Meet The Antagonist

Meet The Antagonist


MEET THE ANTAGONIST is a 5 piece hard rock band. They have a unique sound, with obscure similarities to current artists. They have attitude and personality, and their music portrays just that. "Sin has never sounded so goddamn sweet."


Riotous and blasphemous, Meet The Antagonists’ lust for blood is just as striking as their sound: an expert fusion of explosive metal-tinged rock injected with sumptuous Spanish guitars and undeniably hip Latin beats. It is blistering musical mayhem with a touch of twisted genius that absolutely no one can dismiss.
Anthemic tracks dripping with pure decadent hedonism, gruesome irreverence, and refreshingly anomalous vegetarian activism showcase lead singer Dan Buchanan’s unstoppably impassioned, dynamic voice as it transitions from sinisterly sultry to pure glam rock to jagged rough-edged screaming and back again. Luis H. Giraldo's guitartistry summons the devil himself and bashes through diabolical rhythm to funeral inspired beauty. Danny Lanzilli's hellhammer fury marches the armies of Valhalla to technical precision. Colton Bloom fingerbangs the thick jagged strings of his 4 string weapon. And Chris Flynn lets his axehead taste the blood from his godlike fingers as they thrash in unison throughout the fretboard. The result is arousingly subversive marvels of songcraft that defy genre distinctions with such finesse that fans can only worship Meet The Antagonist for it.
Live, the music’s fiery vibrancy is amplified by a convention-shattering explosion of high-octane energy, frenetic onstage antics and raucus sonic anarchy – a show fit for highfalutin kings.
It only takes one Antagonized experience to realize:
Sin has never sounded so goddamn sweet.



Written By: Dan Buchanan

Minutes feel like hours when you're under the stairs
People hear the commotion but they don't care
Hurry, hurry, hurry, give us what we want
You're drooling on your chin because the gag in your mouth
Your wrists are turning blue because they're tied and bound
Hurry, hurry, hurry, give us what we need
Can you meet demands on time?
On the ransom letter you will find
Just what we need to keep us loving life
We want the gold
We want the power
We want the love
(No strings attached)
We'll never lift a finger
Fine Cuisine and
We're out for blood
Try to pick the flower, I recommend the rose
To place upon your casket and away you go
Because they'll never, never, never find you here
They'll declare you dead after three long days
Searching far and wide for you will never pay
Because they'll never, never, never look down in my cellar
We want your blood
We got your blood

The New Vasectomy

Written By: Dan Buchanan, Luis H. Giraldo

The lights are dim, the candles lit
Tonight I will treat you as you see fit
Now my lust is for you
Do what you want with it
If we only think about the present
Where no one can get hurt
We can slip into the land of the
Lost inhibitions, no premonitions, only the yearn
I can see it in your eyes that you're mine tonight
Your sweat like the taste of deja vu
Your aspirations in life, they don't matter to me
There must be something more to do
To reach erotic euphoria and
Bring it to the surface of your skin
Que debo hacer? Contesta, mi amor
To extract the passion from within
To unify spiritually
We need to welcome the new vasectomy
And tie up the loose ends
Satisfaction will indeed commence
From alleys to subways to dimly lit streets
The nighttime is the right time, get our fix
Baby tell me in my ear, create and destroy
How do you want it?
Imagine your perfume and the
Pungent smell of bloodloss
Possibly caused by the broken bottle of tequilla
Or is something more sinister at work here?
So passionate, the blasphemy
Intoxicate with a bit of a killing spree
Shake, shake those bloody hips for me
Baby, you and me, let's make history
[Ten cuidado chica pero hay mas a ti que parece]
Shake, shake those blody hips for me
Lick, lick those lucious lips for me
Shake, shake those bloody hips for me
Lick, lick those lips
We unify so physically
We need to welcome the new vasectomy


Confessions of a Teenage Serial killer EP:
September 2005

Full Length: Beautiful Vices
Winter 07'

Set List

MEET THE ANTAGONIST currently plays a 30-45 minutes set. This is due only to time restraints at recent gigs. Their current set list is as follows:

-Ride The Night
-Tobillos Cortados y Sepultros
-Murder Me Tender
-The New Vasectomy
-My Catharsis
-Love of My Death
-Beautiful Vices
-She's Devil
-Cult Media