Meencho is all about feeling, powerfull vocals that go from soft and airy to hip-hop inluenced flows mixed with soft atmospheres and in your face acoustic and very rythmic guitars.


meencho is a travel arround the life of several characters, it began as a simple separation from the basic rock n roll band setup. I got bored at the same sound and same ideas. Then it all was clear to me, I always wrote songs on the acoustic guitar and then arranged them to fit other setups, so I decided to keep the acoustic guitar as the main character in my performance and through it, kept the escence of my compositions almost as fresh and intact as I always imagined it should. The album sarted to take shape and the characters to develop and after a couple of years of learning how to write, perform, record and produce (yes I did it all), it was finally ready. All my dead Dogs is a statement, sad lyrics with a twist, sad doesn´t mean you have to feel sad-er and tricky lyrics with a lot of sarcasm and positive overviews.


So far, All my dead Dogs is the only Lp released by meencho, but there is already a lot of new songs and characters taking shape into a new exerience.

Set List

Kick me in the Balls
High tide or low tide (by Bob Marley)
As good as Dead
Sinkin´with the Ship
Next Door
Turn Into (by the yeah yeah yeahs)
The smallest Fish
Where I go
Ends (by Everlast)
All my dead Dogs