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Los Angeles, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2016

Los Angeles, California, United States
Established on Jan, 2016
Duo EDM Electronic


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music



With the release of BRKLYN’s EP ‘Things I’ve Learned’ and Medii coming off a remix for SIIGHTS - these two have finished off the year strongly. Teaming up together with their new track ‘Weakness’ featuring vocals from Sky and also featuried on BRKLYN’s EP ‘Things I’ve Learned‘.

This track definitely brings both duos sound in to one masterpiece. With BRKLYN’s ambient electric guitars, Mediis heavy bass drops and Sky’s fervent vocals, this makes for a uplifting yet emotive track. With a quality catalogue of remixers for artist such as Tritonal, Disco Fries, BRKLYN and many more, this is definitely a ball runner for more singles and collaborations to come from the Medii project.

Both Being no stranger to enhanced recordings, with BRKLYN previously releasing tracks such as ‘I’m On Something’, ‘All Around The World’, and now sending this year off with their EP ‘Things I’ve Learned’. Both duos are set for a massive 2019. ‘Weakness’ is out now on Enhanced, check it out below. - CULTR


Before “Things I’ve Learned” by BRKLYN was released, Your EDM was offered the premiere. I really wanted to take it, but unfortunately didn’t have the time when it was needed. Thankfully, life is full of second chances, and Your EDM is now proud to premiere the full Things I’ve Learned EP, out today via Enhanced.

I’ll get back to the title track in a moment, but that’s not where the EP begins. It begins with “Good Vibe” featuring Zack Martino, and it does a brilliant job of starting the EP off on the right food. The whole project has a wildly upbeat tone and “Good Vibe” kicks this off with effusive vocals and a high-tempo beat paired with bright and positive synths. The piano notes in the bridge coupled with the muted drum pads ground it in a sort of natural light while the more exuberant electronic elements take it to the next level.

From there, we actually do get to the title track, “Things I’ve Learned,” with Fairlane featuring Jocelyn Alice. To me, this is the highlight of the EP – though, that’s not particularly saying much, as each of the tracks is brilliant in their own right. “Things I’ve Learned” excels and stands above the rest of the tracks, however, in its incorporation of the guitar elements. It also builds upon itself in such a natural and pleasing way; I have a habit of thinking ahead in music, and when those expectations are thwarted, it often leaves me with a sour taste in my mouth. It’s a personal problem, but a problem nonetheless. I don’t have to worry about any of that with “Things I’ve Learned,” as it does everything exactly as I envisioned, and that’s an amazing trait.

“Gotta Have It” stands out on the EP as the only track without a feature. Perhaps that could be interpreted as the purest form of BRKLYN, but in another sense, they’re also taking a risk putting it out with a group of songs augmented by talented vocalists. Fortunately, “Gotta Have It” still shines bright with the same high-tempo energy as “Good Vibe” and the great guitar licks of “Things I’ve Learned.”

The EP finishes with two more collaborations, “Weakness” with Medii and Sky, and “Brightside” with Disco Fries and Lena Leon. Of all the tracks on the EP, “Weakness” is by far the most future bass of the group. The large, sweeping synths and beautiful female vocals are cornerstones of the genre, and it sounds as great as ever here. “Brightside” concludes the EP with perhaps the most subdued of the tracks on Things I’ve Learned. With so much energy in the previous tracks, this was probably a smart move. Lena Leon’s vocals serve as almost a figurative fade out in the grander scope of the EP.

“You guys have no idea how good it feels to have this finally come out,” says BRKLYN’s Cameron Alexander. “This whole EP process did not come together how I originally expected at all; these songs all come from different times and different places. It wasn’t one specific vision that was executed in 3 months. Some songs we revisited from a few years ago that we loved, some were brand new written over the WiFi or written together in our mountain compound where we do a lot of our creating.”

BRKLYN’s Cody Nadeau continues, “It really feels good to show people a full fledged body of work. A single is always fun but a collection of works is something I’m truly proud of. Collaborating with these amazing vocalists and talented producers was such a creative process and rewarding task to bring an EP to life.”

