Piano/guitar driven rock, ranging from mellow to hard hitting. Melody-based songs, garnished with electronic tones and beats. Ventures from the monotony of today's pop rock.


THE HEADLINE: Two brothers from Cleveland move to Denver to start a band.

THE MEAT: Joined by their close friends, Patrick and Nathan Meese create a musical act of the same name: MEESE. Together they write heart felt songs. Songs that are carried by keyboards and guitars. Songs that are garnished with electronic beats and tones. Melodies that can hook any listener, and instrumentation that is different and unique. So the buzz begins.

THE DRAMA: "It's been a lot of hard work," says Patrick. "Whoever knew that being in a band would 90% work 10% music." Patrick Meese's struggles with spirituality and have victory over addiction have left a lasting impression on his lyrics. "The past year has been so successful because we're each dedicated, and that's not going to change." Patrick and Nathan self-produced their 2006 release "Our Album Year" in their Denver basement, then took it to Aaron Johnson in New York to help with the mixing mastering process. The work has paid off for these two brothers as the CD continues to sell beyond anyone's expectations. New plans to record are being made, with hopes to release new songs before the year is out. In March the final line-up was solidified:
Patrick Meese: Vocals. Keys. Acoustic Guitar.
Nathan Meese: Electric Guitar.
David Vanderhamm: Bass.
Ben Haley: Drums.
Mike Ayars: Electric Guitar. Keys. BGV.

THE REACTION: Due to the internet and the hoards of music lovers hunting for new bands, Meese's songs have spread far and fast. Denver has begun to embrace this five-some with open arms and open ears. In just a year Meese has achieved air-time on several of Colorado's most-listened-to radio stations and received full length articles from numerous magazines and newspapers. 2006 Breakthrough band the Fray has teamed up with Meese at venues like Red Rocks and the historic Paramount Theater. From festivals to award ceremonies, Meese is making an impact. People of all walks of life have begun walking to the beat that Meese is making.

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Written By: Meese

A million letters return to the sender
stamped and delivered to home
A million letters I'll never sound better then that
And she'll never know

She could phone me at the very least
the very least is what she left
when it was time to leave
But no one told me that the
words I wrote and then revised
a hundered times would only
end up right back at my feet
She sent it back to me

I hold my pen like a weapon
to serve and protect or should I expect a song is coming
I send my soul in the mail
I hope it gets there within three days as was promised to me

I must have screamed a dozen times
I bet I broke a hundred mirrors
I must have missed a thousand signs
But not before a million letters

Sealed with the very lips
That wouldn't say the words so
then I had to write them out
It could have been a million
tries before I got it right
and even then i thought that
you were gonna rip it up
right when you saw the sender

I'd rather write you than call you
Cause then i can say just I wanted what I intended
You'd rather wrong me than right me
put up a fight put up your fists and put me out of mind


October 2004 - "I don't buy it" EP (released under Patrick Meese)

May 2005 - the "Oh No" EP (released under Meese)

April 2006 - "Our Album Year"

April 2006 - "Letters Single"

*All recorded songs can be listened to at

Set List

Standard Set (1 Hour 15 min. +)

1. The pulse of the song
2. Only Me
3. Letters
4. St. Cecilia
5. Vibrations
6. Old Enough
7. Twins
8. The Millionaire
9. After I am gone
10. I don't buy it
11. Twice my weight
12. Break Out
13. As long as I live
14. The Champion
15. Don't Forget