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"Review from 6/9/07"

“Medina Sod has a penchant for dramatic orchestration, weird vocal arrangements, quirky lyrics that border on eggheadedness, and the ability to round it all out with a tight Queen like over the top arena rockin' guitar / keyboard jam..�
--Phil McNamara-

"Review from Oct. 2007 Performer"

"Buoyant, good-natured, and freewheeling, the album makes a strong case for the band as performers and it succeeds where many similarly inclined records fail. Medina Sod accomplishes this by capturing the spontaneity and energy of a good live performance and never drifting into half-baked grooves. While most of the band’s peers get lost in noodling jams and unclear song structures, Medina Sod knows when to let loose and when to restrain themselves. This success is owed mainly to the band’s careful attention to production. Trace Back the Lines is an impressive effort for a self-produced record. The guitars are crisp, the keyboards sing, and the many vocal harmonies and overdubs come through clearly and evenly. This mix creates an agreeable platform for the band’s big, bright sound....

Moreover, the band does well to keep the songs tightly constructed, reining in their instinctive variety to keep the album focused. The result is a quality collection of quirky, accessible rock that fans of the whimsical spirit and neo-psychadelia of the jam band genre will love."

--Al Moore- Northeast Performer - Northeast Performer

"Review from 9/9/2005"

"These guys are clearly influenced by Phish, Zappa, and Floyd, borrowing elements of each when writing their originals. They have a vintage prog rock sound with innovative interludes, chord changes and outer space moments which ultimately defines them as Medina Sod. This is my first time seeing them with their second guitarist. He not only blends in well but adds to their sound with his array of effects and pedals."

The Noise 10/2005 (R Feed) - The Noise


Medina Sod, Medina Sod
Medina Sod, Trace Back the Lines



This established Boston-based original five-piece has made its name performing progressive and classic rock informed originals that resonate with familiarity, but impress with fiery solos, military tightness, and creative melodies.

Medina Sod's sound has drawn comparisons to Phish, Wilco, and Tom Petty, and is defined as much by the stylistic breadth of the songs as by the technical proficiency of the players. With imaginative, thought-provoking lyrics, and down-to-earth personalities, the band is able to build a strong connection with audiences at every show.

Offstage, the professionalism of the bands wins over fans as well; club managers, bookers, and bartenders agree this band is a pleasure to deal with, and fans enjoy how easily they are able to connect with the band through its first-rate website and myspace page.

The buzz is building around Medina Sod's 2007 CD "Trace Back the Lines" which has received airplay on WBCN-Boston, garnered numerous awards on websites such as, and earned positive reviews in magazines such as The Noise and