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The best kept secret in music


"Mutek Festival Provides Music For The Mind"

Mutek 2005
Montreal, QC
June 3-5, 2005
by Liisa Ladouceur

The sixth annual Mutek Festival brought the world’s electronic music innovators to Montreal last weekend, and what the event lacked in big household names it made up for in diversity and greater attention to visual programming. The laptop-toting boys (and some girls) offered everything from minimal ambient soundscapes to intelligent techno and Brazilian infused grooves, the kind of sounds heard on limited-edition, square German EPs, not at foam parties. The entire Mutek festival seemed like a gallery exhibition, darkened rooms and hallways and impeccable sound systems creating a totally immersive environment. And if the celebration of "music, sound and new technologies" was rooted in cerebral, sometimes academic experiments, it was also a party. Like a yoga retreat (with much, much better tunes), participants could punish their bodies, expand their minds and stretch out on mats. Here are some highlights:



Finally, something for the dancing girls in the intelligent, abstract beats of this Calgarian-turned Montrealer with the rock star good looks. Crisp kicks, static blips, sharp edges and always a lovely melody in the mix in a set that sounded fresh from start to finish. Smarty Arty Pants points: 3 Le Fun Factor: 5.


Each year, it gets harder and harder to top what has become known as the most cutting edge music festivals in the world - Mutek. But apparently, that's not stopping anyone from trying for the sixth edition of the festival. 365Mag will keep you in the loop about the festival from day to day! Here's what happend at day three.. (For day 1-5 please check the specials section above)


Nocturne 3
This night's big event, once again at the Just For Laughs Museum, was a much more dancefloor-friendly affair. Things really got into gear during Calgary, Canada-based Meek's set, which was just ridiculously good. Big, thumping percussive techno grooves with just a touch of funk. Montréal is a city known for it's enthusiastic audiences - if you give them what they want. On this night Meek did exactly that, with a set full of off-kilter techno noises and beats that sounded massive through the big stacks and had the crowd clapping and shouting constantly.

Following was Seattle-based Bruno Pronsanto, who took things in a slightly more housy but still quite good direction before Apparat came on and did a very punk rock electro/tech set typical of Shitkatapult, his label. Working a table chock full of gear, and the crowd , it was a high-energy set.

Sadly the onset of a cold caused this reviewer to head home before catching headliner Pan/Tone. A hard decision - apparently this guy is really good - but one that had to be made.



Matter Is Process (12") Untitled (Flour Remix)... Meson Octet 2001
Tracks Appear On:
Alt. Frequencies 4 (CD) Ode To Adrola Worm Interface 2000
No Watches. No Maps (CD) Vacuum FatCat Records 2001
Six Records Breaks Your Heart Again (CD) Who's On Drugs? Six Records (2) 2002
-40 (CD + DVD) Definitely Not Internm... Cocosolidciti 2005
Mutek 05 (2xCD) Fleeting A Mutek_Rec 2005


Feeling a bit camera shy


meek is the 7 year old spawn of 24 year old mike baugh, currently residing in montréal, canada. his hometown of calgary is not much to speak of as an inspiration, especially for a queer ass-pirate aspiring to make innovative, unforgetable, and absorbing abstract beats. but this meek bug, though raised in the prairies leaves behind him an impressive musical resume including 4 independent releases (CDR1, 2, 3, self-titled), spots on 6 compilations (FatCat, Worm Interface, Six Records, Meson Octet, NFB/Cocosolidciti and Mutek_rec), and live performances across the country with the likes of deadbeat, stewart walker, phoenecia, richard devine, apparat, bruno pronsato and pan sonic.

his musical career began unexpectedly when he picked up a rack-mount synthesizer his dad bought to create drum beats to accompany his guitar playing. too young to be able to afford a more user-friendly synthesizer, meek learned the ins and outs of MIDI and synthesis on a 1" X 2" LCD. as the years progressed, so did his technical proficiency and taste for electronic music that pushes through boundaries and genres. now trained in audio post-production, meek has developed a penchant for solid production and a more critical ear.

in the future expect simplified programming, making use of more frequently repeating but carefully crafted sounds. the past year has seen him climbing the daunting learning curve presented by more flexible tools such as NI Reaktor and the Nord Modular, and he vows that in the coming months we can expect to hear some, if not inimitable, at least obtuse dance music. "i know it sounds really academic but what's really exciting me about music is further abstracting the part i play in a song's evolution." we will be listening.