Meem Resh Perio

Meem Resh Perio

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In today's formulaic music industry where pop programed hype machines manufacture rather than cultivate artist, a descriptive phrase can quickly become a buzzword and settle into a cliche losing all of its meaning. One such phrase, "ahead of his time," gets more than its fair share of character space in print. When applied to Meem Resh Perio however the phrase takes on an entirely different meaning. It is said that the artist known as Meem Resh Perio journeyed here from thousands of years in our future with a message.

With a knowledge of music and technology which boarders on precognition, Meem Resh Perio seeks to deliver to the world a message of hope through music that challenges categorization in conjunction with new and innovative technologies. At the core of his music, filled with sounds conjuring a visceral atmosphere, lies not only a message but a thrilling narrative.

Meem Resh Perio's story is a sci-fi epic come to life, set to a soundtrack scored by an intergalactic orchestra belting out infectious melodies and head nodding percussion that manages to connect with our humanity while transporting us to a place anywhere but Earth.