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Meet the Next @ Iron Horse Cafe

Birmingham, Alabama, USA

Birmingham, Alabama, USA

Meet the Next @ THE LIBRARY BAR

Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA

Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA

Meet the Next @ McAnally's Pub

Hoover, Alabama, USA

Hoover, Alabama, USA

This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



Listener Reviews from
Excerpts from reviews of: Something You Should Know, Shooting Star, Heart On My Sleeve, All Far Away, Tom Cruise, More Than A Girl

Listener Awards Won: Best Melody, Best Production, Best “Feel Good” Track, Best Beat, Best Drums, Best Guitars, and Track of the Day

Giant hooks and huge guitars. The harmonies are fantastic. An update of '60s/'70s pop that grabs all the great stuff from that genre, and updates it. The guitar is magnificent, great tone.. Really great, catchy, retro in all the right ways. Great job!
Wayne, New Jersey

From the very first note I knew I was gonna love this. The vocals are perfect. The guitars are very melodic sounding I love so much. The chord progressions are Beatlesque. I just can't find enough words to say how much I like this. I must hear more.
Nashville, Tennessee

…Easy to sing along classic retro pop rock…
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Big production, fantastic musicianship, classic pop songwriting. The music is outstanding.
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Jumps right out and grabs your attention. Vocals are very nicely done, and heavily influenced by the Beatles, always a plus in my book.
New York

People who like top notch pop craft should really dig it.
Chicago, Illinois

The Beatles meet ELO. On the nose feel good music.
Dalhart, Texas

lots of real emotion and great instrumentation...
Eureka, California

... The guitars create a lovely upbeat progression which just makes you wanna get up out of your chair and dance around the room!
Newcastle, England, United Kingdom

Wow..well done...good production..strong vocals..
Brampton, Ontario, Canada

I wanted to get out of my seat and yell hallelujah, and do cartwheels through a field, great song. The guitars keep on rockin', the vocalist has one of those power band sounds. I see you breaking the ice and the bricks.
Clovis, New Mexico

Very well put together, the mix is perfect. Everything falls into place perfectly.
Newark, Delaware

5 stars
Manchester, United Kingdom

Great guitar based pop rock.
Somerville, Massachusetts

Very good. Excellent vocals... harmonies akin to Supertramp. The production is super, and the musicianship is excellent... I'd buy it.
Middletown, Ohio

A classic sounding rock sound. Very dramatic stuff. Well written. Production is big like it should be and the guitars are right on cue. Vocals are strong and pro sounding.
Littleton, Colorado

Superb. Interesting music. Vocals are very well done. Very good, original stuff. Great.
Sudbury, Massachusetts

Full, rich and cool 70s-retro groove and vibe, with very fine all-around arrangement, harmonies and chord progressions. The production and melody are high quality. All the playing, performance and production skills are here for an exceptional offering.
Atlanta, Georgia

Reminiscent of the Beatles. Everything blends nicely. The singer has a nice and clear voice.
Angers, Pays De La Loire, France

You guys have some talent on you. The piano is way good and the vocals and lyrics are awesome
Castro Valley, California

Climbing to the top. Very good vocals and harmonies. Clever lyrics that actually tell a story. The drummer plays his a** off. The guitar is very tasteful. This is top-notch by very good musicians.
Knoxville, Tennessee

Can’t get enough!!! The vocals and production is to die for. Black Crows + The Beatles.
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Good old school rock. The band has a Genesis, Moody Blues, or ELO feel. Good vocal hooks throughout. The production and delivery is appealing.
Jersey City, New Jersey

Superior musicianship. Got a Lennon/Beatles vibe that is very well done. Great harmonies. Very nicely done.
Long Island, New York

Great melody in the style of John Lennon. The guitars sound really good.
Birmingham, Alabama

Awesomeness. You definitely know how to set the mood very early. Vocals are strong. This is how real rock has always sounded.
Perrysburg, Ohio

Reminds me of The Wallflowers and Train. Vocals like Tom Petty meets Jeff Healy. I'd go to the show!
Clarksville, Tennessee

Musically...extremely appealing... harks back to the 60s and 70s in melodic sense... great structure, mixing interesting chord progressions with good melody and support...

... all the things the Beatles and ELO made popular

...taut guitar tones and melodic lines are superb

...orchestral sound pads...majestic .

The drums are rock steady ...

... very appealing voice.

Every part is right in character ...

... from the pages of a manner that fully inhabits the ideas.

The music and performances are top notch.

...too good to pass up the opportunity for a hit..

Conclussion: Extremely listenable; the sounds from the vocal through the instruments are delicious...could be a ticket to ride.
- Make A


Meet the Next - self-titled debut CD
Shooting Star has recieved airplay on WRAX 100.5FM Birmingham, AL


Feeling a bit camera shy


Formed in August 2004, Meet the Next has played clubs, private parties, corporate events, concerts, and festivals. In May 2005, through a distribution arrangement with Movie Gallery, they released their self-titled debut CD. Since then, they have played as an opening act for The Wallflowers at Montgomery, AL's Jubilee CityFest, played the Coca-Cola Stage at Birmingham, AL's City Stages, and appeared on live TV on Birmingham's Fox 6 "Good Day, Alabama". Known by everyone who has encountered them as "the ultimate professionals", Meet the Next delivers the highest level of professionalism with each and every performance.

Meet the Next's original songs have won a vast array of awards from the listeners at the indie website garageband dot com including: Best Melody, Best Production, Best “Feel Good” Track, Best Beat, Best Drums, Best Guitars, and Track of the Day

Discover why listeners around the world are saying:

“This is how real rock has always sounded.”
- Perrysburg, Ohio

”Great guitar based pop rock.”
- Somerville, Massachusetts

“Can’t get enough!!! Black Crows + The Beatles.”
- Grand Rapids, Michigan

“Harmonies akin to Supertramp… musicianship is excellent…”
- Middletown, Ohio

“classic sounding rock”
- Littleton, Colorado

“The Beatles meet ELO. On the nose feel good music.”
- Dalhart, Texas

“… lots of real emotion and great instrumentation...”
- Eureka, California

“Full, rich and cool 70s-retro groove and vibe”
- Atlanta, Georgia

“Superior musicianship. Lennon/Beatles vibe…”
-Long Island, New York

“5 stars”
- Manchester, United Kingdom