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"TAXI Review of debut single"

"I love having to critique songs like this. It has a unique twist to it. All tho it can somewhat remind one of an artist like R Kelly or Sisqo, the beats are a little more rugged and street then what they were doing. Meech voice is great, and he knows how to keep a good tone. The chorus for the song is strong and vocally Meech is great. Production wise the song is great.

Keep the good music coming"

The melody had good music in verses, and in choruses. The structure is well written and has good sectional contrast. The lyrics are cohesive; exhibit a good use of imagery; communicates emotion to listerner, and the vocal does help to sell the song.

Meech "definitely knows when to bring hook/chorus in." - Clint McBay, Director of A&R, TAXI: August 15, 2006

"Independent Music Review-Klazzy Magazine"

To start off, his name should just be Cannon. I think that would be hott. He also needs more photos of himself inside the album cover just to give it more of that feeling of "legitimacy". His sounds are reminiscent of R. Kelly and Genuine with a little hint of Teddy Riley. The CD boasts great musical production on most of the songs, although I caught myself expecting someone to begin rapping on a few of the tracks. Overall Meech has a great voice, but he needs more pain, and better writers. I feel that he’s holding back a little. If the right people in the industry get a hold of this guy he will definitely blow up.
As the CD started I was bored until “Ooh Baby” (05), and “Ride” (06). There were a couple of songs, such as “Propaganda” (09) that showed good writing; I pictured Anthony Hamilton or Lyfe Jennings singing this song. I really enjoyed “Soul” (11), and “Infidelity” (12) which should have been the title track for the Album. I loved Meech’s voice in “Try Love Again” (13), but the synthesizer in the background of the track was annoying. “Get Down” (14) reminded me of some old school Keith Sweat, but “I’m in Love” (15) will definitely be added to my Ipod’s “Slow Mixx” Playlist. The CD mellowed me out with “Rosemary” (16) which was a tribute to Cannon’s mother, Rosemary, who passed away in the Spring of 2004. This also could be a title track for the Album as well. I believe in this guy, and I can envision quite a few of his songs on the radio. Hey, 16 songs are a lot for an R&B Album. So if they left off the childish songs then Cannon, yes I’m renaming him, has a platinum album. We already have a “Tank”, so there’s definitely room for a “Cannon”.
- Bobby Bowden, Klazzy Magazine

"Soul Site de Magazine Music Review, Germany"

Meech Cannon

"Hyprhythmic" - for all language ignorant please to express as „Hip rea tha mick ". No medicine for stress-troubled rather miracle cures for all those, which stand on urbanen R&B. Purely optically one knows Meech Cannon already from the films "save The load Dance" and "The Fugitive". In music one may again discover it now by „OMNY record "on its debut album.

Of the Southern State duo DO Or reminds "Ride". One introduces oneself, how Meech with its lady at hot summer oh noon impresses it by the roads Chi Towns düst and with its Attitüde. One discovers the same style with „Buck Wyle ". For the party friends there are the ultimative title TRACKs like also „GET Low ".

As is the case for many of its R&B colleagues also Cannons are most outstanding pieces the Balladen. „I´m in Love "is so a number, with which he clean-increases each minute the more violently with all his man strength, the eigenstimmlichen Background choir and the inevitable Streichern in the middle in it. Similarly wonderfully „the Soul even speaking ", the title says everything. And naturally „GET down "like also the Ode at mummy Rosemary.

„Hot "reminds unfortunately too much of the Chicago he homeland brother R. Kelly, in addition, Omarion and Konsorten. A direct copy, nevertheless a good - for those, which approve it such R&B. Still more nerve-end, however without discoverable master artwork are „Try Love Again "and „propaganda "

Cannon is on a good way. Only few submit a debut, which convinces to 80 per cent. Further so. - Soul Site de Magazine, Germany, Linda Konnecke

"IMG Review of Meech Cannon"

IMG Music Promotions

IMG Music Review – October 16, 2006

Meech Cannon gets another raving music review from Tyra D. Buburuz, CEO of IMG Music Promotions Inc.

Meech's review was critiqued by the following:

Production Quality

Performance Quality

Instrumentation Quality

Vocal Quality

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Artist Image
- Tyra D. Buburuz, CEO, IMG Music Promotions

"Meech Cannon Selected Artist of the Month!"

We are pleased to inform you that Meech Cannon has been selected as the
IMG Music Promotions Inc.'s spotlight artist of the month for December

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Meech Cannon's Eye Candy Factory in stores soon...

1. Eye Candy (R&B Version) (3:32)
2. Eye Candy (Rap Version-Edited)(3:58)
3. Eye Candy (Rap Version) (3:58)
4. Eye Candy (Acapella)(3:51)

Meech Cannon's Debut Solo Album titled "HYPRHYTHMIc (Hip rea da mick") Now Available In Stores Soon...

1. Intro (0:15)
3. Hellah Crackin (3:27)
4. Buck Wyle (4:31)
5. Ooh Baby (3:27)
6. Ride (4:02)
7. Get Low (4:02)
8. Bringin It (3:41)
9. Propaganda (4:40)
10. Hot (3:52)
11. SOUL (4:52)
12. Infidelity (3:59)
13. Try Love Again (4:22)
14. Get Down (3:37)
15. I'm In Love (4:34)
16. Rosemary (4:32)



Meech Cannon

Meech Cannon is an American R&B singer/songwriter from Chicago, IL. He released his debut CD in 2007 titled Hyprhythmic. Influenced by the likes of many R&B and Hip Hop artists, both old and new, he creates his own style by fusing together the smoothness of R&B, with multi genre sound effects.

Meech’s songs have been played throughout the U.S. and Europe. He is now working on his second release “The Eye Candy Factory” with traditional R&B sounds mixed with Pop and Classic Rock. His title song ‘Eye Candy” will be released June 2009.