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New York City, New York, United States | SELF

New York City, New York, United States | SELF
Band Metal Punk




"Meek is Murder - "Algorithms""

With the reliable Kurt Ballou involved as producer, and the experience the three members share from their times with bands like The Red Chord and Empyreon, “Algorithms” is a potent collection of unhinged hardcore. Meek Is Murder is adept in the fundamentals of songwriting, building upon the blending of relentless pummeling and tempered melody. - Metal Underground

"Review: Meek is Murder - Algorithms"

“Return Void” opens with total aggression. Heavy and complex riffing, thundering drums and vicious vocals. This track is very reminiscent of bands like Daughters and The Dillinger Escape Plan. This is 44 seconds of pure adrenaline and I love it. This album is kicking my ass already. - American Aftermath

"Meet: Meek is Murder"

Botch’s good name was used in the pitching of this band. But this time, it’s no overstatement. Meek is Murder (guitarist Mike Keller (ex-The Red Chord), drummer Frank Godla (Empyreon, Dividing Light) and bassist Sam Brodsky) kicks balls in a similar way to those scream-smart Tacoma kids. They play like their instruments are on fire — hard, fast, brutal, getting in and getting out before they burn themselves with their ridiculous awesomeness. - Decibel

"Download Meek Is Murder's Grindcore Opus "Hope Springs Eternal (Spaghetti Code)"

Schizophrenic Brooklyn grindcore troupe Meek Is Murder bounce riffs with the comic, stop-on-a-dime changes of a Carl Stalling cartoon score. Manic, unpredictable, and even a little bit jovial, they're a colorful headfuck, but they certainly don't sacrifice brutality in the name of fun. - The Village Voice

"Axl Rosenberg's Top 15 Metal Albums of 2011"

In what seems like very little time, Mike Keller has established himself as a songwriter with a style that is both highly unique and easily recognizable; the cinematic equivalent would be a director whose movies are identifiable from a single frame of film... Punkish experimental grind that evolves into epic, elegiac rock, every second of which is delectable… - MetalSucks


Mosquito Eater (2009) - all music, all art, all production by Keller. Self-Released.

Algorithms (2011) - Produced by Kurt Ballou. MetalSucks/Self-Released.

88 mph (2012) - self-produced, limited edition, handmade cassettes.



In the beginning it was one boy noise. I took the punk DIY ethic to exciting and idiotic new heights... cut out the middle men: record labels, managers, studio engineers, even band members. I didn't have any friends but I did have a microphone and entirely too much free time. I put out a record by myself and it was called "Mosquito Eater."

Well, a few years past. I made a couple friends and have a few more microphones. I have no free time anymore and we play in basements a lot. We recorded an album like a team of actual humans. To answer your questions, yes, "Algorithms" is really about computers and yes, recording it with Kurt Ballou was "pretty cool." MetalSucks is kind of our label now, but I still somehow spray paint CDs before every tour.

Meek is Murder, dude.