not only be heard but understood and truly felt.

“One of the most rewarding aspects of creating this music has to be the reaction of the fans. When they hear our music they always tell us how much they love our sound, but how they still hear different bands within it. We hear a different reference from almost everyone we talk to. That tells us that the fans are connecting with what we are doing and truly relating us to what they already know and love. We are carving out our own notch in their hearts leaving ourselves a spot for a long time to come.” – Anthony Turco

Lead vocalist Matt Peppe delivers an astounding use of commanding and haunting vocals. Lyrically riveting with content and depth, showing true compassion and desire, he gives the voice to this original sound. Rhythmically dominating, their back bone of Jamie Oliver’s hypnotically soothing bass and tasteful, powerful and determined drumming of a man known simply as The Shawn, they provide solidity to this beautifully chaotic montage. Harmonic, dynamic, and sometimes other worldly guitar work comes provided by Anthony Turco, while soaring leads and unyielding, in your face six string surrealism, come courtesy of Lou Lamoreaux.

For the listener there is an experience that takes place that makes you say what is this, where have I heard this before, almost like a déjà vu or the feeling of comfort when you see an old friend.

“We look to create a feeling in people that shows them how powerful music can be. We just want to see them enjoy themselves and take that feeling with them wherever they may go.” – Lou Lamoreaux

Enjoy the Experience