Wonky House / Experimental Dance / Crisp, Abstract and Clicky


meek is the 7 year old spawn of 24 year old mike baugh, currently residing in montréal, canada. his hometown of calgary is not much to speak of as an inspiration, especially for a queer ass-pirate aspiring to make innovative, unforgetable, and absorbing abstract beats. but this meek bug, though raised in the prairies leaves behind him an impressive musical resume including 4 independent releases (CDR1, 2, 3, self-titled), spots on 6 compilations (FatCat, Worm Interface, Six Records, Meson Octet, NFB/Cocosolidciti and Mutek_rec), and live performances across the country with the likes of deadbeat, stewart walker, phoenecia, richard devine, apparat, bruno pronsato and pan sonic.

his musical career began unexpectedly when he picked up a rack-mount synthesizer his dad bought to create drum beats to accompany his guitar playing. too young to be able to afford a more user-friendly synthesizer, meek learned the ins and outs of MIDI and synthesis on a 1" X 2" LCD. as the years progressed, so did his technical proficiency and taste for electronic music that pushes through boundaries and genres. now trained in audio post-production, meek has developed a penchant for solid production and a more critical ear.

in the future expect simplified programming, making use of more frequently repeating but carefully crafted sounds. the past year has seen him climbing the daunting learning curve presented by more flexible tools such as NI Reaktor and the Nord Modular, and he vows that in the coming months we can expect to hear some, if not inimitable, at least obtuse dance music. "i know it sounds really academic but what's really exciting me about music is further abstracting the part i play in a song's evolution." we will be listening.


Matter Is Process (12") Untitled (Flour Remix)... Meson Octet 2001
Tracks Appear On:
Alt. Frequencies 4 (CD) Ode To Adrola Worm Interface 2000
No Watches. No Maps (CD) Vacuum FatCat Records 2001
Six Records Breaks Your Heart Again (CD) Who's On Drugs? Six Records (2) 2002
-40 (CD + DVD) Definitely Not Internm... Cocosolidciti 2005
Mutek 05 (2xCD) Fleeting A Mutek_Rec 2005

Set List

9 songs, 1 hr.