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Trevor “Miklo aka MEEK” Hosch was born July 11, 1980 in Houston Texas. The third of three sons, Meek stayed in Houston until the early 1990’s until he, his mother and brother decided to relocate to the north side of Austin Texas. Meek’s brother, Jason, had a heavy influence on Meek’s musical consumption, listening to everything from Reggae, Rock, Rap, Heavy Metal, to R&B. Rap, however, was the music genre that influenced him the most growing up. Some of Meek’s earlier influences in his life included: Too Short, Dr. Dre, Tupac , 8ball and MJG, and UGK, but it wasn’t until 94’-95’ that he first found that he had a little talent for the music he loved. Growing up around Houston’s rap culture, Meek gives a great deal of credit to Houston’s own Robert “DJ SCREW” Davis for giving him a shot at music. “Once I heard those Screw tapes man,” states Meek, “all we did was freestyle”. Around 1998, the family once again relocated, and moved to the south side of Austin. Around that time, Meek’s brother, Jason, purchased some turntables and him and Meek started their career building, scratching with vinyls, mixing songs and free styling non-stop. Unfortunately, in early 2002, Meek hit a road bump in his developing career and caught a felony drug conviction and was sentenced to 3 ½ years in the federal penitentiary. However, it wasn't a total loss. Spending time incarcerated was a crucial learning experience for him and became a part of his career development. It was there that he was shown how to compose song instead of just rapping what came straight from his mind. “They showed me how to write verses, structure songs , create hook amongst other things. That really elevated my game, between freestyles and writing, there weren’t a comparison. I don’t care how tight your freestyle game was, it’s when you pick up a pen, that’s when the truth will come out of you.” Meek was finally released in August of 2004 and immediately starting going to recording studios at every opportunity possible. By early 2006, Meek was able to release his first underground project entitled Go Get It and released it under his newly developed independent label, Go Get It Records. By the time 2007 came, his second project, What’s The Use, was released. “ I’m just trying get my name out there. A lot of cats are concentrated on grinding out every CD. I’m not. Half the time I give em away, I look at it like a lot of people don’t wanna give up their lunch money for someone they never heard of, mainly cuz they’ve been burnt before by so much of this garbage out here. So ill give it to em, cuz I feel like once they hear what I’m on, they won’t hesitate to check out my next project.” Currently, Meek is still doing shows locally around Texas and working on his debut solo album. Also, he is finishing up another underground entitled Meek Music with an undetermine release date. “I really feel like the music world has a spot for me, and it’s just a matter of time before I get there.”


Go Get It (2006)
What's The Use (2007)