Listen to Things I’ve Learned below, out now via Enhanced. - YOUR EDM

"Medii & Joelina Drews - Drunk On You"

After their official remix on "The Feeling" by The Chainsmokers , Medii have released their new single "Drunk On You" with vocalist Joelina Drews. The song is a British-American-German collaboration. But more on that later. "Drunk On You" was released on November 2nd via Pendulum Media. We think the song is so good that we want to recommend it to you.

Drunk On You
The two producers Ari Kyle and Adam Lilley alias Medii live exactly 5436 miles apart. One in Los Angeles, the other in London. Over the Internet, they produce their music. That this has worked, they have proven several times. On the one hand they made an official remix for The Chainsmokers , on the other hand numerous releases on labels like Lowly Palace ( Trap Nation) or Illicit. They have collaborated with artists and acts such as Tritonal, BRKLYN, Disco Fries, Thomas Hayes, Myon and Shane54. Her remixes have been released on labels such as Armada, Enhanced or Cloudkid. Together with Joelina Drews they have now brought "Drunk On You" on the market.

Some of you might still know Joelina Drews from " Skybar ". We had the song of his time in the DJ promotion with us . Joelina Drews is the daughter of Jürgen Drews and an excellent singer, who is currently on her own way and always surprises with interesting songs. "Drunk On You" is one of them. The pop and R & B song incorporates wonderful EDM elements and thrives on the excellent vocal. With light futures-bass shares in the drop, the track is a real listening pleasure. He impresses with his dense atmosphere and his international flair. Anyone looking for cutting-edge pop music should keep an eye on the new single from Medii & Joelina Drews.

Conclusion: Fans and friends of well-made music, the new single "Drunk On You" by Medii & Joelina Drews are welcome to join their Spotify playlist. With a lot of power and pressure, the Kollab track sounds out of the speakers. It will also be interesting to see what else will be heard from Medii and from singer Joelina Drews in the future. - Dance-Charts


We’re really excited about this next one. If you’re a fan of the current wave of pop and dance music, Joelina Drews delivers an explosive and catchy new single titled, ‘Drunk on You’. Featuring Medii. With over 27k Soundcloud streams, So go ahead and do yourself a favor by subscribing and connecting with Joelina Drews online to stay up to date on what’s happening next. - Keep Walking Music

"Drunk On You - Medii, Joelina Drews"

November is cold, dark and miserable. Getting out of bed at 6:15am to go to work in winter is my least favourite thing in the world, and as for climbing into a freezing cold car and waiting for the temperature to rise above absolute zero? Fuck. That.

Because I never have time to make myself a brew and prepare for the day, the first thing I do that I actually enjoy on a day like this is listen to music. Unfortunately, my car's been doing this really annoying thing lately, where about thirty seconds after I start the ignition, it blasts a random song from my saved music at three thousand decibels, and for some reason it's ALWAYS Rock N' Roll by Skrillex... don't get me wrong, I like the guy, but not at that time in the morning, and definitely not at the volume.

Luckily, I have something on my playlist that's perfect for getting me going on these icy mornings. Drunk On You from our good friends @Mediioffiical - who you may remember from the end of September when we featured Stand by Me with @kristen.olsson - is exactly the kind of music I need when I'm still half-asleep, battling through hordes of traffic to get to work. It should come as no surprise then that Drunk On You is Music to Save the World's Track of the Month for November!

Auditory onslaughts first thing in the morning are the most migraine-inducing experiences imaginable (for those of you with a colleague who is loud and also an arsehole I'm sure you're fully aware of this); you need to begin your day mellow, and let the energy build. Drunk On You starts with a soft acoustic guitar accompanied by ethereal slices, before melting perfectly into Joelina's beautiful vocal. The first forty seconds of this track are ambient bliss, warming you long before your car heaters have had chance to reach a temperature that isn't physically. offensive.

