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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_gBQDR4ukeE - Legacy


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On October 11th 1981 Andrew Guerrier aka Legacy was that one born to impact this generation. Legacy is a young sought after motivational speaker and hip hop artist with a passion to lead young people in a positive direction through his ability to speak and create music. Raised by parents originating from Haiti, Legacy’s mother and father migrated to the United States in the late 1960’s. After several years of living in New York his family moved to Miami, Florida where they started their own business and conceived their second child known to you as Legacy.
His love and passion for music began on the stage of grade school and many of their church home events. However, his desire to become a motivational speaker began surfacing well after he graduated high school. At age five, his father proudly stated how, “Legacy was born to be a performer.” His cousins would come down and visit from New York, each time introducing him to various mix-tapes from world famous DJ’s like Red Alert, S&S , Ron G, Kid Capri, etc.. This starting line up of some of New York’s best DJ’s gave Legacy a new fascination…. Hip Hop! Legacy describes the day he fell in love with hip hop much like a person explains their first intimate moment. From that point on Legacy was in hot pursuit of a music career and was willing to do just about anything to get to the top.
Legacy defined his name as an “inheritance or gift from God, leaving a Legacy for all of God’s people. The name Legacy came about during his high school years where he realized that his name was more than just about him, but for every person who desired to see success in their life as well as others. After graduation he moved to Jacksonville, Florida to live with his father to get a job and stay out of trouble. In attempts to land a record deal, Legacy managed to land himself in the county jail in 1999 facing charges of 25 years imprisonment. He went to trial and was acquitted on four out of five felony charges, and was sentenced to 5 years in prison. It was during his incarceration that hard times became the past and a new Legacy was born. He was released from prison early and returned back to Miami where the positive redirection of his life began to show in his music as well as his behavior. The changes he made in his life lead him to want to share his past experiences with his peers heading down that same path. A few years after his release, Legacy moved to Atlanta Georgia in 2004 where he was hired by a non-profit organization to work with students and athletes all over the south east of America. It was through his everyday involvement with troubled teens that the I AM LEGACY project was birthed and he now had more purpose and meaning for doing music.
I AM LEGACY is a campaign of young individuals who feel it is their responsibility to leave a legacy for the generation to come. Legacy's theory states" The only way to really duplicate success is if somebody before you has left a blueprint to continue in the efforts that made them successful". The whole concept of I AM LEGACY is an effort to get people to motivate and inspire this generation through their accomplishments and abilities regardless of race, gender, or profession .With this in mind, Legacy combined his gifts of speaking and music to create his niche and separate him from other motivational speakers and music artists. His unique blend of word and song really keeps the attention of young people which he believes to be the prescription for change in our society. Legacy says " music expresses and channels every emotion of man and has been the soundtrack to our lives since the beginning of time". For this reason he strives to relate his message both through speaking and music because he feels this generation responds to melodies rather than just words.
Now at age 27 and crediting God as the source of change in his life, Legacy's words and music manages to reach broad audiences. He is currently booked for various school assembly's, concerts, and prisons to share his story and music. Legacy has something big for the world and is determined to make his name known. With the positive redirection of his life Legacy is destined to shake up the world and blaze a trail for his audience to follow!