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Medinah Starr

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States | INDIE

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States | INDIE
Band Hip Hop Spoken Word


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Noteworthy Underground Indie Albums"

The world of underground and independent hip-hop is a hard one in which to find success. For many artists, it takes years and many albums to develop their own sounds, voices and styles. Therefore, I have created this list of noteworthy underground and independent hip-hop albums. Although none of these albums made my reviews or what's bumping lists, each held a glimmer of something special.


"Medinah Starr's Single Released!!"

Medinah Starr's single "Perseverance" was released to select hip-hop sites and placed her single up for review by the people ! Over 2,000 plays in a day. Single appeared along side releases from Kanye West, Foxy Brown etc. -

"Medinah Starr on the Radio - Live Interview"

Oct 14

Direct Link to podcast:

*Show has over 10,000 listeners worldwide*

Tune in from 1-3PM EST on as The Formula returns this week to bring you new joints by: Little Brother, Supastition, J-Live, Large Professor, Pete Rock, and Nas. We will also be doing a mix of samples from your favorite classic hip hop joints.

On Oct. 14th Medinah Starr appeared on the show promoting her new album. Medinah speak on violence in Philly, Bill Cosby and paying for verses. -

"Exclusive Medinah Starr Interview"

Exclusive Medinah Starr interview about her upcoming album! Medinah Starr is the "spotlight" artist on, which features her video and a pre-recorded interview from a local Philly radio station! Read the entire interview at: - DoYourArt

"Medinah Starr on 102.3FM (Interview & Exclusive Tracks)"

First off this show is a combination of our radio show live and a portion that I re-recorded as the stations logger F-ed and only gave us access to the first 40 minutes of Tuesday’s show. Meaning well this podcast includes our interview with Medinah Starr we lost out on the Termanology interview we also did that same night. The actually show if you heard it was bananas!

Focusing on the positive we started things off by chatting with Medinah Starr who is a very insightful, articulate, and passionate MC repping Philly. These aspects all come up in our interview, but even more importantly exist throughout her debut album “Beyond Reazon”. Medinah hit us and you up with a earlier Christmas gift by letting us preview the album a whole month before it’s release date of Janurary 22, 2007. I chose these three cuts as I felt they showed the many talented sides of Medinah Starr.

Click here to hear the podcast: - The Urban Renewal Project

"Medinah Starr Profiled & Promoted in the Czech Republic"

Medinah Starr's success and the anticipation for her debut album reaches across the broaders - Medinah Starr's single and video promoted in CZ.

Click link:
- Online Music Magazine Cream


Medinah Starr Discography:

Soulslicers - "Boost the Soul" (2011)

Access Immortal - "Last Summer in Brooklyn" (2011)

Access Immortal - "Birth of a Dream" (2010)

Medinah Starr - "Serious Intermission" EP (2008)

Medinah Starr - "Beyond Reazon" (2008)
The highly anticipated debut album from this female lyricist / poet.

Guru from Gangstarr - "Back to the Future Jazzmatazz Mixtape" hosted by DJ Doo Wop. (2008)

Access Immortal - American Me (2007)

Shabaam Sahdeeq "The Outcome". (2007)

Medinah Starr - "The Renaissance". (2006)



Medinah Starr

Her name says it all! Medinah Starr is truly a "Star", a shining ray of hope, a refreshing spirit, a poet, a songwriter, an activist and an MC. She has been described as a “breath of fresh air” in an industry over-saturated with gimmicks and negative role models.

Refusing to be portrayed as an over-sexualized, gun-clapping female MC, Medinah created her own lane and refused to be compromised. So many of us long for the days of Queen Latifah sporting the kente cloth, wearing an ankh and spitting lyrics about unity and self-respect.

We remember MC Lyte and Roxanne Shante going head to head with other MCs, male and female and emerging victorious. It is these women amongst others that gave birth to Medinah’s unique sound. It is a fusion of spoken word and powerful lyrics with a street-smart edge over Hip-Hop beats!

Reviewers and critics praise the West Philly native for her creativity in addressing controversial issues such as racism, sexism, domestic violence and poverty. Emory Garris from writes, “No one else’s story connected with me the way that hers did”. 100.3FM The Beat, a Philadelphia-based FM station, labeled Ms. Starr “The Next to Blow” in Philly!

Motivated by her struggle to be heard and her passion for music Ms. Starr has expanded her fan base way beyond the US borders. Medinah has a strong fan base in the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Canada. She was interviewed on the Urban Renewal Project in Vancouver, BC in December of 2007 and her single made the “Best of 2007” list in Canada.

Medinah Starr has collaborated with artists and producers such as Guru from the legendary Gang Starr, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Nick Wiz, Torae, Access Immortal and others.

Medinah Starr's two projects, Beyond Reazon (1/2008) and Serious Intermission (12/2008) are both available on Apple i-tunes,, and at some local retailers.

Medinah Starr's Music can be described as "Socially conscious hip-hop with a street smart edge. Medinah Starr's music is an unconventional fusion of spoken word and lyricism over a variety of beats and sounds."