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Mediocre Machine

Atlanta, Georgia, United States | SELF

Atlanta, Georgia, United States | SELF
Band Rock Avant-garde




"Mediocre Machine - "Nanaboozhoo""

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"The Battle of East and West Virginia" by Mediocre Machine -

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The concert opened with a geeky long-haired squad that played experimental jam rock. They started with drums, keys, bass, and guitar, with the bassist singing. Their opening mini-jam served as a way for the soundguy to mix their sound just right, and for an opener, the sound was amazing. The bass line on the first song reminded me of the 'Down in the Treme', but they had lyrics that were something like 'we shouldn't have given the robot a gun'. At one point during their set, the keyboardist went over and played drums, and the drummer went to play other drums (the name of them doesn't come to mind). At other points in their set friends joined them on stage, the drummer played on the xylophone, including a 4 person jam on it. Very interesting musically, quirky, heavy at times, and a lot of fun. They had about 70 people watching them. - Cheiron

"Mediocre Machine - The Battle of East and West Virginia"

Back in May, Mediocre Machine released a ton of demos, some of the first recorded material to surface from this young band. The demos reveal an ensemble with vast potential and a powerful creative spark dealing in a style steeped in the psychedelic and a more classic conception of rock ā€˜nā€™ roll. -


Still working on that hot first release.



What makes Mediocre Machine unique is that every person in the band has a different style and approach to writing, performing, and perceiving music. Our set tends to shape shift; we can start out playing a song that sounds like it could have been written by the Grateful Dead, but ten minutes later the music can sound like a mixture of Captain Beefheart, Mr. Bungle, and Zappa. We try not to limit ourselves in what we are going for as a band sound. The most important thing to us is that we are all connected and on board with whatever style we happen to be tapping into. We are constantly pushing ourselves as musicians and human beings to reach new levels of our artistic vision, and sharing that experience (our evolution) with other people is what keeps us moving.