Of course, we haven't had our daily caffeine injection yet, and all this mellow loveliness is running the risk of sending us back to sleep - which when you're behind the wheel of a fast moving vehicle often isn't really advisable. This is Medii though, so it isn't long before those trademark gritty synths come chugging in to deliver a much needed hit of adrenaline. The hook is filled with sawtooth-y goodness, driven along by a groove that oscillates rhythmically between future bass punch and electro house thump. Pay close attention to the beat; it's unpredictable without ever being jarring, as Medii effortlessly guide the flow of the song in the direction they want us to be swept in. It's little compositional cues like this that set amazing producers apart from the crowd, guiding the listener on a sonic journey without making the whole thing impossible to follow.

This song is packed with the kind of stuff we need to get pumped up and ready to Save the World! - one of my favourite parts it The Chainsmokers-esque riff that runs through the outro of the song, which is no doubt a hangover from the guys' recent remix of This Feeling. And then of course, it wouldn't be a Medii track if it didn't feature an incredible vocalist, and Joelina really delivers an outstanding performance here. I have no doubt that many people will be making their morning commute with their current love interest firmly at the forefront of their thoughts, experiencing that intoxicating feeling we've all been floored by at one point or another. I love a song that deals with realistic ideas, because we need that familiarity to get us through some of the darker days of the season. Oh yeah, and how good is that artwork!?

I really feel that our featured track this month is going to help you get through the coming winter months (sorry to get all Ned Stark on you there, but it's true - winter is coming), and lead you on your way to Victory! - whatever that may be. Go ahead and get drunk on Drunk on You - but save the actual drinking until you're back home safe, yeah? - Music to Save The World

"Medii And Joelina Drews 'Drunk on You'"

Medii releases the edm infused pop track “Drunk On You”. All in all, it’s an impressive production coupled with great songwriting. The production duo Ari Kyle & Adam Lilley had Joelina Drews take on the vocals and told Kings, “When Joelina sent us her demo of Drunk on You, it was just her and some piano. We immediately knew she had something special. The rawness of the lyrics and her amazing tone was a perfect starting point and inspired us to match her style with a bit of our own twist.” Additionally, the pair has worked on official releases for Tritonal, BRKLYN, Disco Fries, and Thomas Hayes. Give it a listen! - Kings of A&R

"Stream “Drunk On You” by Medii & Joelina Drews"

Medii and Joelina Drews collaborates on a new track, “Drunk On You”, a melodious electropop record. Well, while Medii is an electronic production duo, Joelina is a 22-year-old talented vocalist who’s the daughter of a musician father and a model mother. This song gets the best of these artists as the two producers (Ari Kyle and Adam Lilley) crafts an emotional track over which Joelina adds her sultry, pop-driven vocals and, of course, infectious attitude. Stream the track below via Spotify.

For more about Joelina Drews, check out her website. Also, do follow Medii on Facebook. - Aipate

"Medii, Kristen Olsson - Run Dry"

On gloomy days like the one we're experiencing over here in New York, we always need some sort of pick me up. For me, that's music. Luckily I stumbled upon this new little gem by SF-based producers Medii and singer/songwriter Kristen Olsson, titled “Run Dry.” Combining elements of pop, electronic and R&B stirred together with twinkling synths and impassioned chord progressions, this uplifting tune allows you to still see the sunlight even on the most ominous of days. As it elicits a rush of adrenaline through gripping build ups and a powerful chorus, it’s difficult not to feel elevated after a single listen to “Run Dry.” - Beautiful Buzzz


Miami’s very own Alyx Ander released his biggest single to date a few months back, “Wake Up For The Night” that went viral in the world of EDM. Earning support from Pete Tong, Tiesto, Martin Garrix, and plenty more names, this track earned enough attention that it deserved a remix EP to follow. What’s great about this EP is that it stays true to the original vibe, embodying a great balance of tranquility and ambiance paired with some solid deep house grooves from Gramercy and Alyx’s own “Champagne Dreams” remix, and yes, even a mighty future bass remix courtesy of Medii & BEAUZ.

