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Medina Sod


Progressively rootsy, or rootsy progressive? Fans of Pink Floyd, Neil Young, Frank Zappa, Steely Dan, moe., Wilco, Phish, Umphrey's Mcgee, and similar bands that relish the past while embracing the future need look no further than Medina Sod.


This established Boston-based original five-piece has made its name performing progressive and classic rock informed originals that resonate with familiarity, but impress with fiery solos, military tightness, and creative melodies.

Medina Sod's sound has drawn comparisons to Phish, Wilco, and Tom Petty, and is defined as much by the stylistic breadth of the songs as by the technical proficiency of the players. With imaginative, thought-provoking lyrics, and down-to-earth personalities, the band is able to build a strong connection with audiences at every show.

Offstage, the professionalism of the bands wins over fans as well; club managers, bookers, and bartenders agree this band is a pleasure to deal with, and fans enjoy how easily they are able to connect with the band through its first-rate website and myspace page.

The buzz is building around Medina Sod's 2007 CD "Trace Back the Lines" which has received airplay on WBCN-Boston, garnered numerous awards on websites such as, and earned positive reviews in magazines such as The Noise and


Medina Sod, Medina Sod
Medina Sod, Trace Back the Lines

Set List

Medina Sod will typically perform any where from 45min-2 hours. The band has over 20 original songs and an aresnal of covers that it draws on.

A list of Medina Sod Originals:

1. Thailand
2. Make Me Fine
3. Wrecking Ball
4. Fight Song
5. Spider
6. Tecumseh
7. Being a Dog
8. Waste of Time
9. Carolina
10. So Good
11. Holiday
12. Spider
13. Gone
14. Massachusettes Angel
15. Gallileo
16. Surf Tune
17. The Highlight
18. Sven
19. The Devil
20. The Cavlary
21. Holyoke
22. Heat
23. I Why
24. Jet Pack
25. Pallet Jack
26. Well
27. Jack Daniels
28. Broom On
29. Relax

A few of the Covers that Medina Sod plays:
Jessica - Allman Brothers
Bertha- Grateful Dead
Barstool Blues - Neil Young
Loving Cup- Rolling Stones
Cities - Talking Heads
Viva Las Vegas - Elvis Presley
Dead Flowers- Rolling Stones
What Condition my Condtion is in - Kenny Rogers
The Man in Me - Bob Dylan
Carolina Hardcore Ectasy- Frank Zappa
Hey Bulldog - The Beatles
Peaches- The Stran