The “Wake Up For The Night” remix EP is one you need in your playlist today, so stream it below and grab the original here! - Your EDM

"The Best Remixes Of The Week 010"

Out now via Lowly Palace may be known for hosting some of the year’s best originals but they also service many remixes for their label singles. One of their finest yet comes from Phoenix remixer Villms and melodic bass duo Medii, who have teamed up to take on TELYKast and Lauren Vogel’s sultry single “Going Under”. Vogel’s sultry vocals shine over the sharp snares and deep synths that take this remix to the next level. Villms and Medii are definitely two newcomers to watch for. - Run the Trap

"Stand By Me - Medii, Kristen Olsson"

For me, a winning song is one that combines atmosphere and power to deliver the listener to an entirely new world. One that energises them, motivates them, and refreshes them. A song so moving that when they return to earth, they do so with a wholly new perspective that puts them in the right frame of mind to Save the World!

'Stand By Me' is exactly that kind of song. Airy and expansive, it starts slowly before melting into a swirling arpeggio that pushes you headfirst into the drop. And fuck me, what a drop! Exploding like a supernova into a super-slick groove laced with ethereal vocal chops, it's easy to feel as though you're soaring through the cosmos.

Lyrically, 'Stand By Me' paints a very real picture of vulnerability, honesty, and the inescapable fact that when it comes down to it, nobody is flawless and everybody makes mistakes. We all need a centre of gravity to keep us from floating away, and this track is a raw and open celebration of this unifying force of human experience, expressed perfectly by Kristen Olsson's otherworldly vocal delivery. Not to mention the DIRTY guitar solo!

Embrace the fact that we can't get it right all the time, and remind yourself that it's okay to be a little bit broken and a little bit reckless. It's the flawed characters amongst us that make the best superheroes! - Music to Save The World

"Medii Remix Myon’s ‘Rain’"

Medii – ‘Rain‘ – Mysterious duo DJ and producing duo group Medii have been on a roll this year, with productions left and right. With a focus on dubstep, trap and future bass, these guys go strong with every release. Now, they’ve come out with their latest single in the form of a remix for Myon and Fatum‘s ‘Rain.’ - EDM Joy


Fresh and fantastic Future bass composition with lots of different layers. BEAUZ and Medii deliver a stunning remix to Sinner’s Heist’s ‘Up In Flames’.

The original ‘Up In Flames‘ is a collaboration between Chicago/LA producer duo Sinner’s Heist and vocalist Emma Sameth, which came out in july this year. The original version was released on CloudKid as a free download. And it’s on that same label where LA producers BEAUZ and San Fransisco / London producer Medii give new life to ‘Up In Flames’.

Some of BEAUZ earlier works include popular originals such as ‘Ceasefire‘ (Trap City), ‘Away‘ (Armada Music) and remixes on Mike Perry and Alyx Ander (also together with Medii). For some other great Medii tracks, check out ‘About You‘ and ‘Burns‘ plus obviously BEAUZ annd Medii’s new remix below. - The Jack Plug

"Neon Owl’s New Theme Song by Medii?"

The very moment Medii sent me the unfinished version of this remix, I cried. Not having been familiar with the original by Thomas Hayes, Nobra, and Ruby Phrophet, I got to truly experience “We Can Be Beautiful” for the first time. Having played its original, I still feel like this remix truly did it justice and so much more. It brought up all kinds of emotions from love, hope, passion, inspiration, to even crushing on someone for the very first time. I am somebody that pictures my vision for Neon Owl quite often, replaying it time and time again in my head. Although I may not be revealing this vision to all of you in this moment, it is safe to say that this would be the theme song of my dreams coming true. You may be reading this thinking, “what kind of track review is this?” and I am totally fine with that, because that is what this track evokes in me. Needless to say, you guys can definitely expect Medii to play at one of our future Dance. Give. Inspire. charity shows. Don’t forget to stay tuned with these guys because they are about to go big. Watch out for their latest release coming out soon on Trap Nation’s Lowly Palace! - Neon Owl


Still working on that hot first release.



Medii is the electronic music duo consisting of veteran producers Ari Kyle (Los Angeles, CA) and Adam Lilley (London, UK).  The two launched the project in late 2016, but have been known to work together under other aliases in the past. Since the launch of the Medii brand, the two have released over 30 originals and remixes under record labels such as Trap Nation, Lowly Palace, Enhanced Music, Armada Music, Cloudkid, Astralwerks, Strange Fruits, and more.

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